March certainly turned into an interesting month!

I suppose watching a bomb tick down is interesting, as long as it lasts!  I think Cyprus proves Anne Barnhart correct “If you can’t touch it or defend it it is not yours”  I think the Cypriots as well as the rest of the EU are still in a state of shock and denial, which is why we haven’t seen much violence or mob action happen yet.  That can change very fast when paychecks stop along with food and gas deliveries.  There is a guy that posts under the name “ekm”  that is from a former communist nation and he made a very valid point that while humans can get data faster than at any time in history, our brains still need time to process and make sense of that data.

For myself it seems so obvious to get out of the banking system.  I have been saying that for at least a year if not longer but many of us preppers and survivalist types have been thinking and mentally rehearsing a bank closure/run up to an economic collapse. I think most of us are already stopped using the TBTF banks and have moved our banking to a local bank or credit union.  I’m not  sure many people do what I do and get all cash out of my account each payday and pay with cash except for a few bills paid over the internet.  We have already taken action or mentally rehearsed what we would do if _______  happened.  So we don’t freeze and go all “deer in the headlights” when something like Cyprus happens.

I believe when the historians look back at this time they will see Cyprus as the “trigger event” with 20/20 hindsight. That doesn’t mean things will now happen quickly. A good example is 1929 in the USA there was a major correction in the stock market in March and the banksters kept things going till October.  Ihave a bad feeling about this event being the warning that we have been waiting on.  Just like when a tsunami happens and the water rushes away from the beach and out to sea . It’s time to head for higher ground,  not pick up fish and seafood!

So what do you do? I think for at least the next couple of months you should keep as much cash on hand as you can afford in addition to your normal prepping purchases. If it is a choice between buying what you need and cash on hand buy what you need first and then keep cash.  Buy a good safe if you haven’t already and clean out your “safety deposit box” if you have one.  Those boxes can become property of the bank or government if they decide they need it.  My guess is the Government will go after 401ks and pensions before bank depositors because Americans are terrible savers,  but there is over 19 trillion in IRAs that the government could seize after a market crash, replace with T-bills and then give an annuity. Of course it would be only done to protect the consumer from the volatility of the stock market!

At this time I would not start buying  gold or silver unless you already buy a bit every month. If you have extra to spend get 6 months to a year’s worth of groceries, 30 days worth of gasoline for your vehicles, a camp stove and fuel. Rain barrels/water collection and a couple of good water filters. Seeds and get that garden growing!  Think of gold and silver being used as long term wealth/capital that will be used after the crisis has passed and people are rebuilding not for basics you can buy today with fiat paper.  At least short term “cash will be king” as we saw in Cyprus. The suppliers wanted Euros for gas and food deliveries not gold or silver!

I have been seeing some great deals in the mega marts on meat for example.  Albertsons has turkeys for 99 cents a pound and both Fred Meyers and Albertsons has a Rib eye roast for $5.98 a pound.  It’s a bit long for a turkey to sit in the freezer till the holidays a couple of 10-15 pound turkeys could go a long way for protein for a family for less than $30.00.  I will admit that a Rib-eye roast is my special treat.  For under $20.00 you can get 3 pounds of meat and feed a large family or myself for a few days and for about the cost of a delivered pizza.  With the drought in the Midwest and so many ranchers culling herds to save on feed cost I think it’s a good idea to stock up and preserve meat while the price is relatively low.

I have gone through many changes of my mindset as I have prepared.  When I started out it was because I got hit with a personal disaster and my thinking was if this happens again I will be ready. Then I started watching our economy and was less than impressed with our recovery. I started thinking about when the economy collapses. I moved beyond if to when because of math.  I think we have reached the point that is happening now!  Just like watching someone before the declare bankruptcy it starts out slow but then it moves very fast after that tipping point.

This is my thinking and what I’m doing to adapt to this very fluid situation.  My costs are still within reason and the budget has been constant though I have had to shift my spending from high price items I wanted to get to some cheaper items stocked up while folks panic buy.  It does no good to whine and complain about your plans blow up in your face because of some event outside of your control. This will happen and it will probably get a lot worse, so you need to learn to move with it, adapt and move forward.  I bet you don’t have all you need of any item that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Ammo and guns are expensive? shift to food.  Food is expensive shift water collection.  Everything is too expensive learn skills and practice them.  Humans survived thousands of years without electricity and your average Boy Scout has better basic medical  knowledge than most 19th or early 20th century physicians.


4 Responses to March certainly turned into an interesting month!

  1. riverrider says:

    j, roger that, all of the above. i think there’s no panic because the sheeple are too stupid to understand. ignorant, not stupid. low info voters. sad testiment to our schools/society.

    • Jamie says:

      river, I think there is some of that happening. Sometimes I find myself in shocked disbelief of what I see the politicians and banksters are doing and getting away with in the USA and the EU.

  2. Matt says:

    George Ure and his friend Cliff were expecting something big to happen during this time period and this may very well be the beginning of it.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt, There is a buzz in the air. The PTBs are so convinced of their superiority and infallibility they seem to believe they can control the chaos. I think they are wrong!

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