Thinking about barter and trade items

March 16, 2013

I was reading the book “Alas Babylon” from 1959. If you haven’t read it it’s about the USA getting nuked and how some folks dealt with the aftermath.  Some of the social conventions are a bit dated but overall I think it did a good job. One thing that struck me was was even at that time people didn’t know how to bake bread or did much salting/ smoking or preserving. I supposed that was perceived as something “poor folk” do and they were middle class in a rich country and didn’t need to know such things.  They could buy what they needed and the stores would always be open and full.  This book was written less than 20 years after the Great Depression, Victory gardens and the rationing of WWII. I doubt most of the folks in the USA will do better after nearly 40 years of plenty and a couple of short recessions.

I think bread especially white bread is going to be a good barter item.  The no-knead Artisan bread is perfect for barter because the ingredients are so simple. Just flour, salt,water and yeast that’s it, along with some time. Now I have no idea what can happen to the economy but if you already have those ingredients on hand and a way to bake it. You could have a good little barter item at the “farmers market”.

Traps and  snares spark a few ideas in a small city or suburban area. If you have not done so, take a look around any park or golf course and you see all kinds of  rodents and birds that love living in these areas.  Some are considered quite a nuisance and live traps can be bought for $10.00 and up. It might be an option for some people as a part time job to trap these animals and dispose of them in accordance with all laws and regulations 😉  At the very least  you could practice your trapping skills for free or make a little money on the side.  I have read and heard that stringed musical instrument wire makes the best small animal snares. Those wires are lightweight, take up very little space and are available at all music stores. Most of those strings have a built in loop and are very strong which makes them just about perfect for snares.

BB/air guns and a slingshot: I got a little Crossman 760 pump that shoots both pellets and BBs on sale this year.  While not as powerful as some air rifles it does not require anything besides ammo and a little muscle to shoot.  This little rifle will allow me to practice my shooting fundamentals and I know from experience that it will kill a pigeon around 40-50 feet.  You might surprised just how meat on a pigeon breast and the pigeons I shot as a kid on the farm were good eating.  I’m not advocating breaking any game laws but if the SHTF things will change fast.  Same thing goes for a sling shot probably one of the first long range defense and hunting weapons and the “Wrist rocket” types can be bought for under $10.00. The ammo for a slingshot in the store is basically a steel ball bearing about 3/8 of an inch is size or you can just pick up a small rock to use as ammo for free.

Vermin control will be a high priority if the SHTF and all of the above don’t need poisons and are all cheap to buy and use. You can probably imagine how you could add some cheap protein to your diet as well as scaring away those critter that will want to sample your garden. There a couple of books that can help with learning to set traps but I prefer the SAS survival guide that you can buy for about $15.00 almost any bookstore  or Amazon. Plus the SAS survival guide has great info from advanced 1st aid to identifying toxic and non-toxic animals and plants. Trust me you don’t need to be a commando or Rambo to gain a great deal of info from this book.

I’m noodling an idea for a small homemade 100 hour lamp/stove setup along with a metal water bottle that you can use for cooking, heat and light.  It will be small, fairly light weight and somewhat “idiot-proof” for a non-prepper.  I want to combine a few ideas of the Rocket stove, Kelley kettle and a few little ideas of my own to make it multi-fuel capable but fit in the space of a small shoe box.  I still have a few basic items to buy next week and then start building and testing.

I kinda, sorta got some stuff started today

March 14, 2013

Just some cleaning up and tossing out some old junk  but it was a start!  I moved a few things around to make some new work areas and just waiting on payday to get two more metal drums along with another 50 pounds of wheat.  While I think getting the food drums done up is the right thing for me.  I get more than a little angry at the PTBs as well as the ignorance and almost willful stupidity of people that makes this a good option.  Considering the food should last 10-25 years it might end up being a better investment than anything in the Stock market. At least I don’t have to worry about having stored food on hand that can last until I’m in my 70’s.  Wow, if that doesn’t prove we have entered the surreal I don’t know what does!

Oh that’s the best case scenario of me being overly paranoid and there is no collapse or disasters. It can be a an interesting mind game to play forecasting how you will live 10-25 years from now.  I watched the PBS documentary on the dust bowl (8 years of no harvests) and the great depression and I could see how debt and short term thinking got so many people in trouble. What really got inside my head was if those folks had at least a year or more of food, basic needs as well being mostly or completely out of debt could have changed their lives. It seems to be human nature but as Kate Hepburn to Humphrey Bogart in the African Queen. “Nature, Mr. Allnut, is what we are put in this world to rise above.”

I stopped by my Beer Lady to use her grain crusher and a bit of hops for brewing this weekend and took over of some of my Wheat beer (Weizen) and she like it a lot.  She knows beer, so I feel darn good about entering this wheat in the county fair this year. I’ll be ordering my own grain crusher next week and the my hops should arrive in April.  Other than making yeast  or “malting grain”  I should be able to store and process my beer from start to finish at home.  The middle of April or May I can get to work on making my own yeast.  I’m not sure how well I can do the malting process so I will just store the malted barley and wheat for the next few months to ensure I have a good supply just in case.  In almost every new skill,  I have found there is a very big difference between theory and practice.

Mom is home from surgery to fix her knee replacement from last year.  I never cared for a lot of visitors when I was ill.  I think I got it from her as they say “The nut doesn’t fall from the tree”.  She called tonight and her voice was strong and she was cussing the doctors and the equipment she has to use to get that knee working again. She start physical therapy on Friday afternoon so I will swing by the house and visit her after about 10:00 AM and see how she’s doing and play Scooter the Gopher if she needs anything done. She’s been wanting to wax some cheese and can some butter as well as do some more work with pistols via dry fire and getting more familiar and confident in handling all weapons they own.  Mom had a blast at the crossbow class I got her for her birthday and the Archery shop has an indoor range a couple of miles from her that she can use for only $5.00.  It seems she had an audience and they were very positive and quite a bit impressed with her shooting. Mom is a good natural shooter when she doesn’t have to put up with “husbands” nagging or poor instruction. Maybe it’s a marriage thing 😉

I got a bad case of the lazys

March 12, 2013

Not sick or anything, just flat out lazy and I had a few jobs planned for this week that I really should be getting done, but my getup and go,  got up and left!  Hopefully tomorrow I can start doing my 15 minute thing to get myself moving. I figure if I just get started the rest will take care of itself.  I wanted to let Queen Bee know Cash & Carry has butter for sale at $1.89 per pound until the 24th of March. I don’t know if you have “canned butter” but I use about 5 pounds of butter to fill up 6 pint jars. This butter is great for camping and BOVs. I was thrilled to do my first canned butter because I always missed having butter in the field doing Army training along with real bread.

I’m doing more of the five minute no-knead bread and it takes a little practice to get it right, but I love how I can mix up a batch on the weekend and make 3 fresh baked loaves of bread through out the week with very little time or effort and the recipe is dead simple if you can remember the number 3.  I’m thinking of changing the name to Trinity bread because all ingredient’s are divisible or multiples of 3.  I think it will make a good prepper’s bread as you only need salt, yeast, flour and water to make it. I use a recycled  terracotta plant saucer (sit under a pot and catches excess water) about 14 inches across as a cooking stone and corn meal to prevent sticking so no oils, fats or even a pan is needed to bake this bread.  I like using a dough spatula to mix better than the spoon method otherwise I end up with flour at the bottom of the bowl that does not get fully absorbed while it hydrates overnight.

It hasn’t been all bad because I ran across a great article at the Homesteading Neophyte blog for planting potatoes that I think will work better than my original plan.  I can clean up my leaves till them under with some other composting materials and set up some straw rows along with my burlap bag planter idea.  I think I found a better location for storing the mill ends I want to get delivered for my future wood stove.  I can get 10 cords of mill ends delivered for $350.00 most likely means dumped but the spot I have in mind is adjacent to the alley, fenced  with overhead cover, a gate and a concrete pad. Since the mill end will probably be soft woods I’m  heading out to the local fruit orchards for some Apple and cherry wood trimmings to add a bit of hardwood for a long and slower burn time compared to pine. I doubt I can afford a lot of the hardwoods but every little bit helps with my learning curve and  helps get me more self -reliant.

I tend to be mostly positive and optimistic with a healthy respect for reality!  But from what I have observed of most people that is not the norm. It does take some work to stay positive daily but for me the results are worth it. Of course I get peeved with the PTBs have my rants and will get all gloomy and doomy. But to steal a quote “With all the manure that is spread around, there must be a pony around here some where”.  We are living in what I believe will become a “historic” time period. Will we revert to the dark ages after the fall of Rome or burst forth with the Renaissance after the feudal period. Will we have an American revolution or a French one?  Perhaps the tribulation that John spoke of in Revelations and us humans have mucked about enough and God must again step in a square things away. I have no idea how it will turn out. In any event I want to survive and see what happens because it will be epic! It will also suck and it may also kill me but life doesn’t care about “Fair”. Life just is!

So stock up on your popcorn and your favorite beverage cause I think this is going to be a hell of a show.

I think I got all my clocks moved forward, no heart attacks so far….

March 10, 2013

I think this moving clocks forward and back is dumb. No matter what congress may think they have no effect on the rotation of the earth and they are not giving us an extra hour of sunlight.  I do remember a congress critter making that claim! No harmful side effects noticed so far but it’s still early!

I have been puttering today getting a start on a little spring cleaning inside. Mom goes in for knee surgery Monday so instead of walking I’ll be getting the garden ready and start on some cold weather crops in my beds. The weather forecast is for highs in the 60’s for a few days and it will be nice to get outside and do a little work.  The little tiller is going to make it a lot easier to get the work done. I need to move one of the rigid rain barrels and get the 2 collapsible ones set up on the north side of the house. GNW will be ordering a rain barrel for her house which is very cool. Always nice to know that folks have a renewable backup water supply even if they are just starting out. I still need to pick up some soaker hoses on the next payday but that should not be a problem.

It looks like it will get warm enough later in the week to open up the house and let it air out a bit. So time to break out the fans and get them ready to circulate the air.  Change out the curtains for summer and wash the heavy duty winter curtains. Not sure I  can get it all done in a week but at least I can make a good start on it.  Then I will see how much I get done in the next couple of weeks and see what to do for the next goal besides the wheat barrel.  I’m going to continue my food barrels and I have 2 more rain barrels to get.   I think the next focus is long term energy, heat and cooking.  Summer time is when we generally see the lowest price on those items and I can find a few bargains.  I have to admit I forgot just how cold zero degrees F can be when you have been spoiled by mild winters.  This is not a critical need because my basement stays about fifty degrees or more in winter but, I want to have something than just my propane oven and heaters to back up my all electric home.

I’m leaning towards getting the batteries first for the portable solar generator.  While the gas generator is a good short term solution I’d prefer to have a renewable resource that is not dependent on the grid staying up or the economy not collapsing. I’m  building just a small system (40 watts ) but I hope to expand it later and between my small chargers with inverters I should be able to run a few small electrical items.  If nothing changes, starting in May I could get a load of wood delivered that could become valuable all by itself but if I can pull off the wood stove I’ll need wood to burn. In my neighborhood we have quite a few people that have wood fireplaces so I don’t think I would be to noticeable at least for awhile and I can go propane if things last long enough for me to stand out.

I’m still making plans to meet my goals for the year but I’m also ready if things go bad quickly. It’s a different mindset and mental outlook than what I have done in the past. Before I’d try and anticipate what the PTBs would do and failed miserably at least short term. Now I’m looking at how the public reacts and more historical trends when the tipping points tend to happen. Not saying I’m correct just this way seems to help my mental attitude. I can’t stay on edge all the time and there isn’t all that much I can do different if a disaster hits even if  I had a few days to a few weeks notice. I am not saying don’t be flexible you need that to adapt but after you have done your best you got to let God take care of the rest.

Planning my spending the next couple of months and not moving with the herd

March 8, 2013

All to often you don’t have much choice of following the herd because when they decide to panic and stampede it will affect what you do and how you will react. A good example is the markets which tend to suffer major corrections in March and October. Even if you are not in the stock market what it does will affect the overall economy and you. If we get through March without a major drop in the markets,  I think we will see an slight uptick in the economy that will last through the summer.  I know I have had my own problems “waiting for the other shoe to drop”.  But having more time to prepare and give people time to wake up is a good thing. Learning to deal with this kind of uncertainty is good practice for you mentally. You learn to be flexible in somewhat good times when you can make a mistake or two without harming your long term goals.

There is a point my little ramblings about the herd and it’s about my spending and what goals to prioritize just in case the markets and people freak out and panic.  March is not generally a good month for the markets so what I’m doing is getting a bit more conservative and looking at long term items  from my 2013 goals list and keeping a little extra cash on hand.  I really like how buying rolls of nickels have already helped me make a couple of little purchases that I forgot and were time sensitive.  The great thing is if nickels become valued for the copper metal content like the coins did back in 1964 for silver they go up in value. If that doesn’t happen the nickels are still worth five cents at the store and they have no problem accepting bank wrapped rolls of coins.  I do a lot better saving actual cash if I make it very inconvenient for me to spend.  I know I should discipline myself yada, yada, yada.  I learned in the Army  if it is stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid!  I have noticed quite few small business people I shop with like getting bank rolled coins (within reason)  as it saves them a trip to the bank.  So it’s a win/win for all of us.

I’ve been wanting to do some more prepping/self reliance on renewable energy as my water and food situation is in pretty good shape overall and getting better with my basic goals.  I’m thinking that I want to get a few items for solar energy. I can get a couple of golf cart batteries via Les Schwab now that I have a bit of a credit line and those batteries look to be about the best compromise  for recharging and price. While I might be wrong on the mindset of the PTBs and people about debt.  My impressions of saying I’m debt free except for my home gets me some very odd looks especially not having a credit card. So my thinking is this will give me a bit of camouflage and some batteries for the solar setup.  I always thought being out of debt was a good thing now it makes you look like a terrorist. I must have missed the memo that self-reliance is bad.

I’ve been kicking myself quite a bit because the local mall had an antique sale and  perfect little pot belly stove for about $225.00. I could not afford to pay cash for it and I didn’t even think tho use my silver for barter. I need to reset my mindset and mental attitude as the reason I’m getting silver is for barter and trade. We may not have reached a deal but I didn’t think at all!  I’m going to carry a few pre 1964 coins for my yard sale shopping and force myself to ask if they will accept that kind of value for value via hard tangible asset.  Things are not to bad right now so this is the time to establish yourself as an “honest” trader. I’m not saying don’t bargain but folks will learn and talk about you and how you pay what you promise.

Get local and get small and watch your debt and be as self reliant as possible within your means. I’d feel a heck of a lot better helping out a family that had 3 weeks to 3 months of food that woke up recently if they have a good mindset and willing to work hard to catch up.  Rather than some rich goomba who had a bunker built and stocked with ammo, freeze dried food and an electric water pump. 😉



Still doing a bit of shopping

March 6, 2013

Mom and I decided against the 100 gallon storage gas tank for a couple of reasons.  If you need to GOOD a few 5 gallon cans will be a lot easier to load up and scoot quickly.  Cans are better for filling a portable generator and handing out a single can of gas seems less likely to call attention to one self.  Last but not least we have  projects we are trying to accomplish and we would have to get into the “stash” to make this purchase.  I still like the idea but it just does not make sense for us to go out on a limb to get the tank at this time.

Paul’s is doing the case lot sale for another week and changed up a few items on sale that I really want to have on hand.  A big one is the Hunt’s pasta sauces that I like so well.  A case(12) of 24 oz. cans for $10.00 for a great multi-tasker for a quick meal by adding pasta and I think the  Zesty version would make a good red pizza sauce.  They also have a bone-in  pork sirloin roast for $1.18 a pound that would fit in my freezer nicely along with butter $1.67 per pound and gallon of whole milk for $1.88. For about $30.00 I can add some good food items for my long term preserving ideas.

I picked up 50 pounds of wheat grains but the farm store was out of 55 gallon metal drums. Mom got a bit of 380 ammo as that was it as far as pistol ammo and a bit of 7mm-08 for rifles.  They still had quite a bit of shotgun ammo but the store has no clue when they will get ammo in again.  I think Idaho was slow to panic buy and it’s just starting to hit folks that all the cheap ammo has been bought up in other places and the stores are having a tough time trying to restock.  Ammo is available it’s just kind of expensive.  I think folks are like me waiting for the panic buying to slow down and the prices come down before they do much ammo buying as they have a bit of a stockpile already on hand.  I’m glad I got my little air rifle to practice fundamentals of shooting now I’m looking for an air pistol or two and some little targets to set up a small range for myself at home.

I have been making a lot more of the no-knead artisan bread. It is easy and convenient to mix up a batch at the start of the week and then have a loaf  of  home made bread in about an hour and fifteen minutes.  I know some folks like the soft white breads you can get at the mega mart but I prefer my chewy and more substantial home made bread. If you have seen the price of artisan breads at the store you can save a lot of money just by baking it at home.

The second water barrel arrived today so I can move my rigid barrel to the front yard and start my daisy chained rain water collectors on the north side of the house.  Since the neighbors cleaned  up the front beds I’m going to start some cool weather plants. I got some beautiful multi-color kale seeds and some other leafy plants and I want to try out growing some potatoes in burlap bags to see how that works out. I found a neat little booklet for creating a small country meadow type habitat/garden I’d like to do in the front yard with a small pond. But I’m still working on the water feature to make sure it does not become a mosquito breeding ground. I’m going all solar for any power needs for the yard so that adds to the start up price as well as the planning.  A few fish and a solar powered pump should do the trick for a nice little garden spot.

I know I get frightened sometimes because what is happening is scary. But you have to go on and try to make things a little better everytime you get a chance. Don’t be afraid to commit random acts of kindness and senseless beauty. Plant some roses and buttercups or whatever flowers you like along with your gardens.  Just because they are happy flowers and can brighten your day.

Good Karma strikes “casa de chaos”

March 5, 2013

My neighbors came over to do some clean up and in a couple of hours they did a lot of work.  GNH (Good Neighbor Husband) trimmed up the lower branch of my big tree and cut down to volunteer trees that were in a bad spot. He also loves my little electric chainsaw and how it made such short work of the job. He has a bit of trimming he wants to do at his place so I’ll lend it to him. This is a WIN/WIN for both of us! I get manual labor and he doesn’t have to buy a chainsaw. GNW (Good Neighbor Wife) trimmed up some roses and my grape vines as well as cleaned up my front beds.  My Dad is stopping by tomorrow to haul all the trimmings to the dump.  My front yard is going to be ready before Spring has sprung instead of me trying to play catch up all year long.

Mom picked up a good cleaning kit for all the guns they have on hand. The old kit was missing a few parts and made the job hard to get stuff clean.  For her birthday I got her a one hour private lesson at a local Archery shop and range for her crossbow.  She’s very excited about the lesson and this way she can learn without any of the “family dynamics” getting in the way.  Then Tuesday we will go shopping and I’ll get another “drum” and perhaps 100 pounds of wheat for the next one.  I picked up a 25 pound bag of sugar on sale to start getting a bit more on hand. I only have about 100 pounds  because I don’t use a lot of sugar but if I want to help out the family I need more on hand. I want to learn candy making for homemade gifts and candies might make a nice barter good!

Some neighbors are looking to get rid of a the family dog. Kids have allergies and I have been looking for an emergency back up dog and this might work out as they can see the little pup and my pekes can kind of train him along with myself doing a bit of work with him.  I think we should bring him over and see how well he handles my dogs and cat as well as having a doggie door and interacting for a couple of days in a new environment over this weekend and if the pup can do somewhat well I’ll take him on.  I get my young  emergency backup dog and the kids can see and perhaps romp a bit outside when the dander allergies are mitigated. It looks like a pure bred Beagle and he should be small enough to fit in the back yard and work off a bit of energy and just needs a bit of consistent training. Beagles really know how to work the sad eyes but I figure I’m immune to sad eyes and most cute now because of my training by my Pekes.  I love my pekes and they will do they best they can to protect me about they are about as intimidating as a Hostess “snow ball” though a bit louder!

Overall a darn good start to the week and it’s only Monday.

A change in attitude and more people preparing?

March 3, 2013

This is just my observations and I have not conducted a scientific study but there seems to be a shift at least among some people in the USA.  To paraphrase Ayn Rand ” You may ignore reality but that does not mean reality ignores you.” and it’s possible that the lies from the PTBs have become so blatant that even low information types can no longer deny what is happening.

Gasoline is over $3.85 a gallon on average in February this is the earliest that kind of price spike has happened in the USA and it is mostly man-made via Obama’s green energy policy and the Fed’s QE to infinity that is creating inflation. Home energy cost have jumped and while some of it can be attributed to storms the majority of it can be laid at the feet of “green energy” surcharges and closing down coal plants.  If you make under $20 grand a year that $5.00 -$20.00 or more jump in energy cost affects you a lot. Usually it means drive less, you buy less and you start eliminating things like sat. or cable TV. You turn down your thermostat and limit your power usage.  I could apply for energy assistance and probably qualify because I’m just barely above the “Official poverty level”  and the standards are lower. But I won’t because I can pay my bills right now.

Now let’s look at food cost for an average American.  I suppose you know that hamburger is going for $3.00 even $ 4.00 per pound and you are lucky if you can find two buck chuck for $3.50 a pound.  A 12 oz. box of cereal is  “on sale” for $2.50 a box. The food manufacturers can’t really hide the rising cost of food any longer. Even Wal-mart is getting clobbered on the bottom line and all they can do is offer smaller packages on  bulk goods and hope people will still buy!

This is not a result of “evil” small business people or upper middle class “rich” this is a result from the Fed, TBTF Banks,  politicians and crony corporations. You can’t fix this system you need to get out of it as much as possible and not play the game! I hope that people are starting to realize that they can’t win playing a rigged game and that is why we are starting to see a bit of blow back and people getting prepare.

One thing I will tell you,  it is not to late to get started! It won’t be pretty and you will be just getting by, but my 55 gallon food drums, 50 gallon rain barrels  have shown me that with a little work you can still get your basics needs done in a few months even if you don’t have a lot of money. My $125.00 shopping list of food is good start even though it might cost up to $150.00 to buy that food.  Get seeds and start a garden anyway you can via planting pots or buckets or your yard. A 20 cent packet of seeds has the potential for a lot of food.  A shovel, hoe and rake are cheap and will at least give you some basic yard tools.  Rain Barrels are $35.00 for a 50 gallon “portable” one along with a good filter you will have a renewable source of water at home. Beans, grains and rice still offer a lot of meals per dollar especially if you buy in bulk.

No one knows the future! I certainly don’t, and I can’t say how much you need to store. But I’m absolutely certain that getting started will help you and your family handle most  minor disasters and grant you “peace of mind” knowing you have a bit stashed away. Having your basic on hand will give you time to plan as well as avoid all of those people who will panic.  Some of those people will also be quite angry and desperate, don’t be one of them!

Big Lot’s was busy but everything went very smooth other than traffic

March 3, 2013

I got into Freddy’s to pay for the can of coffee and it seemed folks are shocked by honesty!  Kind of sad  in a way but the look on their faces was worth $6.35 and it went really fast getting it rung up via the receipt. Stopped by the Beer Lady and got some grains crushed via her mill and a few extras of hops and yeast. Told her about the sale at Big lot’s and she was heading there to shop after she closed her store.

Got to Big Lot’s and the parking lot was full but I was able to park some what close and I got everything on my list and did very little waiting in line to check out. Just perfect timing that seldom happens at the register so overall it wasn’t all that bad.

I made up a batch of no-knead bread last night and I’ll be baking it this morning and then get back to work organizing stuff and get some more baking ready to go for the week. I want to try out some mini-loaves of bread and then freeze them.  I want to see how easy they will bake. Cinnamon rolls sound good so I’ll get som of those done up for the week.

One of the great things about yeast breads is how you can get other things done while the bread is rising!

Making adjustments

March 1, 2013

You all know I’d rather walk on my lips than fight the crowds shopping.  If the 1st of the month falls on a Friday it always seems to be a mad rush from driving, to getting around the store is always a pain.  I don’t think I’m turning into a hermit but I find I have very little tolerance for crowds of any sort. I much prefer a more relaxed shopping environment and it seems there is almost an edge of panic lately with people around the first of the month.  I never seemed to have that problem before,  but since I prep I no longer move well with the herd. Most of the time I can put off shopping on busy days  and since I don’t have to put up with the frenzy, I find myself  less willing of putting up with all the nonsense.  It’s odd how I have started making backup plans even for my basic shopping list and if a store is out of a product I’ll get the second best bargain.  I think this “mindset” has happened to me in just the last few months and I didn’t even notice it happening  until today.

Cash & Carry had split peas in the 25 pound bag today so I was able to go a bit cheaper on my bean purchase and add a bit of variety for the bean drum.  My next project will be the wheat drum, but I will be looking for smaller packages of different beans and sales  to finish up the  bean drum.  I bought a pound of  turmeric for less than $12.00, some studies show it has some great medicinal properties.  Turmeric grows in tropical areas it’s not an easy spice to replace if things get bad so I figure it is a good item to add to the pantry. I can put the spice in a small canning jar and via the food saver I should be able to preserve the spice for over a year.

I got my coffee on sale this morning but I have to stop by Freddy’s again as they missed charging me for a can. Usually I catch these things at the register but I missed it today. Not a big thing  but I really should have caught the difference in what I had planned to spend. I got out the receipt and they did miss charging me for a can so I got to go back and pay for it.  Thankfully Freddy’s is on the way to Big Lot’s so I won’t be wasting gas when I go shopping on Saturday.  I got my Hops ordered from the Beer Lady but I was a bit off on my budget so I had to dig into my “nickel stash” to pay for the hops. I added a few rolls of nickels from the credit union to make up the difference.  Another rain barrel is on the way from Amazon. com and with a little luck at Big Lot’s I’ll get my TP, paper towels and batteries before they sell out.

Overall a lot of bang for my dollars even with the idiot PTBs screaming the sky is falling.  These goombas are trying to create fear and a crisis to get what they want. I’m not sure why as the truth is scary enough but I suppose they figure they can herd or distract the sheep. I think they are wrong and I’ll be staying home when it really starts to fall apart.