A new plan of attack?

As you folks might of guess I don’t do passive at all and prefer to be pro-active on the things I can control. I hate being reactive to all the nonsense and shenanigans the PTBs think they can get away with via power and money.  While I have very little power or money I have to get the most out of each  dollar to make myself as secure as possible. While the seven year food plan has slowed down a bit so I can stockpile some cash.  I was stunned how easy and quickly a person could stockpile food staples if they could focus on just  one item.  Not to pat myself on the back to much, but even with my limited income buying up several hundred pounds of different types of  grains and a variety of beans, lentils and split peas in less than 2 months happened very fast.  I do have some advantages compared to a beginning prepper or survivalist of having a year’s worth of basic goods already stored in the pantry. I don’t have to strike a balance of getting a little bit of everything but can buy up stuff on sale or loss leaders at the store.  I hope  you can see how having at least six months of the basics on hand can get you out of panic mode and free yourself from what you “need to buy” today what you “want to buy” for the future at the very best price.

The bank closure in Cyprus along with many countries saying the banks  own your deposits and you are no better than a unsecured creditor to the bank has me a bit concerned.  If you must use direct deposit like many people you don’t have much choice about playing the banksters  game but there might be a few ways to protect yourself from them holding your money hostage or stealing it out right.

  1. Get out of any TBTF banks!  Find a credit union or small local bank and use them until you can afford to be your own BANK.
  2. On the day your paycheck hit’s the bank withdraw cash and leave just enough to cover your electronic checks/credit or debit cards for bills and payments.
  3. Reduce your debt as quickly as possible.  Banksters love inflation as they get to use the money first and by the time it trickles down to you it has lost most of it’s value.  If you have a fixed rate home loan you might be able to pay off early based on inflation if you have a product to sell outside of salary/hourly wage or SS/pension paradigm as long as you don’t have to pay inflationary prices for your basic needs.    Using bread as an example of Weimar Germany in less than 5 years a loaf of bread went from a 1/2 mark in less than 2 years to 4 marks a loaf and then it went parabolic to over 2 million marks to buy a loaf of bread in 1923/1924.  Today you can buy all the stuff needed to make 33-35 loaves of bread for under $20. 00.  Using white  flour good for only 5-7 years.  If you have bought and stored flour and grains you eat cheap bread and you can sell your bread and pay off any debts.   Can you imagine paying off your home for what is a loaf of bread?
  4. Pay bills early and get a month or two ahead on your payments.  Your interest on your savings is not keeping pace with inflation in fact you are losing purchasing power daily if you keep any money in savings.  Paying 1 or 2 months ahead on basic needs like a Mortgage, power/energy, insurance even internet in a soft collapse seems like a good idea to me.  It won’t hurt you in the long run as you will need to pay the bill anyway.  Stay away from any 1-2 year contracts for phones, TV/cable/sat deals that give a low cost hook you  to get you to commit long term.
  5. Buy real stuff that last for years. I’m going solar and electric as much as possible. I live in an area with fairly cheap electricity generated by Hydro power. Add a solar generator, wood stove or using alternative energy in any small way. We suck in Idaho for any gasoline or diesel prices.
  6. I just setup three of my collapsible 50 gallon rain barrels with addition of a couple of hoses to daisy chain the barrels together I have 300 gallons of rain water storage that is renewable and free of charge.  These collapsible barrels have a small footprint so you could make a fair size water reservoir a barrel a month.

You can sit around and play victim or you can do something!  Guess what doing something may still get you dead! Slaves have peace the dead have peace.  Things are just  getting started and the other shoe is dropping.  It’s about to get real my friends so plan for it as it will happen.



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