Everyday is a victory

Mom got up to 98 degrees bending her knee. That may not sound like a big deal but it’s best she has done in over 18 months.  Funny just doing a simple squat is what got her to that point.  We are walking the mall again and that may have warmed up the knee for movement but I still think it’s a big leap forward.  I think I strained my shoulder a bit adding a can of gas to the RV.  The the fuel tank filler is in an awkward spot and I made the mistake of trying to muscle the can into place. Kind of dumb as I have siphon hoses to make the job easier and didn’t use one.  I can be a slow learner at times but nothing like a little pain to make you do stuff the smart way instead of the hard way.

I notice gas prices starting to creep up so I went ahead and got my real gas for the car as well as 2 big cans and one small can of gas.  1 big can for Mom and the others for me.  At a yard sale last year I got a neat little gas/oil combo cans.  This will work out perfectly if I need to loan out a generator to someone.  The RV is getting slowly gassed up for bugout and as a fuel storage tank for the other vehicles.  This about the safest way I know to store fuel without purchasing a stand alone tank for a couple of hundred dollars.  Plus my 5 kw generator is on board the RV and I know a full fuel tank will last me several days in a short term emergency.  I found the batteries I want to use for the solar generator at Les Schwab. A bit on the expensive side but they are completely sealed and no out gassing as well as made for a lot of charge/discharge cycles.  Mom wants to buy me another 20 watt solar panel but I can pay her half up front and pay it off this month and that would give me 60 watts worth of panels and a small charger controller to finish up the portable solar generator parts except for the wiring.

My niece cut my hair today over 15 inches of length went away. It was just getting to difficult to deal with and I got tired of trying to keep it out of the way.  We also had a good chat and she got debt free and wants to stay that way. She and her fiancee are being smart with money and Mom and I are excited to see her staying away from debt the “Dark side” of money.   They have already setup an Emergency fund and are saving for a car rather than looking to go into debt.  Her fiancee also want to make his own beer and hunts so definitely a good attitude for adding into the “tribe”.  About 75% of the convincing on becoming a prepper they have already done.  I get very excited and have to remind myself not to push to hard and fast less I scare folks away from prepping.

Buying nickels and half dollars is working out great on helping me to save cash money. Ten or twenty dollars every payday and it  starts to add up especially for someone like me that has a  problem saving paper dollars.  I’m starting to see a change in me as far as saving those FRNs.  Perhaps it because of Cyprus or now that I’m saving coins, paper money is following along with my  cash on hand in all forms. Whatever,  it is it seems to be working for me. Though  I seem to be tricking myself into having  cash on hand.  If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid!

I checked out the stand alone misters for cooling and they are at the farm store for $13.00. I’d like to get a couple for my patio and a couple for my sisters that have had heat injuries in the past.  I think the misters will help keep a person cool if the power goes out in summer and with these little misters being portable we can move them around as needed.  I’m still working on the Burlap Bag modified swamp cooler but I will have to wait for higher temps to see if it can make a  noticeable difference in cooling.  I got all three new rain barrels setup but I still need to buy some hose to “daisy chain” them together but I  think the basic concept is sound.  At $36.00 per 50 gallon barrel I can afford to add a few more as I can afford them this year.  The collapsible barrels have small footprint and just using the northern side of my house I have plenty of space to add more barrels.  I’m thinking about adding a few to the south side of the house to take advantage of the sun warming the water as well as having a renewable water source.  In high desert it’s best to have as much water as you can collect and this is totally passive and require no physical energy to collect.

So far so good and I have not changed my lifestyle all that much except for getting my cash out as quickly as possible for tangible goods I know I will need in the future . I’m still working on paying bills a little ahead and working up to 30 days ahead on my biggest bill the mortgage.  Fuel/energy buys look good, adding a new fuel and ideas to work on this month.  Still working on the poo bucket as I want a bit more height to make them a bit easier for anyone to use. I may have to start stalking the thrift stores for a potty chair to make the buckets work for us handicap folks. I picked up some wood shavings to test odor control along with some kitty litter and sand.  I got a couple of buckets for testing out the “Laundry Bucket” set up I saw on Tactical Intelligence blog. Mom has an antique washtub wringer setup for laundry but I figure the buckets will work well with that setup as well.

So you have survived the winter and spring is here. Rotate and get those inventories done on what you have on hand.  Get those yard sale shopping list done and if you get a tax refund put that money into the stuff you need to have on hand. Make your wish list of the things you want and the price you are willing to pay. Have cash on hand for your shopping the yard sales and stay on budget!

You can’t get burned out now, this is what we have planned and prepared for so we can not only survive but thrive and be a blessing to others.


8 Responses to Everyday is a victory

  1. Marie says:

    You can manage odor control when using the portable (“bedside”)potty chairs (or any other receptable arrangment) by first adding an inch or two of water in the bucket, then adding a splash of common liquid household bleach. It does wonders until you empty the bucket into the toilet.

  2. Jamie says:

    Marie I had a commenter that said that a bit of kitty litter helped a lot for odor control for his poo bucket in a disaster. I’m not knockin the bleach idea but bleach is a great sanitizer and you may want to use something else for odor control.

  3. dee says:

    so true, Jamie, we don’t want get burned out now. Sometimes it is frustrating when you try to share info and most, never apply it. When you share with someone who incorporates it into their lives, it keeps you sharing.

  4. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, solved the short poo bucket problem by placing two 4″x8″x16″ concrete pads togather and sat the bucket on top, much more comfortable and easier to get on and off…

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, I’m trying to setup the poo buckets so they are also portable so they could be used for camping. It’s taking more work than I originally thought it would take balancing ease of use and portability.

  5. wonderdawg says:

    got a point, my campsite is a permanent spot while constructing my retreat….I’m buggin in, I won’t run any further…too old, too tired and too stubborn, most of all

    • Jamie says:

      dawg I hope to bug in as well but I have non-prepping family members and I’m trying to cover some of their needs in general. The poo bucket might also be a barter item if I can make it work. If not I’ll go with making laundry buckets. Plus I’m not sure if you can have to many 5 Gallon buckets on hand 😉

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