Staying positive and puttering around

I know it can be hard to stay positive these days. It can take a lot of work to stay out of the negativity of the Doom & Gloom downward spiral.  Things probably suck even worse than you have read or told so it is very easy to feel stressed simply because you are being stressed everyday.  Jobs, taxes, cost of living are all huge stress-ers and you can feel have very little control of your life. Lack of control is often a big stress-er all by itself. It the difference between being a passenger in a car that is sliding on some ice and being the driver. Having been both I would prefer being the driver rather than the passenger.  I think goes to your mindset as a prepper and how critical it is to your overall outlook on life.  Most people that prep are not passive but much more aggressive in taking control of their lives and future problems they may see on the horizon. Because we want to control our destiny we are stressed by things beyond our control and that is most of life.

Stand up, stretch out your arms and take one step forward and back to your starting place. That is what you control, nothing more and nothing less.  You can’t even control your own house as you will have to do repairs you didn’t see coming or a small electrical short can cause your home to burn down. You can take precautions and prepare by having smoke detectors, an evacuation plan, a BOB you can grab on your way out of the house.  But you can’t control if your house decides to burn down.  You start throwing people, mama nature, and the whole general mish mash of life and I have found I can control very little other than myself.

I think the whole point of prepping is planning for all the things I can’t control and accept that I’m not in control of anything but myself.  For me it has been a very freeing idea as I accept some people can’t make that change and I have no control over their decisions. The parable of the grasshopper and the ant is several thousand years old, so today’s society is not special in being beguiled by the bread and circuses no matter how sophisticated they may seem.

I’m sure when the sixth year of record harvests happened in Egypt I bet there were plenty of folks that told the Pharaoh that Joseph was a full of crap and a foreigner, former slave and what did he know about the real world. We humans can be extremely arrogant as well as short sighted.

I know things are tough and you will feel a bit burned out at times.  I think if you look at all you have done so far and what your plans and goals are for the future I think you may have a reason to give yourself a big mental hug. It is hard to prepare on a small budget when you are starting out, but I found it does get easier and cheaper (or at least you can keep pace with inflation) after hitting the 6 month goal.

I’m positive I have done the best I can to get prepared as well as have a bit on hand to help others. I am also positive that we are looking at a world-wide economic collapse if not war. I have no control if the PTBs continue the madness so while I watch them I know nothing I can do will make a difference to them.  As they say in the Army “watch your lane” and do what you can for yourself and your tribe.  I’m also certain the sun will rise, birds will sing and life will move on in spite of us not because of us humans.


2 Responses to Staying positive and puttering around

  1. dee says:

    Also , having faith in the Lord, helps you stay focused, that He is in control of all. We should be obedient to His laws, pray to have the Spirit to be with us, and live our lives so He can dwell with us. Most importantly, we accept that the Savior died for our sins, shortcomings and covenant to follow Him. Doing all we canto be good stewards of this world, with the resources we have been given, will make it so we have peace of mind in the midst of the confusions we face in our lives.

    • Jamie says:

      dee, You are correct! When I first started prepping it was all about buying stuff! I know now that the mental and spiritual aspects are at least as important if not more than actual physical items you have on hand. It took me a long time to learn that lesson to let go and let GOD! I still have to work on it so I apply it all the time.

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