What a totally awesome Monday!

It didn’t start off great as was driving I put my brain on auto-pilot and followed my normal route by habit.  Not a good thing and made me a bit late picking Mom up for our walk.  They say that God watches out for fools and little children and I made it just fine. Got to Mom’s place and she had had a bunch of shopping bags to drop off at the local thrift store to drop off after the walk.

Boy, did we make out like bandits shopping the thrift store.  My rotisserie/toaster oven died a couple of weeks ago. The cost to replace it was about $75.00. I got one at the thrift store for less than $7.00. We also got a few small appliances for the kids to encourage  a bit of bread making. Just little things that show we believe enough on investing in the little boogers and help out a bit.

My sister got a bit scared and woke up a bit.  She is at least fairly smart on spending money and can cook from scratch. I told her I would be happy to give her a little prepping instruction and help her out via Mom’s bins and my water.  It must be truly terrifying to wake up and realize you have nothing stored for your self or your kids in the event of a disaster.  I know it scares the poo out of me and I have had a bit of time to prep.

I tried out the rotisserie cooking up some of the pork butt I got and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully I got the program setup correctly for the coffee maker and I got the big Brita water tank in the fridge. Very good day shopping and a lot of good stuff picked up for under $18.00.



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