Taking a little time to unplug and live life

It’s darn scary out there and what is happening could scare the crap out of Superman! For me my goals have helped me from going a bit nuts on trying to accomplish everything at once. I had an Epiphany after Newtown and the panic buying of ammo and stuff. I simply came to the realization I could not do my reloading thing at the prices that exist today. I missed out and waited to long so a total random event made folks panic and I refuse to get caught up in that kind of panic and fear that drives people to do dumb things.

So I missed out on making that goal of doing some reloading and while I don’t like it, I’m not going to beat myself up either.  This will probably happen a lot more in the future so you might as well get used to dealing with panic buying and shortages because it will happen.  I just have moved on to other goals I wish to accomplish this year and so far that is working out very well overall.  I’ve yet to meet a prepper and darn few survivalists that don’t adapt to what the market and life throws at them everyday.  They may have a bit more practice compared to us newbies but it’s still the same principle of making the most of what you can in today’s environment.

Some things will have to be put on hold, ignored for a bit or you will have to change your short term goals because of stuff happening that is beyond your control.  Don’t focus on how you should have done things, focus on what you will do to adapt to what is happening  today.  I had a very interesting moment in that I did not have a plan for spending in May for any big items.  Oh sure there were plenty of items on my wish list as well as some items I want to get for my goals this year but nothing was a have to have for May.  After spending the last 4 years at an almost maniacal pace to get prepped,  I got caught off guard by having no plan other than my yearly goals.

I have to pay a bit in local taxes for water to the city in May. I seem to have many yearly bills that are due in April that I need to spread out or pay ahead but overall I’m in very good shape economically speaking.  I need to get busy on an appliance replacement  fund as I have been in this house for about ten years and the appliances came with the house were several years old when I bought the house. They will need to be replaced or repaired eventually.  I love my Kia mini van but she is ten years old and while it still has low miles she needs some basic repair work. I don’t want a new rig with all the black boxes or tracking devices I’d rather buy a new/rebuilt engine or tranny if needed for the van.

If you have done your best to prepare, try not to worry!  I know I suck at that myself as those PTB rascals need to be watched 24/7.  But if you have done all you can to prepare and feel confident of what you have on hand and your skill-set have a bit of fun. We humans need fun and a bit of play time no matter what age you are. Go fishing, camping have a BBQ or neighborhood potluck. We humans are survivors and pretty good at making the best of bad situations.


2 Responses to Taking a little time to unplug and live life

  1. Karen says:

    We buy our ammo from several places-and we’re friendly with the people who work there. They are saying the shelves are bare not because of local panic buying, but that their orders are not being filled because the government is essentially the “panic buyer”. Whether that’s true or not though, the results are the same for us.It burns me up!!

    • Jamie says:

      Karen, I think there is some of that involved but I know the Gov. is not buying up 22 rimfire cartridges. Some of the gun bloggers are seeing ARs and AKs coming back into stores and the price is starting to drop from “insanity level” down to very expensive. Here in Idaho we were late to panic on ammo but it will probably take longer to recover back to normal.

      In a strange way this kind of shows what will happen in a SHTF event and you can use it as a test of your preps. I got lucky because the local farm store had a sale on a BB/pellet gun I got for $25.00 at xmas and now even they are way up in price. But I can use the the air rifle to practice and save ammo. I also added a sling shot (wrist rocket type) and Mom has her crossbow that she enjoys shooting. You gotta be creative to find work arounds to the problem but I think that is a good thing to practice!

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