A little good news and some good buys for next week!

I might be refinancing the house to get a better interest rate by 1 3/4 %. That will drop the monthly house payment by over $100.00 per month.  You know how excited I get when I can save $10.00 a month this would be like hitting the lottery.  Because it’s a VA loan they have streamline the closing cost so it will only be a little over a house payment in cash from me for the closing costs.  This just the house and no other debt added for anything else on a 30 year fixed rate.  So it looks like a good deal for me and I will start the paperwork on Monday.

I found a bit of hose that looks like it was trash at a home just across the alley  that is being renovated. Called the contractor to make sure it was trash and not something he wanted to keep.  Huzzah!  I now have enough hose to daisy chain all my rain barrels and a little leftover for hooking together any new barrels for free.  I did not want to buy a new hose just to cut it up for the rain barrels.  That takes care of all my water preps basics.  I would like to add a few more barrels in the future but I feel confident that I can survive on what I have put in place and have a bit extra.

The 20 watt solar panel arrived today along with a small 7 amp controller and a few parts for hooking it up to a battery. Sportsmansguide has nice looking 2000 watt inverter/4000 watt peak for $120.00 for members. While the $29.95 membership cost is a little high, between the coupons and reduced shipping cost Mom and I have made up the difference in savings and then some.  We have had great service with Sportsmanguide.com buying, shipping and returns have all been very easy with great customer service.  With this solar panel I will have 60 watts of solar panels add in the AGM battery from Les Schwab and 1100 watt inverter it should power at least a bit of lighting and perhaps some smaller electronics and recharge my Power paks or small battery chargers via my small solar generator. If I can power my RV fridge and freezer in DC mode that would be a huge help in a grid down situation.

I can afford to get that little electric mower I have been drooling over next week. In Idaho it makes sense to go for a lot of electric because most of our power is via dams so it is relatively cheap and renewable. I’m no tree hugger, but if I can help Mama Nature and myself I will do it!  Add in the small solar generator and conserving resources and it’s a big win for everyone.    I think the best way to go green and protect the grid  is in many small projects but that’s not very sexy and the politicians can’t payoff themselves or the crony capitalist so I doubt it will happen. The local mall is having a bunch of vendors in for an Antique show/sale and I’m hoping the folks with the pot belly stove will be there and we can work a trade in silver.

On to the sales:  Big Lots has a very good sale on undies for the whole family. While I might learn to make socks and undies in the long term, getting Hanes panties $4.00 a four pack is a darn good buy. I tried out the Angel Soft toilet paper in the single rolls on sale. The Paper itself is good on strength and softness but the single roll have shrunk so much a double roll is more like what we use to get a few years ago that was a single roll. The Angel Soft 12 pack double rolls will be on sale next week for $4.88 each.   Big Lots is having a sale on a lot of pillows, comforters and sheets. I don’t know if you need these things but they are good multi-taskers and need to be replaced every five to seven years. I think you need to have at least three sets of all bed linens at all times so you can have one dirty, one in use and one clean because if you have to wash by hand or dry on the line you know it will take a bit of time and physical energy in a grid down situation to wash linens and blankets.

So my plan of attack for the next six weeks to finish getting my yard tools. Moving out of gas powered tools and using electric and solar when feasible and work on the basic things for adding safe wood heat. I want to add a few more energy sources like the Mill ends for wood and a few boxes of the apple and cherry wood from the local orchards for smoking meat or a tossing a hardwood on top of the mill ends for a longer burning fire.  I want to buy silver so bad my teeth itch but I think the price may get driven lower in the next couple of weeks.  I think it it is more important to buy the hard goods you need to survive than to build up any kind of wealth protection. But if you are good and solid in your preps both silver and gold are on sale and are worth a look if you don’t need anything in your preps.

If all you have is 2 weeks of water at a gallon a day per person. You don’t need PMs you need a filled water barrel! If you can’t cook without your kitchen stove or microwave you need a camp stove/oven/grill much more than you need silver or gold.  If you haven’t planted a garden via pots, raised beds or just rototilled up a garden space get that first!  Using the historic value of both silver and gold of 15 oz. of silver per month supporting a family of farmers or shepherds or about 1 0z. of gold per month that supports the land owner in basic food stuffs gathered in rent/tribute to feed the “Lord of the Manor” its darn amazing how much food, water, spices and fuel are historically worth. I have read about many folks talking about they will store silver and gold and think the will trade that for whatever they want. Every farmer, woodcutter and Shepard feeds his family first and only sells the excess.

So what is a 25 pound  bag of beans and rice worth in terms of gold and silver?  Well it will provide basic nutrition for 250 servings per person. About enough for two months per person so that 25 pound of rice and bean equals in value about two oz. of gold or 30 oz. of silver and it costs a lot less today in paper money. Money is only traded for value, Value is what is and important, not cost in paper!  The value of a 25 pound bag of beans and a 25 bag of rice is worth about 2 oz. of gold or 30 oz. of silver in paper FRNs.   You want silver and gold don’t worry about the spot price (though I love a sale)  Buy basic food staples at todays low prices and you will set the market of price.  If you buy low of the basics before Hyper inflation hits you can pay off your home home by selling a couple of loaves of bread. If you have a low fixed interest rate and got prepared ahead so you don’t have to buy anything to survive. The Politicians and banksters hate when we figure out the game that’s why they vilify prpepers and survivalists as they are outside of the PTBs plan. We are not dependent… and they hate us for our freedom!


7 Responses to A little good news and some good buys for next week!

  1. riverrider says:

    j, why do you feel silver will drop more? its 25 bucks this morning! a guru says its because the fed dumped a bunch of cash into the system and it’ll go up in a few days as the fatcats jump back in. i don’t have a clue. but 25 bucks! buy a 100 ounces, make 500 bucks on it next week. wish i could buy a thousand! alas, i’m a plugger. destined to be on the verge of broke forever:)

    • Jamie says:

      river, it might be a little wishful thinking on my part. People are being both stupid and ignorant about the stock market and the so-called finacial advisor like JPM and Goldman Sachs. The TBTF bankster advised folks to get out of gold and get in the stock market So to give them a little nudge there was a huge sell off of paper gold and a jump of the stock market based on low volume.
      Where gold leads silver usually follows so the people are being snookered. When the stock market bubble pops people will liquidate. Gold and silver are the fastest and easiest way to cover the losses which will cause it to plunge in price. Then the TBTF after selling stocks to the greater fool will sweep in and buy up all the PM at a super low price.

      If you can afford to buy now I would buy both going down and going up. As long as your preps are in good shape and you have what you need.

      • riverrider says:

        j, i don’t know if i can afford to buy any more now…here’s one for ya…it took them 3 years to get my retirement paperwork right. now they want to hit me for back insurance premiums for that 3 years, at today’s price! i’ll be fighting these jackwagons til the day i die i think….take care.

      • Jamie says:

        river, I went 9 months between my sickness and having the SSD start. That was bad enough, I can’t imagine being in financial limbo for 3 years. I’m not to worried about getting silver in the near future even at these low prices. I want to get a good start my hardware and energy purchases first. Especially the wood for the (future) stove and portable solar set up.

        If the economic collapse happens those TBTF banks and corporations will fail! The Derivatives alone will crush them when they come due. I think eventually they will Hyper-inflate ala Weimar when a loaf of bread in 4 years went from a 1/2 mark to over 2 million marks. Can you imagine going to the local farmers market sell a few loaves of bread and you can payoff all fixed rate loans of any family and friends that stayed current for those 4 years? Yes! that did happen in Weimar Germany, not a lot because people were not ready but it did happen.

        So don’t give up but keep playing the game with those idiots. Karma is coming for them and the TBTFs are extremely vulnerable.

      • Jamie says:

        river, you are a smart guy and you do your research. You did great during that little windstorm last year and survived all the storms that hit the east coast with panache. Give yourself a little credit for your being prepared. I had to stop my 7 year food plan for right now to deal with the goombas and PTBs. A bit of cash on hand was a bigger priorty than beans that I may use seven years from today. I still think the seven year food plan is a good idea, but we have to move with what is on sale and what we need today. The PTBs are desperate to keep the facade in place. We just need to be the wedge that exposes them and like a drip of water we will erode the wall of TBTF and expose them.

  2. Karen says:

    Wonderful news on the mortgage Jamie!

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