At times I feel just a bit guilty….

I know I have worked very hard to get as prepared as possible within my budget.  I’m feeling darn confident in my preps and what I have learned and done so far on this little adventure. Oh,  I’m not done by a long shot and other than not getting the reloading setup going a bit earlier I don’t have any regrets. The ammo/reloading setup goal was just poor timing and bad luck completely out of my control.  Stuff happens and life, mama nature or God will come along and show us just how little control we have over the general mish mash called life.

I don’t know why my mental attitude changed to acceptance, but sometime last year in the fall and winter of 2012 it happened. For me it has changed my whole life and outlook for prepping.  I still have my moments of disbelief in the complete and utter stupidity and ignorance of both people and the PTBs. I accept that is how they are and they are not special both history and literature is full of examples of this kind of behavior going back thousands of years.

My life is going pretty darn good right now. Oh sure I want to do more about protecting my tribe/family but overall I feeling farly confident I’m doing the right thing in preparing and have done a pretty good job overall in comparison to anyone.  I still have a lot to learn and I love learning!  From dee’s info about stocking OTC  medicine and visiting Beth’s’ website making cream of whatever soup via powder milk, this stuff is fun for me.

I’ll drop off the refi paperwork on Monday. If it works great, if not I have lost nothing and will keep paying my bills because it is the right thing for me to do. I look at myself in the mirror very morning and pray to God every night and if those two items are good the PTBs can go to hell.  I’ll go shopping and get prepped and be a blessing to others. I will keep this blog going and get local and try to have as much fun and do my best everyday not being a serf.  I am a child of God, unique and formed by his own hands for a purpose. It is my choice how I live my life and to find and define my own purpose in life. I think I may have found it. The pay isn’t much but the rewards are great!


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  1. dee says:

    Love your attitude! “This stuff is fun for me.” I try to see it the same way! Just got off the phone with our youngest daughter, who wanted my input on th N. Korean kerfuffle, that got us into a neat discussion of car prep needs for her hubby and kids. So using my knowledge it will help them. Got my SOS solar oven Friday and baked chicken and a shortcake the next day, experience to improve our ability to take care of ourselves, love it! Keep up the good work, Jamie!

    • Jamie says:

      dee I know you have been doing preping for decades and I admire you for that. I’m just over 4 years prepping and while I still get excited over new projects I imagine there is a bit of “been there done that” for you. Oh it’s absolutely scary as hell to realize the PTBs have reached break point. But for me it’s exhilarating to see a possibility of a new paradigm happening and it’s potential.

  2. Jamie says:

    dee, Rock on! I need to get the reflector for my oven but that should be doable this next week. We have pumped up the good oils,Grapeseed, and coconut, I got some good vitamins D3 and a good complex of B with some C added that is making a a difference in how I feel. It seems folks think I’m losing a bit of weight or perhaps it’s the new vitamins but I feel much better overall physically (better posture)since I started the new vitamins. Not perfect, but much better especially considering the weather has sucked here in SW Idaho lately. It looks like we will have to order online for real cinnamon.
    Shucks, if it was was easy everyone would play! LOL It’s very simple if not easy, but most people won’t discipline themselves or put in the mental sweat of thinking. When they do actually think they become as priceless as pearls. I’m not sure why the left see preppers as a threat logically most prepper want others to prep and will share our knowledge freely. It’s just smartand logical as prepared folks don’t turn looter. The PTBs seem to have a major dissconnect between cause an effect in any situation.

  3. dee says:

    Good for you! It does take amonth or two to see changes taking vitamins, for the most part. Our oldest daughter is really into essential oils, and shares that knowledge with us all. My rph husband has respect for them, even. I love having alternatives to convential meds that may hard to get.
    Please understand that politics has little to do with preparedness. I know too many who do it. Some of us more vocal than others, so I will not make generalities. I agree prepared people are less likely to loot, but when the looting starts, the right unprepared will steal just as fast as the left.

    • Jamie says:

      I hope most of us maybe scroungers/scavengers but I doubt it. We have met all to many folks that talk a good game and don’t live it. I don’t see myself looting as I really don’t give a crap about having a big screen tv, a flash car, expensive sneakers or anything else to loot. What to heck would I loot from the average sheep that has stored less than 3days of food, water or fuel and didn’t grow a garden? Some junk 14 K chains perhaps a few junk jewlery gemstones of no value to a prepper. No let them sit at home and think about life and what it is worth. I need nothing they have.

      What do I care about the Mc mansions and tiny yards that are postage stamp size and homes that need at least two or three wood stove to heat. It may look rich on the outside but it really is a debt trap with very little intrinsic value to offer.

      I saw it this year with a bit of a cold snap and all the pipes froze and a major spike in heating. A bit unusual for a late cold snap of 0 degrees for a couple of weeks, but bad in the 80’s we had a cold snap that lasted for two months and the average temp was -20 degrees F. for over 6 weeks.

      dee, I just think many of us should be alot smarter about those debt traps and as you say it’s not about politics it is about being smart and rational.

      I’m sure dee we could have some great debates/arguments on what we believe should happen. But we probably are in good agreement in what can happen.

  4. Queen Bee says:

    Great post Jamie, rock on!

  5. dee says:

    Yup, Jamie, we are in agreement. I know a lot of people with nice homes but a great deal of debt, but no plans for financial crunches, or back-up plans for disasters, large or small, some kid me, that old cliché’- “We’ll come live with you!” Those are the ones that need your education!
    Desperation can make you do things you never thought you’d do. Keep spreading your knowledge, people like me will continue to partake, and bring others along , too!

  6. Jamie says:

    dee, Mom and I are starting to some changes in attitude from some family and freinds. They are not quite ready to accept the new paradigm but at least the are starting to listen and ask questions. It can be very hard to not to jump in with both feet but I think we are getting a bit better of “wooing” them rather than lecturing or overwhelming them with information.

    One problem I have with some of the older and more established survivalist/prepper sites is how costly they seem to make preping and the focus on perfect instead of get a little to start and build on it. I don’t know how other people reacted when faced with a one year food supply for 1 person cost over $4000.00 but it took my breathe away. Heck I didn’t pay that much for my mini-van! I think I was just more persistant that most and found away to get prepared no matter what and I had to think outside the box.

    I saw one site that had a post “Is prepping keeping you broke?” and my immediate reaction without even reading the post is NO it’s saving me money! It takes time to build your safety buffer to get out of panic mode. But after that happened for me I was amazed how much money I could dedicated for shopping sales and getting hardware. Because I’m mostly debt free, pay cash shop sales/loss leaders, hit the thrift stores, have an emergency fund and practice skills like repair and growing food. I know I have more actual cash on hand to spend than most people that “bring home 2 or even 3 times” as much money as I do.

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