Things are getting exciting and just a bit crazy!

I think we are entering the first true stages of  the collapse.  I no longer fear the banksters or the PTBs because they really are sad and pathetic creatures and only power and greed motivate them.  They are diseased humans that think a handout is better than a hand up.  Sad to say that all of us that are into self-reliance truly are a threat to the power they want over others.  If we convince folks to prepare in life we take power from the PTBs because we are not dependent on them, we are no longer children the may control.  How dare we break those silken chains they placed so lovingly around our wrists, or the all to real indoctrination and brainwashing they gave us in school.  How dare we think ourselves capable of defending ourselves or dealing with a neighbor without the power of the state and law behind us. Common sense be damned everything  legal is fine and basic right and wrong are Judeo/Christian religious are western constructs and bigoted or racist.

Well that was my little rant and I feel a little better. I no longer play the game but I do keep my eye on those rascals! On to the good stuff.  Some of the tribe are at least giving us a listen and when the “normalcy bias/denial”  gets a bit weak they are asking questions. Still early days but I’m hopeful we can get them started on preparing before the system blows. Everyone will wake up eventually, not everyone will be prepared!  The little electric lawnmower I want went down a couple more dollars but many folks are buying them and Amazon was down to four in stock.  Dad thinks my getting this mower will be good for me because of the light weight and ease of use with my disability. The last 12 months have been hard on him mentally but he seems to be bouncing back and he’s got at least one kid he doesn’t have to worry about much  😉

I’ll be picking up the AGM battery at Les Schwab tomorrow. I can make a payment the same day and keep the min. required payment low. The battery is the last item for starting my little solar generator. If the 20 watt panel, charger controller, battery and inverter work well together, I can help Mom with her setup and start expanding with more panels, batteries and inverters. No one in the family seems to be excited about solar but Mom and me. So we will figure it out how to make it work ourselves, sometimes what we do looks like a “monkey screwing a football” as well as a lot of trial and error, but we can usually figure out how to make things work.  Dropped off the paperwork for the refi on the house on the 15th. I hope it will work but if it doesn’t I have lost nothing but a bit of time.  I should know around the first couple of weeks of May if it is a go or no go.

Paul’s grocery store has a couple of good sales on a Sirloin tip roast for $2.78 per pound as well as some pork chops for a $1.50 per pound. I was looking at the Angel Soft 18 double rolls for $8.50 at Big Lots but I think I’ll grab a couple of the Western Family 36 single rolls packs for $6.00 each for the pantry.  If Albertson’s still has turkeys for 99 cents a pound I may grab a couple but I’m not seeing any great buys that really blow my skirt up on anything I need for the pantry.

Big Lots is having a sale on Hanes undies $4.00 per pack and I want to add 8 panties to the pantry for the future. With that purchase I should be good for 3-5 years on undies, socks, t-shirts and other clothing items.  I still need to get some new running shoes for everyday wear but boots, hikers, sandals and slippers are all in good shape.

I’m going to go a bit bigger on my purchase of 1/2 dollars from the local bank about $100.00 in coins. I hope to find a few 40%-90% silver coins but if I don’t the rolls will get added to the “at home” emergency fund. Perhaps I’m a throwback but I have always liked coin money and I can save it it unlike paper dollars. I’ll be adding a bit of fuel like the butane cans, parafin oil for the lamps and another propane tank this month. That should take care of some of my future energy needs at least on a small scale. I think having many types of fuel you can use is a smart idea as I can’t be sure what fuel will be available. They may all be gone but at least I have spread my risk out in hopes that something will be in the stores.

May is coming and we may see some great sales on beans, rice, charcoal and lighters because of  Cinco de Mayo and the start of BBQ season.  Think of all those sales on grills, camping equipment and backyard living. It’s also the start of yard sales and farmers markets that will be getting full swing. You got your list and cash set aside for that shopping, right?   Life goes on and I know I don’t have to ask you to pray for the victims as you do that already!  Let’s get fired up about being a blessing to others and do our best to be the change we want to see in this world!

4 Responses to Things are getting exciting and just a bit crazy!

  1. Matt says:

    Jamie, I found eight 40% silver coins last week doing what you are doing. I won’t get rich off of doing this, but it is fun, and like you, the ones i find are being saved for a rainy day.

    It’s a hit or miss kinda thing, but technically it’s a no lose issue. I will get some wrappers of course, but that is just the cost of playing the game.

    Good luck!

  2. See Sea says:

    As to your “rant” I think you are right. As to preps, I KNOW you are right! Waiting for those sales myself…

    • Jamie says:

      SS, Always a good time for sales! I know last year Walgreens had all bic lighters for sale in May. Those bic lighters seem to be one of the best barter goods during hard times, according to Selco and ferfel.

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