Just God’s way to keep me from getting cocky!

Today’s shopping was not very successful!  The mower I was looking at was out of stock and would not be delivered sometime between May 25th-June 25th. I need to mow my lawn before that so I got the more expensive model with a larger deck and a bit more power.  It should be here next week and it might work out better having a bit more power as it will be my primary mower.  I did have to put of buying a security light for a couple of weeks but that’s not a big deal.

Big Lots was  out off all most all Hanes undies. All they had was just a couple of packages of little girls and I don’t need to store those at all. I did get eight 10 oz. cans of chicken and turkey for $1.70 each. These cans will are a nice addition to the pantry for some quick meals and I will pick up a few more later this month.The bank only had $30.00 worth of half dollars and I did not find any silver in the rolls. With this kind of luck I thought it best to go home and rethink all my shopping and make sure I’m getting what I really need/want.

I will be changing the battery I was looking at to one better suited to deep discharging. A little more expensive but much better suited to a solar setup than the other battery. For a few dollars it is worth the cost.  Sometimes the best thing that can happen is not getting what you want shopping.  A better deal comes up or you get more of a bargain than you originally thought.  I just try to roll with it if things don’t go they way I plan. I don’t always succeed but I do try!

I have to say I’m very pleased on how my cash on hand is growing. It’s slow, but considering my old self and how I couldn’t save any cash this a big change for me.  I will hopefully have so more good news on the shopping and hope I get lucky on some buys.


4 Responses to Just God’s way to keep me from getting cocky!

  1. Spud says:

    Glad to hear that your rethinking the battery choice. We spent 7 yrs. living on a sailboat using wind and solar. Found that regular deep cycle group 27 and or golf cart deep cycle are the best bang for the buck.
    Because most certainly you will be running them down low on occasion. Then cranking up the genny to charge piss out of them in a short time lol. Wind and solar are only supplements unless ya got a shit pot full of em. That or are very frugal about usage.

  2. Jamie says:

    Spud, I’m hoping to add just a little electric power.(a light and charge the batteries for radios, phone or a laprop) and I’m looking at the blue top optima RV/Marine with 55 Amp hours per battery. A little on the expesive side at $185.00 per battery but with no outgassing makes it much safer to use inside!

  3. Spud says:

    K, but if your worried about outgassing, just get battery box’s and vent to the outside. Million sailboats out there with lead acid battery banks, rarely do any blow up from hydrogen. This can only happen if they are charged at an extreme rate and are in a closed tight space. If they are vented well the hydrogen being lighter than air will escape and is not an issue.
    Just my two cents worth of experience…knowing that ur trying to be frugal heh

    • Jamie says:

      Spud I figure with the cost of the box and venting I would be about even. Te AGM batteries do seem to have a long life and take the charging and discharging well. So for about the same overall cost I get to avoid that blowy uppy thing and can run the solar generator inside safely.

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