Double checking the bug out vehicle

A fertilizer plant blew up in the town of West a few miles from Waco TX. What I seen reported so far is there was a fire first and then an explosion.  About five blocks were flattened and the rest of the town is evacuated because of the fumes.  It’s looking like many casualties are being reported and is a pretty bad disaster.

This would be a good time to make sure your BOV is ready to go and double check your preparations.  Make sure you BOB is set up for spring weather, you food is good to go and any water bottles are jugs are filled with fresh water. Batteries in radios and flash lights are good and a few fresh ones for backup. Masks, eye protection and gloves are ready to go and perhaps a few extra backups.  Order those prescription meds if you can just like you would if you found out a big storm is coming! If you can’t buy gas go ahead and top off via gas cans if you have them and if the authorities tell you to leave, go to your meet up spot and make sure everyone knows who to contact to report you are safe.

Double check your preps for your pets and if you are in a possible evac area check on your neighbors and make sure they get the word and are ready to leave.  Charge up all cell phones and battery powered radios and any power paks you will use for portable power.  Make sure all important papers are on a jump drive along with paper copies if possible.  Double check your cash on hand and use bills $20.00 and smaller.  This a warning for every person that reads my blog in the USA.

We have had several incidents across the USA this week from some shot up transformers in Cali to the Boston marathon to this fertilizer plant going up in Texas. Possibly another explosion in Oklahoma City industrial plant but I can’t confirm that or what happened. But since we have been playing silly games with N. Korea as well as few more idiot moves on the part of the PTBs, I think everyone should be ready and up your awareness level.

Just look at this as a test for your bugout plans and  I’m just over reacting a bit.  But  you need to update your BOBs if you haven’t yet and keeping your vehicle ready to go is just a good idea. I plan on using my RV and I will be loading up the water tanks and add a few other items I planned to get in May. Don’t panic and you can take the time to get everything  right. Keep a note pad with you at all times and write things down that need fixed and make a plan to fix them or work around them. You may not be able to everything you want but every little bit that you can get done now will save you time when you need it most and make your emergency cash go farther if you have to leave.

I will be doing another post of some items I will be adding to the RV and some home prep before leaving if you have time.  The nice thing about the RV is you tend to have a lot of storage space compared to a car. If you are using a car or truck as your BOV I recommend some of the 10-18 gallon totes that you can get ready ahead of time and toss in the car at the last minute just like your BOB. You might be surprised just how much those totes can hold and they can be used as a sink, tub, water collector along with holding items that don’t fit in the BOB.

4 Responses to Double checking the bug out vehicle

  1. riverrider says:

    j,we are forecast to have bad storms this evening. i was thinking it will be another test. i need to fire up the new genny. maybe carge up the lanterns too…..the gun bill failed, executive orders to follow…the boston thing was chetchens. i knew it would come back on us one day. take care.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, I can’t believe how many training opportunities the PTBs seem to be giving us. Add in Mama nature and you can stay darn busy just practicing.
    I think the USA has been shown the utter contempt is which the PTBs hold us us “Common Folk”.
    I got some chemical heat paks, Muscle rubs and a few other odds and ends for the RV. I got my battery so I’m ready to make the solar generator. The battery is very heavy so I’m going to look around for one of those little shopping carts to make moving it around a bit easier. After the smaller system proves out, I’ll slowly add more panels and batteries as I can afford it.

  3. I feel that a BOV is great but I’ve also prepared my home with the necessary items to become a fortress of security. I’ve included steel storage tanks for water and an underground food storage area as well.

    • Jamie says:

      Jamie, I am hoping to bugin in any disaster but sometimes you just have to leave to be safe. Such as the evacuations for the town of West or the fires of Colorado last year.

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