What to get in May?

If everything work for the house refi I will pay a little closing cost in the middle of the month and then have just over $1oo.00 extra  to play with in the budget in June.  I think I will pay a little ahead on some more of the smaller bills no matter what happens.  I have no warm and fuzzy feelings of the TBTF or PTBs saying what happened in Cyprus can’t happen here in the good ole USA.

My focus for May is going to be on energy and fuel of all types.  I think one more five gallon jug of Kerosene should cover all my lamps for a year with a little leftover for trading or helping out. I picked up a gallon of paraffin oil that is a lot like Kerosene but burns with no odor and I tried it out for the homemade 100 hour candle.  I’m not really all that pleased with the results, or happy about using a canning jar as the base.  It might be okay as a last resort but I think I would prefer to use all of the wicks and oil in the lamps I have already bought.  I noticed Cash & Carry had cases of the paraffin oil candles so I think I might just get a case of 12  and refill as needed depending on the price.

I will add a 2 more of the 15 pound tanks of propane for heating and cooking if the electricity goes out. That will give me over a month’s worth of fuel even in winter. The wood stove is planned but the Propane oven will give me more control and some time learn how to cook on the wood stove. There might also be times that having wood smoke coming out of a chimney pipe that would be a bad idea.  Hopefully I would be able to refill the tanks as they are used but I don’t consider hope nor trusting the supply system a viable prepping idea.

I’m adding more “real gasoline” for the vehicles and generators. May looks like I can afford another 2 cans if the price does not keep going up 😉  I know,  talk about hope!  But Mom and I figure we can consolidate down to one or two vehicles only to be used when we can’t get by with the bikes or walking we could  last  a couple of months perhaps more.  I know a lot of preppers and survivalists recommend trucks and 4 x 4’s for SHTF but I think a mini-van might also be a good choice at least as a secondary vehicle in a soft or slow collapse.  Lots of room for shopping as well as a very efficient people hauler.

The wood purchase will probably have to wait until June. I want to get the full ten cords worth of mill ends delivered and that will cost $350.00. That’s a big purchase for me so I will have save the money up over a few checks. One nice thing is the wood becomes instantly valuable as fuel and since I know a few folks with wood stoves I have something to trade and barter right away.  I’m just guesstimating but I think ten cords would last through the winter. I just worry that the mill ends will burn very hot and very fast, but I  know it I won’t have to chop it up to fit whatever small stove I get as well as be easy to gather with my disability.  With the propane backup for bad days I should be good on heat even in a grid down situation.

I’m still working on a couple additional ideas for solar battery recharges and get more rechargeable batteries. I’m solid on the smaller AA batteries but need to look at getting some thing for the larger C and D type rechargeable batteries.  I already have a couple of work a rounds but I will be looking to add a dedicated solution that is affordable.  My portable solar generator should work out great once I get the whole system together. I want to make a 3 batteries system which should give me over 160 Amp hours but it seems I should be adding more solar panels for charging as I add batteries to the system. Well,  just like eating an elephant just one bite at a time.

There is no one perfect solution but if you get a start on many different fuels and a way to use them you can start small and slowly build some energy choices/alternatives. A little power that you are in control of is better than no power at all.

2 Responses to What to get in May?

  1. riverrider says:

    j, eneloop makes adapters for c/d batts that you put a aa inside of. don’t last as long, but you only need one size batt that way.

  2. Jamie says:

    river, You know I should get some of those even if I get the charger. I don’t think you can have to many options when it comes to power!

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