Important item 12 volt warmer/cooler at Big Lots for $20.00!! Update!

This would be a great addition to you BOV as well as for camping. I think it would perfect for people who need to chill medications such as insulin in a power outage if can’t afford a larger DC or alternate fuel fridge.  It’s not very big at 1.8 gallon and holds 9 soda cans but it is big enough to help out with cooling and warming food.

I tested it out with my smallest 12 volt power pack (fully charged) and it got cool in 30 minites and after 2 hours it was still running on the power packs battery. I’m doing a test now of the warming function and will see how long it will run on the power pack.  I will update this post with the results.


Longer battery life using the cooling function rather than warming.  I got over 2 + hours for cooling before I had to stop the test (Nap time) small power pak still had a good charge left . On the warming function the charge was not at full charge and I got over 1.5 hours with the small power pak. The ability to cool was much more impressive than the warming function. My overall impression so far is good and I would get more for gifts, backup and as a trade/barter item item. Not perfect but an excellent value at $20.00.  The battery pack I used is just about the smallest version that Black and Decker made and is several years old so it is not the most efficient 12 volt power source you can use. I’m going to do another test with my new power pak that is a bit larger and would be a better test comparing how long you could use the mini-fridge in a car without recharging the battery by running the engine.

I think that you could use a small  solar panel on you car to keep the battery charged and power this little fridge/warmer via the DC outlets and not use up you fuel recharging you car battery.

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