I know quite a few of my post are focusing on staying the course and being positive!

I notice a few of my brother and sister blogger are getting a bit tired I suppose is the best way to put it. How many ways can you tell people to get ready?  I know I’m stunned that folks refuse to get ready in any way after the last few years if only for disasters, possible unemployment a medical issue as well as an economic collapse or a coming police state.  I think there is a general feeling that we are “preaching to the choir” but I ‘m still finding commentators from complete newbies to ones that have been prepping for decades still seem to get some use from my Blog.  Perhaps it is because I’m still a newcomer to blogging and prepping that I find it thrilling that I can help someone out with an idea they never considered.  Perhaps this blog is as much or more for me than anyone else and sometimes little items really mean a lot to me and I like writing about them!  The little 12 volt DC fridge for example.

Yes some of the stuff I do seems humdrum everyday normal stuff. Just today I clean out the little freezer, got a couple of rabbits out that I want to try cooking on the rotisserie and see how it turns out. I was bad and I had some chicken thighs get freezer burnt very badly because I tossed them in the freezer without a breaking them down,  just  forgot about them after they were buried.  But I moved some other chicken and meat into the house fridge/freezer that I will get cooked up and save what I can for the next week.  Making mistakes is how you learn and while I hate throwing out food especially because of my own stupidity. I’m not going to put sackcloth and ashes or beat myself up about it. I just look for ways I could preserved the meat in different ways instead of freezing or at least freezing it smarter to preserve it.

I think the start of the collapse has begun and it could be that some folks that blog about prepping and survival are getting really busy about doing things for survival and this is busy time of year from restocking fuel for the stove to getting in those gardens or  critters having babies so that might explain how they don’t have much time for blogging.  Even if you don’t do all those things there are seasons to prepping from going to yard sales and farmers markets in the spring and summer to canning or hunting in the fall.  I don’t know how other preppers feel but I almost look forward to winter as I finally have some time to try out projects like knitting or sewing. I’m in a small city and I find myself thinking in seasons rather than months probably more like my Great grand mother rather than my nieces.

I don’t know about you but I’m quite often scared to death. Not because I’m not ready but so many people are not and simply ignore what is happening around them and think bad things can’t happen to them.  You can’t help people like that, they must wake up first and all your explanations and reasons for concern for getting prepared will just slide off them. Goodness knows I am going through that with a family member that is starting to wake up and it’s not pretty!

I think if we can finish up April and get through May without any major shocks we should slide through the summer on the economy the prepper community should be able to get a few things done as well as prep hard for winter.  It’s a lot harder to get up the energy to riot when it is cold outside.  Some very smart people say 2- 5 years before it all falls apart on the global economy and I hope they are right as I still have projects to get done this year and an economic Armageddon would be inconvenient at best to my plans.

I think I’m in good shape for my refi as my credit rating is in the low 700’s. Considering  few  years  back I had items go back to creditors, then got very clean on credit and debt I was a bit surprised I rank so high. Knock out a few energy alternatives to get off the grid as much as possible add in a few backups for any “less than optimal” situation and hopefully we all will meet on the other side. This stuff is simple it is not easy. Look at what you have today, look at what you will need for tomorrow and then just start building on what you will need next week, next month or next year.

I might be completely wrong and the PTBs, banksters and MSM might be right. I don’t think so, but lets assume they are correct and the economy is recovering.  If you have followed this blog you will be ready for most disasters, you will have a phenomenal camping and tailgating set up. You will always have backup power if a storm cuts electric lines and a backup source of heat and cooking. You are conserving energy and saving money on almost all of your shopping. You have back up communications to let folks know you are safe and you can provide your own security, first aid and don’t need to call the cops or ambulance  crew, nor visit a local emergency room for minor stuff like small broken bones or sprains.

You can call me crazy but what am I doing is a bad thing?  I don’t need the government to feed me in a disaster, I have stored water so I don’t need the NG to deliver water to me. I can protect myself from less than pleasant people so I don’t need the cops watching over my home. I don’t need to use an Emergency room for minor injuries, I can stop the bleeding for most wounds and a minor broken bone can be treated by a GP unless it is a very ugly break.

You have a greater chance of falling in your tub or shower than getting caught in a terrorist attack. Not to minimize the suffering in Boston but based on deaths that is a Saturday night in Chicago. As long as it is blacks or Hispanics are killing and dying and not the PTBs its all good.  I think the only reason the PTBs care about Newtown  CT or Aurora  CO is they (anti-gunners) may be the target.

6 Responses to I know quite a few of my post are focusing on staying the course and being positive!

  1. Beth says:

    Along with all the food/water prep you are doing, have you considered stocking up on herbal remedies for healing yourself that is natural? I have been addind a lot of these items to my medicine stock. Oil of Oregano and Oil of Magnesium are just two of the items I have in stock.

    • Jamie says:

      Beth I’m just starting to get some alternatives like herbs and I’m looking into oils.

      • Beth says:

        Take a look at Herbs and Oils world on FB. It has great info for investing in these. Oil of Oregano and Magnesium oil are two of my favorites.

  2. riverrider says:

    j, we get stuff out of your blog even though we don’t always comment:) i’m more worried about the regime wagging the dog in syria. i have no idea why they want to go to war with russia so badly.

    • riverrider says:

      ps; there’s also somekind of compatability problem between our computers. it is a struggle to comment at times because of it. be sure we’re here and listening.

      • Jamie says:

        river I often have to fight to get a comment on Blogger especially the CAPTCHA screens. So I I look at my overall numbers and I get about 150 hits a day so I know I’m doing some good.

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