Was a little lazy today

I really wanted to go out and finish up mowing the backyard and getting a start on the garden but it just didn’t happen.  I had a couple of bad nights with the  CIDP and not getting a good nights sleep just takes all the energy away.  Just as well  as we have a frost warning on Wed. so not working on the yard was not a big disaster. I got a few things done in the house like baking up a couple of loaves of bread one to eat and one to freeze. If the weather keeps playing silly buggers and I’m into a flare it will be nice to have a couple of loaves ready to go in the freezer.

I brought in a couple of bunnies to try cooking on the rotisserie and I had a devil of a time getting them positioned correctly so they could spin freely. I finally gave up and just put on one bunny and tied the legs together to keep the rotisorie moving. The rabbit did turn out very tasty though a bit on the tough side. I think I’ll go ahead and cook the other rabbit the same way but toss it in the crock pot for some rabbit stew.  I enjoy having so many different ways to cook, just by using a different method you can change up flavors very radically and that does not even count how you spice it up.  Another thing I like about the rotissorie is it cooks very quickly without drying out the meat compared to roasting it in the oven.  There is  another plus to having things like a small toaster oven, hot plates and the rotissorie as they can be plugged into a 120 volt AC generator, but  your electric stove is a 220 volt and you probably can’t power it up with most standard gas generators.  Most countries that suffer a collapse have the electricity gets a little iffy and are prone to rolling blackouts/brownouts. Heck have seen that happen here in the states during heat waves so having some other options for cooking with electricity but not your stove I think is a good idea.  You can also take the the small items outside or to the garage to cook in summer and not heat up the house.

That kind of brings us to the idea of food fatigue which is very real and can be very mentally difficult to deal with if you are not aware it will happen.  Eating the same thing day in and day out can be very hard on your morale and make you apathetic at best and cause you to completely shut down at worse.  If you have watched a person or you have  suffered with a caffiene migraine it can drop them in their tracks and while that is somewhat extreme example,  I do know that while I was in the Army on Field Training  that there was always a craving for fats, suagrs and salt/spices and the Army fed us a good balance diet and this would happen in as little as two weeks among mostly healthy young people fed a good variety of food.  We had one gal that was having some mental issues (undiagnosed depression) that we were able to help keep her going over a 30 day plus field problem by giving her some well timed twinkies or other sugary treats.  I’m not saying good medical support can be re placed by twinkies but it does  show you that food can have a huge effect on a person’s  mental outlook.

For many of the food “morale boosters” are often things you have in the pantry or garden but you just need to cook or prepare it a bit differently.  Potato chips or French fries are a great example of a simple treat made with potato oil and salt.  I like frying in a dutch oven  and with a good oil you can fry up many batches if you strain and keep the oil clean. Popcorn is another great little snack that is easy to make,  stores well long term and has all kinds of varieties you can make limited only by your imagination and your pantry. If you store or make your own corn tortillas you can make the best tasting chips with just a little lime juice , cut the toritillas in quarters or eigths and soak them in lime juice and a touch of chile powder  ziplock bag overnight. Drain then deep fry at 375 degrees the chips will float up give them a flip and drain over newspaper (don’t toss the paper as it is now a great fire starter).  I never found I need to add salt to these chips and I love salty stuff.

If you have sugar you can make carmels rock candy and a a few other candy type  ingredients like corn syrups and other items you can make a lot of your own candies, pastries and sweets.  Ice cream,  sherberts or ices for a nice break and morale booster!  On some prepping/survival sites there is kind of a undertone of you must eat incredibly healthy food at all times and the concept of variety being the spice of life kind of gets lost in all that life and death stuff.  Perhaps it’s just me but I often get the feeling of being sneered at because I want to make foods that are fun to eat.  I’m not explaining it very well but it’s almost like “You got food to eat so  be thankful” and you can’t  make your food better tasting because others don’t have food and how dare you enjoy yourself when there is so much trouble in the world.  If I don’t eat a nice bunch of beer battered onion rings I will make the world a better place.

I suppose scolds will always be with us to try and make us miserable simply because life is unfair and somehow by you denying yourself , you can magically make the world better in a place 6000 mile from you, or if you feel guilty about what you have somehow makes you a better person.  It’s probably some sick and twisted method of envy and a bit of ignorance mixed but I never saw how making someone ashamed of their own success made my life any better.  I have lived most of my life  poor to middle class and I’m not envious of your Mc Masions “nice place you have” your car or your toys though I would not mind having some items I see what they cost and not just the facade.  Those vaulted ceilings and huge picture windows and all I see is how do you dust or clean the windows?  Sure they are pretty but not very practical for this little redneck girl.

4 Responses to Was a little lazy today

  1. Karen says:

    I grew up working class, and still am-I feel blessed though, I was taught things like family, friends, books, and music are treasures!
    On another note-we’re thinking of raising rabbits, as we’re not allowed to have chickens here in town. Any thoughts?

  2. Jamie says:

    Karen, rabbits are a good choice if you don’t mind the cost of feed. Rabbits handle cold temps very well but when it gets over 90 or humid they need some extra cooling. Some towns will not allow you to butcher on you property so you would have to hide that or take he rabbits to meat processor. Bunnies are cute and it can be difficult to kill them for butchering. If you are looking for them to be more of a pet you might check out the Angora breeds and using the fur just like you would sheep wool.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for the insight Jamie-intereresting that some towns don’t allow butchering. :/

    • Jamie says:

      There are a lot of little details that do get left out when people start growing animals in a city/suburb. I figure if a person keeps the area clean and takes care of the critters it should be allowed.
      You might see if there is and Urban Chicken group in your area. I know that my city has really opened up on having chickens going from 3 chickens and a special permit up to 10 chickens no permit. Chickens free range a lot better than bunnies so it might take longer to convince the city council how great chickens can be for insect control, making compost as well as being very green / eliminate “food deserts”. Go with all the buzz words and you have a chance to get the city code changed.

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