Puttering around and figuring out the shopping list for May 1st

I got a batch of wheat beer started and if I have the energy,  I’ll start another batch on Wed. after shopping to take advantage of cool temps that day. Yes, I have to drag the strawberries into  the house again because of a  frost warning.  It’s kind of a pain but it’s better than seeing them get wiped out in the garden beds.  After Wed.  I will plant my hops as I have figured out a way to protect them if another frost comes along.  It’s a slightly modified idea of the hoop greenhouse but instead of using PVC pipe I will be using some different types of tomato cages and some clear heavy mil plastic sheeting. It’s not a long term solution but I think it should work in the short term.

Mom can drive again! Huzzah for her!  This knee replacement surgery seems to be going a bit better than the one she did last year. This doctor got her into therapy within a week of surgery and the therapist seem to be working out for her and focusing on results instead of just following a checklist.  Driving may not seem like such a big deal for some people but here in the west you just about have to have a car as things are very spread out and there is no effective public transportation. In a very real sense a vehicle means freedom.  Mom is a recovering Catholic and seems to have a built in “guilt gene” so I know she felt like she was imposing on me. I will admit taking her shopping did tire me a bit but I was also overjoyed that I could give back to her and my Dad after all the help they have given me.  The money they loaned me is the easist thing to pay back, but the love and caring the gave me like giving me a small 4 cup coffee maker so I could make my own coffee or buying little TV dinners so I could cook for myself and be some what independent when I first came home from the ECU was huge to me.

I’m still going to drive Mom around on the 1st out to my gas station that is a few miles out of town for some “real” gas and pick up another propane tank for storage. We are going to check out some plants for the gardens and some general shopping if things aren’t to busy. The first will be a busy day as it will have all us vets on disability getting paid along with quite a few Social Security folks getting their checks.  I hope that it won’t be to bad on crowds at the store.  I’m not so sure it is the number of folks shopping but I’m picking up on an emotional vibe of quiet desperation bordering on panic that makes me uneasy in crowds.  This is Idaho and it wasn’t all that long ago that we broke a million persons living in the whole state and our biggest city has less than 300,000.

I do quite a bit of my shopping when I get paid but I always have looked at all the ads and have a few little coupons to get the things I want for the freezer or pantry.  I no longer shop based on need but based on price and getting those loss leaders.  I can’t even imagine what it is like for folks that must buy so they have food/basic needs  in the house.  Even when I was a complete idiot before I woke up I could shop every couple of weeks and not run out of food if I didn’t shop on a specific day.

I suppose it plays good on the news to look like poor and desperate victim.  But as I see it, you are only enslaving yourself to the PTBs. I see it in my own family as they will attribute all stupidity on there part to a downturn in the economy or simply its bad luck. Bad luck is catching an incredibly rare incurable disease,  stupidity is not buying insurance before becoming physically disabled so you can pay your bills. Two very different things and I did both.  I “screwed the pooch ” financially I took on way more debt than I was capable of handling, I had no emergency fund and looked at my credit card as my “emergency fund”. I basically rented toys to prove I was a big wheel and to keep up with the “Jones” . Everything I buy now is mine, I own it outright no interest payment unless I choose to pay for that convenience or pretend to be a good little sheep.

You can get free of being a debt slave I did it by paying cash for nearly everything and taking out a small loan as well as paying my bill on time or at least pretty darn close to on time.  I didn’t bounce checks, I started with a small check protection and I stayed on budget to live on less than 70% of my disability payments.  If you can not live on 70% of your total take home pay you are in the danger zone of becoming a debt slave.  You have only to choices generate more  income or cut your cost of living.  Simple but it is very hard in real life.  Take a good look around you are things getting better or worse?  Bloomberg really does not like us serfs having guns to defend our property in Long Island. Chris Christie says Obama fulfilled every promise so I guess you folks in Jersey have totally recovered.

Cities are death traps get out now if you can or set up your escape routes.  Your lovely condo with a great view of the city skyline may well kill you.  The PTBs are not your friend  get out of the debt and death paradigm and go independent.  Get out of all metro areas if you want to live. Oh you may make some money but it will be a fools game.

If you live a ag state you can buy locally plenty for a 7 years.  Not quickly but it is doable.  Look around and really observe your fellow citizens.  Would you choose to be around them when TSHTF or would you to be safe in fly over country?  Oh we know you will laugh and call us names right up till you want a bit of ammo or a gun.

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