At times I feel just a bit guilty….

April 14, 2013

I know I have worked very hard to get as prepared as possible within my budget.  I’m feeling darn confident in my preps and what I have learned and done so far on this little adventure. Oh,  I’m not done by a long shot and other than not getting the reloading setup going a bit earlier I don’t have any regrets. The ammo/reloading setup goal was just poor timing and bad luck completely out of my control.  Stuff happens and life, mama nature or God will come along and show us just how little control we have over the general mish mash called life.

I don’t know why my mental attitude changed to acceptance, but sometime last year in the fall and winter of 2012 it happened. For me it has changed my whole life and outlook for prepping.  I still have my moments of disbelief in the complete and utter stupidity and ignorance of both people and the PTBs. I accept that is how they are and they are not special both history and literature is full of examples of this kind of behavior going back thousands of years.

My life is going pretty darn good right now. Oh sure I want to do more about protecting my tribe/family but overall I feeling farly confident I’m doing the right thing in preparing and have done a pretty good job overall in comparison to anyone.  I still have a lot to learn and I love learning!  From dee’s info about stocking OTC  medicine and visiting Beth’s’ website making cream of whatever soup via powder milk, this stuff is fun for me.

I’ll drop off the refi paperwork on Monday. If it works great, if not I have lost nothing and will keep paying my bills because it is the right thing for me to do. I look at myself in the mirror very morning and pray to God every night and if those two items are good the PTBs can go to hell.  I’ll go shopping and get prepped and be a blessing to others. I will keep this blog going and get local and try to have as much fun and do my best everyday not being a serf.  I am a child of God, unique and formed by his own hands for a purpose. It is my choice how I live my life and to find and define my own purpose in life. I think I may have found it. The pay isn’t much but the rewards are great!

A little good news and some good buys for next week!

April 12, 2013

I might be refinancing the house to get a better interest rate by 1 3/4 %. That will drop the monthly house payment by over $100.00 per month.  You know how excited I get when I can save $10.00 a month this would be like hitting the lottery.  Because it’s a VA loan they have streamline the closing cost so it will only be a little over a house payment in cash from me for the closing costs.  This just the house and no other debt added for anything else on a 30 year fixed rate.  So it looks like a good deal for me and I will start the paperwork on Monday.

I found a bit of hose that looks like it was trash at a home just across the alley  that is being renovated. Called the contractor to make sure it was trash and not something he wanted to keep.  Huzzah!  I now have enough hose to daisy chain all my rain barrels and a little leftover for hooking together any new barrels for free.  I did not want to buy a new hose just to cut it up for the rain barrels.  That takes care of all my water preps basics.  I would like to add a few more barrels in the future but I feel confident that I can survive on what I have put in place and have a bit extra.

The 20 watt solar panel arrived today along with a small 7 amp controller and a few parts for hooking it up to a battery. Sportsmansguide has nice looking 2000 watt inverter/4000 watt peak for $120.00 for members. While the $29.95 membership cost is a little high, between the coupons and reduced shipping cost Mom and I have made up the difference in savings and then some.  We have had great service with buying, shipping and returns have all been very easy with great customer service.  With this solar panel I will have 60 watts of solar panels add in the AGM battery from Les Schwab and 1100 watt inverter it should power at least a bit of lighting and perhaps some smaller electronics and recharge my Power paks or small battery chargers via my small solar generator. If I can power my RV fridge and freezer in DC mode that would be a huge help in a grid down situation.

I can afford to get that little electric mower I have been drooling over next week. In Idaho it makes sense to go for a lot of electric because most of our power is via dams so it is relatively cheap and renewable. I’m no tree hugger, but if I can help Mama Nature and myself I will do it!  Add in the small solar generator and conserving resources and it’s a big win for everyone.    I think the best way to go green and protect the grid  is in many small projects but that’s not very sexy and the politicians can’t payoff themselves or the crony capitalist so I doubt it will happen. The local mall is having a bunch of vendors in for an Antique show/sale and I’m hoping the folks with the pot belly stove will be there and we can work a trade in silver.

On to the sales:  Big Lots has a very good sale on undies for the whole family. While I might learn to make socks and undies in the long term, getting Hanes panties $4.00 a four pack is a darn good buy. I tried out the Angel Soft toilet paper in the single rolls on sale. The Paper itself is good on strength and softness but the single roll have shrunk so much a double roll is more like what we use to get a few years ago that was a single roll. The Angel Soft 12 pack double rolls will be on sale next week for $4.88 each.   Big Lots is having a sale on a lot of pillows, comforters and sheets. I don’t know if you need these things but they are good multi-taskers and need to be replaced every five to seven years. I think you need to have at least three sets of all bed linens at all times so you can have one dirty, one in use and one clean because if you have to wash by hand or dry on the line you know it will take a bit of time and physical energy in a grid down situation to wash linens and blankets.

So my plan of attack for the next six weeks to finish getting my yard tools. Moving out of gas powered tools and using electric and solar when feasible and work on the basic things for adding safe wood heat. I want to add a few more energy sources like the Mill ends for wood and a few boxes of the apple and cherry wood from the local orchards for smoking meat or a tossing a hardwood on top of the mill ends for a longer burning fire.  I want to buy silver so bad my teeth itch but I think the price may get driven lower in the next couple of weeks.  I think it it is more important to buy the hard goods you need to survive than to build up any kind of wealth protection. But if you are good and solid in your preps both silver and gold are on sale and are worth a look if you don’t need anything in your preps.

If all you have is 2 weeks of water at a gallon a day per person. You don’t need PMs you need a filled water barrel! If you can’t cook without your kitchen stove or microwave you need a camp stove/oven/grill much more than you need silver or gold.  If you haven’t planted a garden via pots, raised beds or just rototilled up a garden space get that first!  Using the historic value of both silver and gold of 15 oz. of silver per month supporting a family of farmers or shepherds or about 1 0z. of gold per month that supports the land owner in basic food stuffs gathered in rent/tribute to feed the “Lord of the Manor” its darn amazing how much food, water, spices and fuel are historically worth. I have read about many folks talking about they will store silver and gold and think the will trade that for whatever they want. Every farmer, woodcutter and Shepard feeds his family first and only sells the excess.

So what is a 25 pound  bag of beans and rice worth in terms of gold and silver?  Well it will provide basic nutrition for 250 servings per person. About enough for two months per person so that 25 pound of rice and bean equals in value about two oz. of gold or 30 oz. of silver and it costs a lot less today in paper money. Money is only traded for value, Value is what is and important, not cost in paper!  The value of a 25 pound bag of beans and a 25 bag of rice is worth about 2 oz. of gold or 30 oz. of silver in paper FRNs.   You want silver and gold don’t worry about the spot price (though I love a sale)  Buy basic food staples at todays low prices and you will set the market of price.  If you buy low of the basics before Hyper inflation hits you can pay off your home home by selling a couple of loaves of bread. If you have a low fixed interest rate and got prepared ahead so you don’t have to buy anything to survive. The Politicians and banksters hate when we figure out the game that’s why they vilify prpepers and survivalists as they are outside of the PTBs plan. We are not dependent… and they hate us for our freedom!

A good day! We didn’t all die in a fiery nuclear Holocaust

April 11, 2013

Sometime you just got to laugh or you would cry!  I did get a few things done including my taxes today. It’s fairly simple for me and I need the tax form to get my break on property taxes for the city and county. I’m so low I don’t need to file but I will do the paperwork because I don’t trust the PTBs. It can be very hard to prove a negative,  so I’ll pay for a tax software program and fill out the stupid form.  I get enough back via Idaho’s grocery credit to pay for everything.  I did get a great deal on the H&R block tax software from Amazon. Only $25.00 for both federal and state forms via a download. So after the walk on Thursday I’ll go to the county and get my property tax exemption and mail off the the tax forms.  I now do my taxes about a week before the due date because I know it annoys the PTBs.  Yes, it is a petty bit of revenge but I like it!

Found a little black pug today and brought him into the yard. Called the cops as they do the animal control thing and told them I could house the pup for a few days in case someone reported him missing. It was very cool I got a call from Animal control in about 10 minutes and they knew who had lost a pug matching his description and in less than an hour the family was back together.  That is one thing I really like about Idaho is fixing the problem was more important than generating fines and most of the folks here still try to do that if they can.  So we have a very happy family and very happy little pug that got home!

Heads up on the collapsible rain barrels they will blow around a bit in a stiff wind if they don’t have a few gallons of water to weight them down.  Rainfall has been a bit lacking for April so far but after installing the new rain barrels and moving the rigid barrel into the front yard two are about 1/3 full. I need to add the connecting hoses next week so I can’t say I’m heartbroken about the lack of rain yet.  Once I build up the insulating box out of pallets wind should not be a problem, but if you live were you get high or gusty winds you need to know that the barrels are very light weight when empty and you don’t want them to become wind driven missiles.

The strawberries seem to be very happy in the pots I put them in and are putting out lots of blossoms.  I may just keep them in the pots and see how they do this year.  It is a bit early here for planting anything but cold weather crops. By using the pots I can bring the strawberries in on the colder nights and move them into full sun when it is available.  A little more work but considering I got the plants for 50 cents each on sale and they are doing so well compared to my terrible track record with strawberries I will keep babying those plants along!  I want to make some Ice cream and sherbert this year along with canning a bit of jam or jelly.  So fingers are crossed that the little plants have a good year.

I got a batch of wheat beer fermenting finally as I have had all the ingredients for almost 2 weeks.  All grain beer brewing takes a bit of time and I have been doing other projects that left very little energy leftover for brewing.  Using the BIAB method  I’m getting about the same kind of results as folks that sparge and have a much more expensive brewing setup compared to me.  My method takes a bit more time but it is much cheaper on equipment and you get about the same results.  I need to check up on my mead this week as it has been working for a couple of months and see how it is coming along.

As I told you folks a sister may have woke up to prepping or she just might have had a little panic attack . Our phone conversation was a little surreal as well a being full of a multitude of cognitive dissonance  remarks. Will the N. Korea go nuke and attack us?  ( I don’t know but it is possible) I need help to prepare ( alright I have a few years doing that and I think I’m solid on the basics)  But Jamie you got to have coffee and salt and now my sister is now an expert at barter and things to store for the coming collapse and less than a month ago she called us hoarders and mentally unbalanced.  ( I have a bit of coffee stored as well as  over 100 pounds of real salt) . I suppose it is a sibling rivalry thing and she is the older sister and she finds a bit difficult to accept that I may know a bit more about prepping than she does.  Nothing new she seems to think she knows more about everything than I do. She even tries to top my stories of being in the Army because she knew this guy that was super dark ultra secret Delta ninja operator and taught her everything he knew.  So we will see how that works out… She’s not dumb and she can cook from scratch but I think she may have a real problem taking advice from me, even though she asked for it.

I figured out the programmable coffee maker and it was very cool to wake up to hot coffee already brewed.  My vitamins are not a cure all and I have hurt a bit. But I stocked up on heat rubs and patches that helps a lot with the pain. I had a great day shopping, the birds are singing and the world is turning green. You can dwell all that is wrong and spiral into a nasty place of doom and gloom.  Being a pessimist is very easy, being an optimist takes a bit more work but I think it is worth the effort.  There is nothing wrong in guessing wrong on stuff if you move ahead on something else.  Failure and a bit of pain is how us humans learn!

We got six more weeks of Spring and if the PTBs play like normal and “Go away in May”  I think we can squeak by this summer and build on our preps going strong into the fall. We should be in good shape for whatever happens in the markets.

Taking a little time to unplug and live life

April 10, 2013

It’s darn scary out there and what is happening could scare the crap out of Superman! For me my goals have helped me from going a bit nuts on trying to accomplish everything at once. I had an Epiphany after Newtown and the panic buying of ammo and stuff. I simply came to the realization I could not do my reloading thing at the prices that exist today. I missed out and waited to long so a total random event made folks panic and I refuse to get caught up in that kind of panic and fear that drives people to do dumb things.

So I missed out on making that goal of doing some reloading and while I don’t like it, I’m not going to beat myself up either.  This will probably happen a lot more in the future so you might as well get used to dealing with panic buying and shortages because it will happen.  I just have moved on to other goals I wish to accomplish this year and so far that is working out very well overall.  I’ve yet to meet a prepper and darn few survivalists that don’t adapt to what the market and life throws at them everyday.  They may have a bit more practice compared to us newbies but it’s still the same principle of making the most of what you can in today’s environment.

Some things will have to be put on hold, ignored for a bit or you will have to change your short term goals because of stuff happening that is beyond your control.  Don’t focus on how you should have done things, focus on what you will do to adapt to what is happening  today.  I had a very interesting moment in that I did not have a plan for spending in May for any big items.  Oh sure there were plenty of items on my wish list as well as some items I want to get for my goals this year but nothing was a have to have for May.  After spending the last 4 years at an almost maniacal pace to get prepped,  I got caught off guard by having no plan other than my yearly goals.

I have to pay a bit in local taxes for water to the city in May. I seem to have many yearly bills that are due in April that I need to spread out or pay ahead but overall I’m in very good shape economically speaking.  I need to get busy on an appliance replacement  fund as I have been in this house for about ten years and the appliances came with the house were several years old when I bought the house. They will need to be replaced or repaired eventually.  I love my Kia mini van but she is ten years old and while it still has low miles she needs some basic repair work. I don’t want a new rig with all the black boxes or tracking devices I’d rather buy a new/rebuilt engine or tranny if needed for the van.

If you have done your best to prepare, try not to worry!  I know I suck at that myself as those PTB rascals need to be watched 24/7.  But if you have done all you can to prepare and feel confident of what you have on hand and your skill-set have a bit of fun. We humans need fun and a bit of play time no matter what age you are. Go fishing, camping have a BBQ or neighborhood potluck. We humans are survivors and pretty good at making the best of bad situations.

What a totally awesome Monday!

April 9, 2013

It didn’t start off great as was driving I put my brain on auto-pilot and followed my normal route by habit.  Not a good thing and made me a bit late picking Mom up for our walk.  They say that God watches out for fools and little children and I made it just fine. Got to Mom’s place and she had had a bunch of shopping bags to drop off at the local thrift store to drop off after the walk.

Boy, did we make out like bandits shopping the thrift store.  My rotisserie/toaster oven died a couple of weeks ago. The cost to replace it was about $75.00. I got one at the thrift store for less than $7.00. We also got a few small appliances for the kids to encourage  a bit of bread making. Just little things that show we believe enough on investing in the little boogers and help out a bit.

My sister got a bit scared and woke up a bit.  She is at least fairly smart on spending money and can cook from scratch. I told her I would be happy to give her a little prepping instruction and help her out via Mom’s bins and my water.  It must be truly terrifying to wake up and realize you have nothing stored for your self or your kids in the event of a disaster.  I know it scares the poo out of me and I have had a bit of time to prep.

I tried out the rotisserie cooking up some of the pork butt I got and I’m very pleased with how it turned out. Hopefully I got the program setup correctly for the coffee maker and I got the big Brita water tank in the fridge. Very good day shopping and a lot of good stuff picked up for under $18.00.


Staying positive and puttering around

April 7, 2013

I know it can be hard to stay positive these days. It can take a lot of work to stay out of the negativity of the Doom & Gloom downward spiral.  Things probably suck even worse than you have read or told so it is very easy to feel stressed simply because you are being stressed everyday.  Jobs, taxes, cost of living are all huge stress-ers and you can feel have very little control of your life. Lack of control is often a big stress-er all by itself. It the difference between being a passenger in a car that is sliding on some ice and being the driver. Having been both I would prefer being the driver rather than the passenger.  I think goes to your mindset as a prepper and how critical it is to your overall outlook on life.  Most people that prep are not passive but much more aggressive in taking control of their lives and future problems they may see on the horizon. Because we want to control our destiny we are stressed by things beyond our control and that is most of life.

Stand up, stretch out your arms and take one step forward and back to your starting place. That is what you control, nothing more and nothing less.  You can’t even control your own house as you will have to do repairs you didn’t see coming or a small electrical short can cause your home to burn down. You can take precautions and prepare by having smoke detectors, an evacuation plan, a BOB you can grab on your way out of the house.  But you can’t control if your house decides to burn down.  You start throwing people, mama nature, and the whole general mish mash of life and I have found I can control very little other than myself.

I think the whole point of prepping is planning for all the things I can’t control and accept that I’m not in control of anything but myself.  For me it has been a very freeing idea as I accept some people can’t make that change and I have no control over their decisions. The parable of the grasshopper and the ant is several thousand years old, so today’s society is not special in being beguiled by the bread and circuses no matter how sophisticated they may seem.

I’m sure when the sixth year of record harvests happened in Egypt I bet there were plenty of folks that told the Pharaoh that Joseph was a full of crap and a foreigner, former slave and what did he know about the real world. We humans can be extremely arrogant as well as short sighted.

I know things are tough and you will feel a bit burned out at times.  I think if you look at all you have done so far and what your plans and goals are for the future I think you may have a reason to give yourself a big mental hug. It is hard to prepare on a small budget when you are starting out, but I found it does get easier and cheaper (or at least you can keep pace with inflation) after hitting the 6 month goal.

I’m positive I have done the best I can to get prepared as well as have a bit on hand to help others. I am also positive that we are looking at a world-wide economic collapse if not war. I have no control if the PTBs continue the madness so while I watch them I know nothing I can do will make a difference to them.  As they say in the Army “watch your lane” and do what you can for yourself and your tribe.  I’m also certain the sun will rise, birds will sing and life will move on in spite of us not because of us humans.

Getting electric tools in your preps

April 6, 2013

Electric and battery powered tools have become very good substitutes for gas powered tools and are a part of my preps. I know it may seem a little odd when so many of things I have prepared for usually include the power being off for a significant amount of time.  But, with solar energy you have a renewable power source that is under your control and is not dependent on anything but how large of a system you can afford to build/install.  Now you may already have a gas generator and it can run all of these electric tools as long as the fuel holds out but by adding in a small solar setup you can keep right on working even if you run out of gas!

You can also see how many tools are now battery powered from drills, sanders, circular saws and even small chainsaws.  While have a good selection of plain old human powered tools is great to have on hand they can be hard to find at a good price. These little battery powered tools can be bought in a small groups that all share the same type of battery and will make jobs a bit easier when you are low on physical energy, disabled or need to get a job done quickly. If you are a little low on funds you can pickup a single tool at a time and slowly build up your toolbox.

You might find that corded power tools a bit cheaper as well as having a bit more power compared to the battery type tools so I think it is best to try and get both tools  if you can for your tool box.  With a high watt inverter (1000 watts +) you should be able to run your tools for a short time even if you have a small solar setup as well as charging up your tool’s batteries in between jobs.

My little toolbox has a combination of battery and corded power tools and I have to say I have been very impressed by my electric rototiller by Earthworks. The cord can be a little difficult if you are not used to one but after awhile you learn to work around that little issue.  I have a small electric chainsaw that does a great job on smaller jobs that it’s short 14 inch bar can handle.  Of course I have a battery powered cordless drill that are about as common as mud and are work great for small jobs.  I gave my Dad a battery powered circular saw that I had a issues using because of my disability.  It ready to do some work though if needed!

Add in the weed whacker and my leaf blower/vacuum mulcher you can see how much work you can still get done with relative ease by going electric and having solar energy as your backup electrical needs.  I’m looking at purchasing from amazon a small electric lawn mower by Earthworks to replace my old gas mower.  That will take care of most all of the yard chores and it’s all done via electric power.

Almost all of the electrical energy in the west is done by Hydroelectric Dams.  Here in Idaho we tend to have some of the lowest electrical rates in the nation. If you depend on a coal-fire, natural gas or nuclear turbine your electrical cost maybe much higher and not as cost effective as electricity is for me.  You can still take advantage of using solar panels or wind to generate electricity and store it in batteries to use with an inverter.

You don’t have to spend $50,000.00 and have a whole house solar setup to take advantage of solar energy.  A 20 watt panel costs about $60.00 and you can buy one or two at a time and slowly build up your power collection. I got my 1100 watt inverter for $65.00 on sale at Amazon but the batteries I want to get are expensive $120.00-$180.00 each but they are the AGM batteries with no out gassing like lead acid batteries and built for many charge and discharge cycles.  By going with a small and portable setup I can use my solar generator at home or with my RV and by going with several small panels,  if one is damaged it still will work though I will lose a little efficiency of a single high watt panel.

Took Mom Shopping today and checked out a few prices

April 4, 2013

We went to Winco which is kind of a cross between Wal-mart and a warehouse grocery store.  I was very surprised at some of the bulk staples being so much higher than Cash & Carry.  Winco had mostly 25 pound bags that were any where from $5.00-$10.00 more expensive than the C & C on 25 pound bags for lentils, black beans and rice. A few items I saw I could buy a 50 pound bag at C & C for the same price as a 25 pound bag at Winco. I know the stores have to make a profit and wholesale costs are going up but you need to shop around to make sure you are getting the best price in every store.  Paul’s grocery store is local and even they had much better prices than Winco on most bulk goods.  I will say Winco did have new 5 gallon food safe storage buckets and lids for just over $6.00 along with a 5 gallon water jug for $6.00 that are a good buy.  Prepping is going mainstream and if you are not careful you can end up spending more than you need to get prepared.

I kind of slacked off on getting propane but I’m trying to fix that issue now.  Somehow I got confused on what I need and what I have on hand.  Just a basic brain fart, but I do need to get busy finishing up my propane purchases. I want to get at least 6-8 full tanks on hand this summer and those tanks are not exactly cheap.  But  propane will be my primary backup for heating and cooking until I get the wood stove, so it’s a priority.  I’d like a to have a couple of extra tanks for family members but I’m not sure I can afford that this year.  True Value Hardware has 5 gallon gas cans for $13.00 and Mom wants one and I’m considering getting another can.  If we can downsize to 1 or 2 vehicles and cut back just to shopping and emergencies I think we could last 2-3 months on fuel for vehicles.  Or we can run generators for a couple of months if electricity goes away or gets very expensive.  Hopefully our solar panels can make up the some of the energy difference for running some of the smaller items and charging batteries but there are no guarantees.

I’m restocking and using vitamins especially the B vitamin that seem to help with stress and my CIDP.  My nerves can create all kinds of havoc sending crazy messages to my muscles to cramp and the B vitamins tend to help minimize the symptoms.  D3 is really helping a lot with symptoms though it’s not a cure.  I worry about how medicated America has become but there are some good herbals, vitamin and minerals you can have on hand that might help or even prevent a psychic break for folks suddenly cut off from SSRIs .  Real Cinnamon has shown some real promise for helping to control blood sugar and Turmeric is the same for several diseases.  There is a time and a place for prescription drugs, but I think using some more natural remedies have a spot in your home pharmacopeia as well as knowing most hospitals and pharmacies use “Just in Time” delivery.

Don’t worry about being “perfect”. From what I understand the last perfect man was hung on a cross so that is covered.  Do what you can and don’t be afraid to test and fail because that is often when you learn the most.  I know I wanted to do Kellene’s little test of only spending $250.00 for 30 days,  after Cyprus I blew off that test and got busy stocking up on my weak points and getting as much cash on hand and turned into stuff I would need in the future.  It wasn’t a bad test and many folks would find it difficult to stay on that small of a budget.  Not hard for me as I have done so broke that having $250.00 to spend is like hitting the lottery.  I’m not going to get so wrapped in a bit of testing that I will not take advantage of sales or knowledge based on something so ephemeral as paper with dead guys pictures on them and not get something of real value.


Everyday is a victory

April 2, 2013

Mom got up to 98 degrees bending her knee. That may not sound like a big deal but it’s best she has done in over 18 months.  Funny just doing a simple squat is what got her to that point.  We are walking the mall again and that may have warmed up the knee for movement but I still think it’s a big leap forward.  I think I strained my shoulder a bit adding a can of gas to the RV.  The the fuel tank filler is in an awkward spot and I made the mistake of trying to muscle the can into place. Kind of dumb as I have siphon hoses to make the job easier and didn’t use one.  I can be a slow learner at times but nothing like a little pain to make you do stuff the smart way instead of the hard way.

I notice gas prices starting to creep up so I went ahead and got my real gas for the car as well as 2 big cans and one small can of gas.  1 big can for Mom and the others for me.  At a yard sale last year I got a neat little gas/oil combo cans.  This will work out perfectly if I need to loan out a generator to someone.  The RV is getting slowly gassed up for bugout and as a fuel storage tank for the other vehicles.  This about the safest way I know to store fuel without purchasing a stand alone tank for a couple of hundred dollars.  Plus my 5 kw generator is on board the RV and I know a full fuel tank will last me several days in a short term emergency.  I found the batteries I want to use for the solar generator at Les Schwab. A bit on the expensive side but they are completely sealed and no out gassing as well as made for a lot of charge/discharge cycles.  Mom wants to buy me another 20 watt solar panel but I can pay her half up front and pay it off this month and that would give me 60 watts worth of panels and a small charger controller to finish up the portable solar generator parts except for the wiring.

My niece cut my hair today over 15 inches of length went away. It was just getting to difficult to deal with and I got tired of trying to keep it out of the way.  We also had a good chat and she got debt free and wants to stay that way. She and her fiancee are being smart with money and Mom and I are excited to see her staying away from debt the “Dark side” of money.   They have already setup an Emergency fund and are saving for a car rather than looking to go into debt.  Her fiancee also want to make his own beer and hunts so definitely a good attitude for adding into the “tribe”.  About 75% of the convincing on becoming a prepper they have already done.  I get very excited and have to remind myself not to push to hard and fast less I scare folks away from prepping.

Buying nickels and half dollars is working out great on helping me to save cash money. Ten or twenty dollars every payday and it  starts to add up especially for someone like me that has a  problem saving paper dollars.  I’m starting to see a change in me as far as saving those FRNs.  Perhaps it because of Cyprus or now that I’m saving coins, paper money is following along with my  cash on hand in all forms. Whatever,  it is it seems to be working for me. Though  I seem to be tricking myself into having  cash on hand.  If it’s stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid!

I checked out the stand alone misters for cooling and they are at the farm store for $13.00. I’d like to get a couple for my patio and a couple for my sisters that have had heat injuries in the past.  I think the misters will help keep a person cool if the power goes out in summer and with these little misters being portable we can move them around as needed.  I’m still working on the Burlap Bag modified swamp cooler but I will have to wait for higher temps to see if it can make a  noticeable difference in cooling.  I got all three new rain barrels setup but I still need to buy some hose to “daisy chain” them together but I  think the basic concept is sound.  At $36.00 per 50 gallon barrel I can afford to add a few more as I can afford them this year.  The collapsible barrels have small footprint and just using the northern side of my house I have plenty of space to add more barrels.  I’m thinking about adding a few to the south side of the house to take advantage of the sun warming the water as well as having a renewable water source.  In high desert it’s best to have as much water as you can collect and this is totally passive and require no physical energy to collect.

So far so good and I have not changed my lifestyle all that much except for getting my cash out as quickly as possible for tangible goods I know I will need in the future . I’m still working on paying bills a little ahead and working up to 30 days ahead on my biggest bill the mortgage.  Fuel/energy buys look good, adding a new fuel and ideas to work on this month.  Still working on the poo bucket as I want a bit more height to make them a bit easier for anyone to use. I may have to start stalking the thrift stores for a potty chair to make the buckets work for us handicap folks. I picked up some wood shavings to test odor control along with some kitty litter and sand.  I got a couple of buckets for testing out the “Laundry Bucket” set up I saw on Tactical Intelligence blog. Mom has an antique washtub wringer setup for laundry but I figure the buckets will work well with that setup as well.

So you have survived the winter and spring is here. Rotate and get those inventories done on what you have on hand.  Get those yard sale shopping list done and if you get a tax refund put that money into the stuff you need to have on hand. Make your wish list of the things you want and the price you are willing to pay. Have cash on hand for your shopping the yard sales and stay on budget!

You can’t get burned out now, this is what we have planned and prepared for so we can not only survive but thrive and be a blessing to others.

A new plan of attack?

April 1, 2013

As you folks might of guess I don’t do passive at all and prefer to be pro-active on the things I can control. I hate being reactive to all the nonsense and shenanigans the PTBs think they can get away with via power and money.  While I have very little power or money I have to get the most out of each  dollar to make myself as secure as possible. While the seven year food plan has slowed down a bit so I can stockpile some cash.  I was stunned how easy and quickly a person could stockpile food staples if they could focus on just  one item.  Not to pat myself on the back to much, but even with my limited income buying up several hundred pounds of different types of  grains and a variety of beans, lentils and split peas in less than 2 months happened very fast.  I do have some advantages compared to a beginning prepper or survivalist of having a year’s worth of basic goods already stored in the pantry. I don’t have to strike a balance of getting a little bit of everything but can buy up stuff on sale or loss leaders at the store.  I hope  you can see how having at least six months of the basics on hand can get you out of panic mode and free yourself from what you “need to buy” today what you “want to buy” for the future at the very best price.

The bank closure in Cyprus along with many countries saying the banks  own your deposits and you are no better than a unsecured creditor to the bank has me a bit concerned.  If you must use direct deposit like many people you don’t have much choice about playing the banksters  game but there might be a few ways to protect yourself from them holding your money hostage or stealing it out right.

  1. Get out of any TBTF banks!  Find a credit union or small local bank and use them until you can afford to be your own BANK.
  2. On the day your paycheck hit’s the bank withdraw cash and leave just enough to cover your electronic checks/credit or debit cards for bills and payments.
  3. Reduce your debt as quickly as possible.  Banksters love inflation as they get to use the money first and by the time it trickles down to you it has lost most of it’s value.  If you have a fixed rate home loan you might be able to pay off early based on inflation if you have a product to sell outside of salary/hourly wage or SS/pension paradigm as long as you don’t have to pay inflationary prices for your basic needs.    Using bread as an example of Weimar Germany in less than 5 years a loaf of bread went from a 1/2 mark in less than 2 years to 4 marks a loaf and then it went parabolic to over 2 million marks to buy a loaf of bread in 1923/1924.  Today you can buy all the stuff needed to make 33-35 loaves of bread for under $20. 00.  Using white  flour good for only 5-7 years.  If you have bought and stored flour and grains you eat cheap bread and you can sell your bread and pay off any debts.   Can you imagine paying off your home for what is a loaf of bread?
  4. Pay bills early and get a month or two ahead on your payments.  Your interest on your savings is not keeping pace with inflation in fact you are losing purchasing power daily if you keep any money in savings.  Paying 1 or 2 months ahead on basic needs like a Mortgage, power/energy, insurance even internet in a soft collapse seems like a good idea to me.  It won’t hurt you in the long run as you will need to pay the bill anyway.  Stay away from any 1-2 year contracts for phones, TV/cable/sat deals that give a low cost hook you  to get you to commit long term.
  5. Buy real stuff that last for years. I’m going solar and electric as much as possible. I live in an area with fairly cheap electricity generated by Hydro power. Add a solar generator, wood stove or using alternative energy in any small way. We suck in Idaho for any gasoline or diesel prices.
  6. I just setup three of my collapsible 50 gallon rain barrels with addition of a couple of hoses to daisy chain the barrels together I have 300 gallons of rain water storage that is renewable and free of charge.  These collapsible barrels have a small footprint so you could make a fair size water reservoir a barrel a month.

You can sit around and play victim or you can do something!  Guess what doing something may still get you dead! Slaves have peace the dead have peace.  Things are just  getting started and the other shoe is dropping.  It’s about to get real my friends so plan for it as it will happen.