Got the rest of the items on the list and had a nice visit with the neighbors

I got the work gloves and Mom wanted me to pickup another gas can,  I got them all.  I was a little afraid they would sell out at such great prices of $2.50 for heavy work gloves and $13.00 for a five gallon gas can.  I also got a new reusable coffee filter at True Value that was $5.00 cheaper than the one at Fred Meyers.  The leftover paper filters can go in the RV and will help with any water purification, remember the clearer the water is before you treat it or run it though your water filter the better off you will be and you make your main water filter last longer!  I got a couple of nice packages of pork chops and spoiled myself with a little fried chicken from the deli counter.  I occasionally will give myself a treat and have a prepared meal or go have some fast food.  It’s good for my attitude to do it about once or twice a month and I usually stay under $10.00 for the meal.

Mom and I want to go hit a few yard sales this weekend. I have my “Mad money”  ready to go and it looks to be a very nice day.  I don’t have anything specific I’m looking for but my standard list of hand tools, camping supplies and cast iron but once and awhile you come across a treasure.

I took a couple of the red onion starts over to the neighbors which worked out perfect as they were looking to get some this next week.  She offered some Jerusalem artichokes as well as coordinating the squash types we are planting.  I think I will plant the smaller squashes like acorn and she is going to plant some of the larger zucchini type. They eat mainly vegetarian so they can eat up a lot of squash compared to me.  Though this way we can share and add variety to both our gardens.  We did discuss a lot about being sustainable and self reliant mostly covering heat and  solar power.  They have a fire place but they have to get the chimney lined and that cost $700.00. I told them about how they could buy mill ends for wood and then discussed a little solar power set up and how you could build  a nice little set up for about under $1000. 00 and you buy a little at a time.  It’s not a whole house system but it would give you some lights and power up some small appliances and add a little comfort if the power goes out for an extended period of time.

I’m a little sore from all the yard work and it feels like it will take few days to recover but I am glad I got the backyard all mowed.  I’ll need to take it easy for a couple of days but I do have some easy chores in mind to do this weekend.


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