Been thinking again and you know how dangerous that is…..

Driving around with Mom going to yard sales I made the statement that ” I have never felt more confident or more in control of my life than I do now.”  That’s a very profound statement to make and it is very true for me.  I have changed a lot in both political and mental outlook on life and while I do get worked up at times by the utter stupidity and ignorance, I usually come back down and ask what can I control and can I change it?  The answer beyond my own reactions is that I can do nothing!  I’m not talking about disegageing from life, but we have seen the PTBs really don’t care what we think. They have enough folks from the FSA to counter us or the simply change the rules mid game if they don’t like the outcome and they get away with it. I always felt if you can’t win there is no reason to play the game.  So I quit! I got my ball and I’m going home.

The PTBs can’t handle it if you don’t play the game. Just like any bully they will call you names, spread lies about you and threaten you physically.  They really have not evolved into adults and revert into childish attitudes and reactions when you don’t play the game.  Sometimes I expect them to call someone a poo-poo- head. But the are much more vulgar than that and not nearly as creative with insults.  I think that is why the anti-bully campaigns that they so love to show off, ring so false as they are the bullies but they refuse to see it in themselves.  Watch the body language and not what they say or how they say it and then compare it to a 2 year old child or even a teenager when they are throwing a tantrum. Listen to how they phrase all of their arguments and what the boil down to is a bit like arguing with a child.

  1. Every body does it….
  2. That’s the past can’t we move on…
  3. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone…..
  4. I’m sorry if I offended you…  (if you were smart like me you would be on my side)
  5. We should be able to do what feels good….  (I wonder if you are potty trained?)
  6. Everyone I know thinks……   (Both right and left are very guilty of this in the bubble thinking)

People are not interchangable cogs in the machine called life.  For myself I am much happier and less stressed day to day since I got mostly  out of debt.  The things I buy now are things I buy with cash and I own them when I bring them home. I do have a little debt with my little revolving credit account at Les schwab but that’s me trying to look normal and stay off the radar of the PTBs. Same thing with the refi of the house as I don’t want to look to odd and if the PTBs want to let me save a bit of money to finish up my preps this year. Double down on physical silver and gold next year then double up on home payments in 2015 to pay off my home in 10 years I will do it.

I’d like you take a good hard look at yourself and at the PTBs and if you are still playing the game ask yourself why?  Unless you enjoy the game I can’t see any reason to play.


4 Responses to Been thinking again and you know how dangerous that is…..

  1. riverrider says:

    because every bully needs a good old fashioned ass kicking 😉

    • Jamie says:

      river, if I could win I might try that but it really makes them nuts when they can’t get a response of any sort and you just ignore them.

  2. I particularly despise “I am sorry if I offended you.” In other words, the person is not sorry for what she said, just sorry you took offense.

    You covered all the inane responses!

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