Busy day playing with plants and some good sales coming up on bulk goods!

I got the two smaller beds planted. I’m trying very hard with my square foot garden to do companion planting. I think I missed the “special note” in the book that some plants don’t play well with others if they are planted to close together when I started out gardening a couple of years ago.  I might have hurt a couple of my tomato plants when I grabbed them as they react very badly to the residue from tobacco on my hands.  I used gloves when I planted the new plants and they look good.  If you are a tobacco user you need to rinse your hands in a light bleach solution at home but if you are buying plants and handling them while you are out and about take a pair of surgical or plastic gloves with you or stash a few pairs in your car.

I’m  excited to try out a couple of squash that are bush type of plants. Heck I did not know those types of squash plants even existed and they are perfect for a single person or couple to use in a square foot garden or container garden.  I was surprised how long sqaush could be stored in my basement (not a proper root cellar) after a rinse of a mild bleach solution.  I’m still working on the setup of the “Lasagna garden” and that should be good to go next spring for potatoes and a modified “3 sisters” garden idea I want to try out.  I got the 2 smaller beds planted but I ran out of energy and we have some thunder bumpers moving in tonight so it was a good time to take a break.

Cash & Carry has a couple of good sales on rice 50 pounds for $16.75.  Bob’s Red mill Oats Steel cut 25 pounds for $12.75. The media are starting to wake up to the fact that beef prices are going higher because of the drought in the Midwest last year and ranchers culling the herds.  You can still find some good buys but you have to be patient, have a bit of mad money to take advantage of any dip in price and last but not least a way to preserve that meat. The price of feed was very hard on all producers and while I thought we should see the first hike in price in chicken and pork it seems to be hitting beef and turkey first this time.  You still have time to stock up but you may have to hunt a bit harder for bargains, perhaps adjust your price points up a little higher or adjust your diet.  Right now in the USA food is an incredible bargain as most Americans spend about 10-20 % on food (or get free food stamps)  and in most places in the world it is 50-80% of their daily income is spent on food.

I piss and bitch and moan about rising costs of the stuff you need to live here in the good old USA because of the banksters and PTBs but even a poor person can afford to stock up and get prepared if they work a little bit on research and learn scratch cooking. Many people in the world can’t do that as the price or culture prevents it.  This stuff is simple that does not mean it is easy.  Don’t panic, be flexible to take advantage of sales and work your plan.


2 Responses to Busy day playing with plants and some good sales coming up on bulk goods!

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve been gardening here, even though by the calendar it’s early to plant here, the soil temp is warm and I’m not seeing any frost in the forecast. I’ll have to look for those bush-type squashes, as I don’t have a ton of room for my garden. Oh my aching back! 😉 One of the best things we did food-wise- we found a farmer to buy our beef from-he takes no profit (farming is just a hobby for him), we just cover his cost and the processing. He does it to help people!! Far cheaper than any beef I’ve bought from a store, and sooo good!

    • Jamie says:

      Karen, The name of the squash bushes are White bush scallop patty pan and Bush buttercup. The White squash is fast growing and ready in 45-55 days so that might make it good for you if you have a short growing season.
      Congrats on the beef, most people don’t know how good beef can taste when someone raises them slow on grass and takes the time to feed them right,

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