Got the big garden bed planted, bought some books and adding to the shopping list

If you are starting raised garden beds I would recommend you make them no more than 3-4 feet wide.  My big bed is 8 foot x 8 foot and working that bed is a real pain. I got the big bed finished planting this bed has the cabbage/ Bok choy, three types of squash, water melon and cantaloupe and some cucumbers off in one corner. I still have a bit of room for adding one more big square of plants but I’m not sure what I want to add in that area.  I added a little bit of leaf lettuce to one of the small bed and I still need to pick up a little oregano for the other small bed. But I think you can say I got the garden planted.

I have been looking for a new spot for my compost pile and I think I finally found a good spot in the back yard that will get some good morning sun but and is accessible to the yard without a lot of work.  If I ever get to the point of raising chickens the compost pile will be close to the chicken pen and they will be able to scratch through the pile with just a small addition of fencing or a chicken tractor.  I still need to pick up  a few more soaker hoses but I can get those on the 15th and once I have those laid out I can start planting the beds in the front yard with decorative/edible plants.  Looks like water is going to be cut by about 30% and the irrigation district is already talking about doing odd/even days of watering based on your address.

The books I got are cook books but a couple are fun as one is about tail gating/camping and has many ways of cooking via charcoal to using a thermos for making meals.  I have a couple of cook books like this for camping and they offer a lot of great ideas for off the grid cooking.  One book is how to use a food  processor for all kinds of work. I had no idea you could use a food processor to knead bread. I don’t know about you but I don’t always take advantage of all of those things those kitchen gadgets can do to save time and physical energy.  The last 3 books are cookbooks of Chinese food , Dog food for your pup and vegetables as meals.  I have become one of those people that read cookbooks for fun as well as ideas for different meals.

C & C has some additional good deals on food so I’m adding in some shredded whole milk shredded  Mozzarella cheese for the freezer, five pounds for $10.98.  A case (4/1 gallon bottles) of distilled vinegar for $9.98  and some Eye of round beef for $2.44 per pound package size is about 5 pounds.  That brings next weeks shopping list up to $63.00 before sales tax including the 50 pounds of rice and 25 pounds of steel cut oats. As you can see once you get your basics you can shop only bargains and have a little cash leftover. Spending  $150.00 per month is a big shopping list for me as I usually stay under $100.00 for food.  I don’t consider things like laundry soap,  pet food,  even TP or health and sanitation items as part of my grocery list.  Those items are part of my budget but I shop for them separate from my food budget because of how sales hit and where I do my shopping at drug stores or a farm store or Big Lots. While I may buy a bag of charcoal or even a five gallon igloo water jug at C & C that is part of  my prepping budget of energy or water storage not part my food budget.

Breaking things down on my budget works for example;  I plan to spend $40.00 for energy per month but based on sales and need I can choose to get  propane, charcoal or gasoline yet stay on budget overall.  This gives me a lot of flexibility within my overall budget. We have all seen how things can change very fast depending if folks get in a panic over an item like rice in 2008 or ammo in 2013.


6 Responses to Got the big garden bed planted, bought some books and adding to the shopping list

  1. Wildflower says:

    prepping of late has been purchasind some radom cans of food along with medical supplies and clothing

    however taxes and some supplies are going up in price and other items are dissapearing without being restocked on shelves

    friend got hit with conterfiet gold purchase

    • Jamie says:

      Wildflower, sorry about your friend even fake silver coins are starting to show up.
      As you can see I’m still getting some bulk items with the rice as it is hard to beat on cost per serving and the steel cut oats can be cooked via slow cooker overnight for breakfast in the AM or in a thermos.

      Fred Meyers is having a Founder’s day sale and the have the bras I like for $11.00 each so I’ll get a couple more for the pantry. I’m in good shape on most clothing.

  2. Wildflower says:

    what size bra?

  3. kymber says:

    Jamie – just wanted to let you know that i added you to our blogroll. and i look forward to catching up with all of your posts!

    your friend,

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