I can’t…. Geez I hate that phrase like stuff is easier for me than it is for others

Or some other nonsense that “I’m not like you” like I’m special for reading a recipe for baking bread.  You know what you are right you are not like me. I figure out a way to get stuff done and you want a hero to save you like some idiotic Disney princess.  You are right you are not like me as I’m 100% disabled and live on less than 20 grand a year. Or you get food stamps, energy or housing assistance and a free Obama phone.

No you are not like me!  I  think there is no harder job than raising a child into a good and descent human being. I did not think I would be good at that so I had no children. I didn’t see children as a punishment to spoil my selfish plans nor as a raise in my welfare benefits. I just didn’t think I would be a good parent and since I have not married I did not see a reason I should possibly hurt a child by not raising them in the absolutely best environment of a two parent family.  My job in the military ask me to deploy for training, wars and other  time away from home. Not to mention I was running herd on a bunch of 18-20 year children and trying to square them away and dealing with all that stuff of being out in the big world with no mom or dad and very few societal brakes.

I’m not mad at the preppers or survivalist that grace my blog from time to time. I’m angry at the people who some how think what we do is easy and they can roll up to your house with no skills, no food, guns and ammo and think you should take them in just because you did the hard work of going without to prepare and they didn’t. You did the hard work but they do not value that work.  I think the cost of entry for folks showing up at your house,  all preppers to charge should be two oz. of gold for each person or 60 oz. of silver per person. The next person that says they will just go to your house tell them there is a cover charge of  two oz. of gold or 60 oz. of silver per person and see what they say? Ask for the silver or gold up front, and while I doubt few will pay you will know how they value survival.  Perhaps they might prefer getting ready themselve rather than paying you!


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  1. dee says:

    okay, Jamie, I will bring 60 oz of silver when I visit our son, in Rexburg this summer! Don’t let them get your dander up, and jeopardize your health!

    • Jamie says:

      Funny dee you would pay and have silver for it. I trust you as you know prepping. That proves my point about folks that prep and those who don’t.

  2. Jamie says:

    Dang dee I’d love to meet you but I’m about another 200 miles west of your boy. We all have those folks that seem to think prepping is easy for us but simply to diffacult for them. Perhaps if we charge them they might see the value and prepare themselves.

  3. kymber says:

    wow Jamie – you should try to really get stuff off of your chest and tell us how you really feel – bahahahahahah!

    ya know – for years i listened to idiots tell me how “lucky” i was. oh god how i hated hearing that. yep – left home at 15, put myself through college working 3 fast food jobs (very lucky so far eh?), joined the military to pay off my $3,500 student loan (which i did in 4 months. lucky eh?). then didn’t sleep with and get impregnated by an idiot, spent 10yrs in the military, got myself a decent paying federal service job that i worked my ass of for (lucky again eh?), waited years for the right man (oh and he just fell in my lap because so far in this story i must have a lucky horse shoe up my butt eh?) and then made the decision to can it all, move to the middle of nowhere in a crap-ass cottage and build relationships with the people here in order to finally have family. arghghhghg. it makes me nuts when people call me “lucky”.

    i have worked my butt off for everything that i have ever gotten and luck has never been involved. the only time i have ever been lucky is in the past few years…since starting my blog…and then i was lucky to meet incredibly talented blog friends.

    sorry for the rant buddy but your post hit a nerve. no one will be showing up here in the event of S hitting the fan. the only people that know where we are and what we have are people that i would want here in a TEOTWAWKI.

    i sure hope that you get the intention of my comment and don’t think me a rambling fool…although i do ramble at times. thanks for adding us to your blogroll…and thanks for the offer to help us in beer making adventures. my hubby and i have been reading through all of your old posts…you have much to share with us. and i thank you for your offer to answer any of our questions.

    yep, i guess i am lucky when it comes to blog friends. thanks buddy! your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber I love your rant! Not quite the same for me but I got smashed to rock bottom by believing the hype! Once you hit rock bottom you only got two ways to go straight up or sideways.
      I get a bit peeved at folks that think we are special. Okay you and jambaloney are sexy bitches that look good to each other naked and I’m just a chubby little white girl from Idaho. Good for you! I really mean that you are happy and you are making things work. I could go out cruizing for a man even being a bit chubby I’m a catch for adult male children. I want a real man!

      Funny how folks say we are lucky when they don’t know the whole story. I actually had a family member say she wished she was disabled like me and would not have to work for a living.

      It’s sad.

    • Jamie says:

      I don’t think I expressed it well in my little rant. I know you folks are working your buns off to make your house a home. You are positive and doing the best you can and I know it is not easy. I really love that about you guys.
      Funny how lucky we are follows a hell of a lot of work! I’m a bit envious only because as you folks are happy, healthy and working together. Someday perhaps I’ll find a real man and we can have bit fun.

      • kymber says:

        jamie – i completely understood your rant and glad that you understood mine! i can’t believe a family member thinks that it is a good thing to be disabled – you are disabled and yet somehow still living a true and patriotic lifestyle with trying to become as self-sufficient as possible. i do not envy your disability but i love your spunk, disability or no disability!

        jamie, i didn’t meet my jambaloney until i was 30. by that time i just figured i would take care of myself for the rest of my life. i had always been working to someday come back to my island and live this life but i thought i would do it alone. jambaloney has been the best mate that anyone could ever have…but i am sure that if i can find the right man, then so can you.

        with your spunky attitude and outlook on life – there is definitely a jambaloney out there looking for you.

        your friend,

  4. Jamie says:

    kymber, I think God wants me to learn some humilty and I suck at that. I always give my Mom hell about patience and grudges and I don’t do my best at being Christ like. I’m still a work in progress. Tell jam that adding a little herb like Rosemary to the beer bread and melting a good mozzerella or Feta in a toaster oven really kicks up the flavor of the beer bread as it can be a bit bland all alone. The Beer bread is great to add herbs and spices to while mixing it up.

  5. Wildflower says:

    so you are a DAV too?

    100 % like me?

    • Jamie says:

      Wild flower I’m 100% disabled but my CIDP isn’t considered Service connected so I’m on SSD. I do have a service connected disability so I can use the VA for health care instead of medicare.

  6. Wildflower says:

    have been on private pay via local hospital before getting VA care

    what a diffrence it makes on the bills

    thank you for whom you are

    • Jamie says:

      Wildflower I have to say that the VA in the Boise are is really very good. I have a great doctor and I think here in Idaho the folks at the VA consider caring for veterans a civic duty and not just a job. Sure they have to deal with the pinheads in DC and crazy budgets but they work very hard for the vets and it shows in the caring attitude most all of them display. When I got so sick with my CIDP the VA Advocate was a big help on getting the SS disability paper work done and sent off to DC. I think she was a very big reason I got a first time go at getting disability as most people in Idaho at that time usually had to put in paperwork two or three times, appeal and wait 2-3 years before they get any disability.

  7. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie…loved your rant,,,,and I know tons of folks and hate to say it but many are in the prepper community that are handicapped only by self induced lead poison of the ASS and excuses…I see more GRIT in you and the other ladies posting on the blogs than most of the blowhard males…keep on doing what you doing gal and you welcome at my place anytime and leave the payola at home….

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, Thanks, I get very frustrated sometimes with the attitude that because things are not perfect or they can’t get 100% prepared in a day, week or month people will just use it as an excuse to do nothing and then expect someonelse to save them!
      Survival and prepping is more about skills and attitude rather than the stuff you buy which are only tools help you to survive.

      I wish I could buy a little spot in the country and be totally self-reliant but with my handicap I’m doing good just keeping up with my little yard and house in the city. That doesn’t mean I should sit on my butt and do nothing.

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