A few more great buys added to the shopping list and some good news!

I haven’t seen a prices like this in many years and you know I shop hard for bargains. Paul’s’ Market has sugar 25 pounds for $9.96 and Albertson’s has Pork chops for $.99 a pound.  I’ll be spending just under $100.00 on this shopping list but I will be getting a huge amount of food:

  1. White Rice 50  pounds
  2. Steel cut oats 25 pounds
  3. Vinegar 4/1 gallon bottles
  4. Mozzarella shredded  5 pounds
  5. Eye of round Beef  5 pounds
  6. Sugar 25 pounds
  7. Pork chops 10 pounds

You can make a heck of a lot of different meals with just the meats,  rice and cheese.  Add in the oats for breakfast and baking you add variety to your pantry very quickly as well as eating  healthy meals. The vinegar and sugar will be used for preserving and of course baking from scratch. With summer coming I have been wanting to try cooking oats overnight in both a crock pot and thermos so I can wake up, breakfast is done and the house is cool by keeping the use of the big stove to a min.

I picked up four, one oz. coins at the local coin shop and one American Silver Eagle at my pawn shop for a great price just a couple dollars over spot price. Physical silver at spot price is getting almost as hard to find as Ammo.  I  got another couple of boxes of ammo  at $8.00 each for Sasha at the pawn shop.  I don’t have as much ammo as I want,  I’m slowly building up by buying at a good price.  This method of waiting and buying only when I find a good price seems to be working out and I have read a couple of stories about people that panic bought with credit cards or their emergency stash and now it’s starting to bite them on the butt financially.

Called up the mortgage people on the refi and it looks like a go! All we are waiting is the payoff paper work on the old loan and we will finish in a couple of days. Once that is done I’ll change over my insurance for both the car and house for a total savings of $140.00 per month on those bills.  That is going to be a huge help on getting my emergency fund finished up and get to work on the stuff for installing the wood stove.  I’d love to have the wood stove finished up this summer when I can get off season prices as well as having it installed before fall arrives.

If you can stay calm and focused you can get yourself prepared without spending a lot of money. In this age of instant gratification most of us don’t have much practice at discipline financial or otherwise,  but for me it has been worth the effort to get free of debt and working toward being self-reliant.  As my  refi proves you don’t need to get credit cards or take on debt to  improve your credit rating even after you have screwed up your credit.  I know every time I think about getting some high ticket item on credit and have to make a monthly payment I get a shiver down my back!  Don’t compete with anyone but yourself and how you will make your life better for yourself and your family in the future.  Remember you are not your car and you are not your house, but a divinely created creature made by God and for a purpose that you must find and fulfill.

Last but not least I made up a batch of my Amber Ale trying out a new hops called Bellma and using an English ale type yeast and I’m not sure what I’m doing but this batch is packing a punch of almost 8% potential alcohol which is high for beer. The yeast are very happy and I had to add a blow off tube to the fermenting bucket as the brew kept filling my little airlock.  I tasted a bit of the wort and I think it will be a good tasting batch of beer.  For kymber and jambolney 😉

Recipe is:

  • 10 pounds of pale malt 2 Row
  • 3/4 of a pound of 80L Crystal
  • 1 pound of 40 L Crystal
  • 1 oz. of Bellma Hops (pellets)
  • 1 package of Safale #04 Dry yeast

I split all the grains and hop in half and use 2 five gallon stock pots with my Boil In A Bag (BIAB) method. I steep the grains at 154 degrees F. for 90 minutes and them boil the wort with the Bellma for 90 minutes.  This will make 5-6 gallons of beer or 48-52 , 12 oz. bottles of beer. I found if I just barely boil the wort I get a better product and I don’t release as much steam in the house or lose much to evaporation.  Get a couple of heavy duty cooling racks or a small grills to set on top of your pots to let the grain in your bags drain as much as possible.  I find going with 2 pots and bags easier to do becuse of the weight of the soaked grains in the bags.  Remember the biggest ingredient of your beer is the water you use so start with good tasting water!


2 Responses to A few more great buys added to the shopping list and some good news!

  1. kymber says:

    Jamie – thanks for the recipe! 8% is pretty strong beer – even for canadians – bahahahha!

    and that was an excellent haul for $100 bucks. we had some “founf” money a few months back and we added a pile to our preps too – it’s a good feeling when you feel stocked up.

    glad to hear the good news about the refi – and saving $140 bucks a month is really going to help.

    lastly – we have been eating our oats a new way. this makes enough oats for 2 people’s breakfast:

    1/4 cup of oats
    1/4 cup of yogurt
    1/3 cup of milk (we use coconut milk and love it!)
    1/2 tablespoon of chia seeds

    right before bed, mix everything together and a bowl or jar and put it in the fridge, covered. in the morning, take it out of the fridge, add some fruit if you want and enjoy. the oats soaking in the yogurt/milk come out tasting delicious. and no need to cook in the morning!

    give it a try – you’ll love it!

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber, The beer will probably finish up at 6.5-7.0% but I think this is going to be one of those beers that will sneak up on you. That is an interesting recipe and making my own yogurt is one of the skills I want to learn this summer.
      I’m lucky that my beer lady also supplies all the stuff for cheese making, classes as well as beer and wine equipment/ingredients.

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