The Boat is sold !! (short post)

All done for the boat, had a heck of a time getting Dad to take 1/2 the money.  But I can always go through Mom for the last little bit 😉

I finished up the shopping and I got two 25 pound bags of sugar at Paul’s.  Along with the 10 pounds of pork chops at Albertson’s I grabbed 6 cans of the Hunt’s pasta sauce at .88 cents each.  The Hunt’s sauce is my cheat for quick and easy meals and if you go with the the non-meat versions it is tasty and you can use it for anything that needs a little red sauce to punch up a meal.

I have a couple of flowers on my tomato and pepper plants in the garden but It looks like the strawberries bit the dust. I want to add some raspberries in big pots and I’m going to try again with the strawberries but in the front yard beds and see if they do better than in the back yard.

I got the front yard mowed and did a little clean up of some rose bushes that are just starting to bloom. The little tea roses smell is starting to kick it up and along with the lilacs it makes me feel happy!  Big Lot’s has a little drop side garden cart for $60.00 that I think I will splurge on.  The little cart would help me move some of the heavier items around and be perfect for bringing in wood or groceries.

I got the puppies cleaned up a bit, trimmed some nails and hair. I think Tuffy tore a nail as he is limping a touch when he steps wrong.  Diana got her ears cleaned along with a trim and brush. I’ll hit them a couple more times this week to finish up the job without stressing them to much as they don’t like the scissors or clippers.

Things seem to be coming together quite nicely for getting my goals done for this year and I’m a little ahead of schedule so far (crosses fingers).  A little more has been added to the “Emergency fund” as well a few bills paid. Once the house refi is done I can setup my new budget and see how much I can get done this year for my long term goals.

3 Responses to The Boat is sold !! (short post)

  1. kymber says:

    jamie – another good store to add to your preps!!! an di am glad that the boat is sold! a little cart would be awesome for your garden, groceries, etc. – once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without it. and ya – do the puppies a bit at a time so that they won’t stress out. congrats on being ahead of your schedule – that’s awesome!

    anyway – thank you for the incredible honour of naming your beer after us. jambaloney left a response to you comment on his post, go check it out – he can’t believe that we have a wicked, awesome beer named for us. you’re a gem girl.

    your friend,

  2. Dannyboy53 says:

    Jamie those carts are as handy as a pocket on a shirt! We have one and use one of our three wheelers to pull it around the property hauling all sorts of things like firewood, horse feed, hay bales…oh my gosh it has been a back saver!

    Reading your blog it is obvious you are a very busy gal, I admire your spunk, ingenuity and determination! But what else can one expect from a former Soldier.

    As my daughters used to say…”you go girl!”

    • Jamie says:

      Db I’m loving my cart. It makes many jobs very easy. But it’s so new to me I have to remind myself to do it the easy way.

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