Getting some stuff done and buying up tools

I was going to just comment on my last post but so much is happening I figure it needed it’s own post.  Kymber, I told my Beer Lady about the May 2/4 you talked about on your blog and she just loved the idea.  I stopped by her shop to crush some grain for a couple of batches of beer and pick up a little hops and yeast.   I  scored on some of the green Grolsch flip top bottles. That gives me a four 12 pack cases of flip top bottles and about four 24 bottle cases that use bottle caps.  I always take the 12 oz. bottle cap bottles to friends or as gifts/barter. Also save any six pack bottle carriers as they are very handy to have on hand.  If you can get find a local brew shop or beer guru so you have some backup for any questions that pop up.  Hopefully you can skip some of the mistakes I made and have a great beer brewing time.

I got the little wagon put together with not to much cussing. I think with the little drop gates,  I will be able to sit down and do a lot of my work in the garden. I got one of those dense foam knee/seat cushions to use on the metal wagon so it should be comfortable for work. I love the little wagon already as it took my single step off the patio after I loaded it with some light stuff to put in the shop for an incoming wind storm. It was so nice to make one trip and be done.  I got a little shopping/tool  dolly for $20.00 and it made moving my beer grains around a breeze. Plus it will help bringing bulk groceries from the shop to the house much easier for me.  Trying to man-handle some of the heavier items have been a bit more difficult than I want to admit, but just like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer because it feels so good when you stop.  I’m thinking about getting one of the little tool dollies for Mom to move her feed grains from the truck to her feed shed. It folds flat and takes up very little space in a vehicle.

I bought the Kindle “Keyboard” model from the pawnshop for $60.00. I may have lucked out on getting the version with the most memory for books and quite a lot of features such as a 3G and wifi connection. I loaded it up with a lot of prepper books I got from Amazon’s “Kindle for PC app and you can transfer the books between the two. Add in some free books and some cool download .pdfs and a internet option for reading the web or blogs and I’m very happy with it. Of course Mom wants one for her so we will keep looking for another Kindle at sales or pawn shops! I was a little surprised Mom wanted one as she is  paper rather than digitally oriented but I think this is a good thing to add to anyone’s preps. You can have a lot of books on hand that is very light weight compared to carrying several books.

I got an extra faucet adapter for hooking up my wort chiller or even a hose for filling up water barrels. These adapters all seem to be made of plastic and are easy to cross thread or strip when you put them on.  I want one more for backup but just having one extra on hand makes me feel better.  My main drain has been very slow lately and the “Drain King” isn’t fixing the problem so I got a 50 foot plumbing snake to run through the drain and clear any build up and blockages. That 50 feet should get me out  close to the main city sewer line. For less than $25.00 I think it is a good tool to have on hand for basic clogs. My small bathroom has a small leak around the toilet and I can’t find it!  I got some stuff that is supposed to work as a plumbing patch I will be testing out to see how it works but I may have to replace the feed line and that is a pain.

Last week I bought up 3 hoses and today I got some replacement  O-rings and a pressure wand for my water hose to clean off the house, window screens and it worked great for eliminating some wasp nests.  Having good tools and some replacement parts is something I want  have on hand. I have had great luck so far getting work done in my yard and house if I share the tools with the neighbors for things they need to get done on their yard and house.

I don’t know bad things could get if the economy tanks. But having parts and tools to take care of some small repair jobs could become very important in the future! Pawn shops are one of the best places to find good quality used hand tools. If you are not checking out your local pawn shops you are probably missing out on some great bargains.


7 Responses to Getting some stuff done and buying up tools

  1. Spud says:

    I see a lot of preppers loading up their kindles with how to books…myself included ! I do have extreme doubts as to the wisdom of this tho. Considering that nothing made these days lasts for very long. Not to mention the battery life…dunno what that is. Wonder if the battery can be replaced without losing the contents ?
    Any books that are must haves, I tend to keep in hard copy. Think EMP for one…

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, I have a couple of solar panels to charge my kindle and other battery powered stuff and back up the books on the PC hard drive. Not a perfect system and I agree with your paper copy backup of your important books but a good way to have a lot of books in a light weight format.

      • Spud says:

        I too also have solar to charge with, however this is not what I’m questioning. What I’m wondering is that after SHTF, is it possible to change out the battery without losing content ? If SHTF then obviously Amazon ain’t a gonna be there lol. Would be an interesting experiment to know the procedure anywho…

      • Jamie says:

        Spud, I think I know what you are saying but, that is true for just about everything with a battery. I like how I can backup a book to a PC hard drive or flash drive. Even paper books can get damaged so it is a trade off but I think a good one.
        Just think of Cuba and how many pre 1960 US cars they still have on the road after the embargo.

  2. dee says:

    I love my kindle too, and have aso loaded it with info. I subscribe to Backwood Home Magazine , and I love the kindle edition. Like the two of you I also have extensive paper books. I too can use my solar power generator for backup recharging. having digital editions is great not having to store and carry so much info. Over the years, I have made copies of great info and compiled such into a binder. I am on my third 2-3 inch binder.

  3. Karen says:

    I love books, but I love my Kindle too! Spud- my understanding is the battery will last “several?” years, and by the time it dies, a faster, better tablet will be cheaper than a new battery. Also, it the battery goes kaput, or your Kindle is broken, all the contents are on Amazons servers. If I find a book that is ‘must have, I usually buy a hard copy, usually used.

  4. Jamie says:

    dee, I was amazed at how many different options Amazon offered from books to Magizines even newspapers.

    Karen I started out with the Kindle for PC and then I moved those “books” to the kindle.

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