A pretty good day!

Took Mom over to Big Lots and got her the little hand cart/box for moving the feed from her SUV to the “feed shed”.  I got one of these little flat folding hand carts and absolutely love how easy it made moving bulk food around and they take up very little space in the car.

I sign the papers on the re-fi on the 24th!  Still a couple of small hoops to jump through but it looks like a done deal! Once all the paper work is signed I will shift my insurance to a cheaper company for both auto and home and rework the budget with the new numbers.

Since the boat sold a bit earlier this week I have bought a few things I have wanted to get but they just were not in the budget. I also add a bought a couple of extra items on the grocery and tools and hardware budget that I thought would have to wait.  I will be taking advantage of the sale on coffee at Fred Meyers at $5.99 a can I can stock up enough for another 6 months and start look at getting some Green coffee beans for long term storage.

We have a few more days of cool weather coming up so I need to get busy on getting extra bread baked and beer brewed while the house stays cool.  I’m focusing on keeping my power bill as low as possible and try and see what I can tolerate for both cool and hot weather with this CIDP.  So far I have been able to handle both higher and lower temps with a little practice and dressing for the weather. It should get a little easier once summer actually decides to settle in and we are not bouncing between 90 degrees for a couple of days and then the low 60’s for high temps.  It loks like Idaho is going to be a little lacking for rainfall this year and that has me a bit concerned but it really isn’t all that odd for us to have wet years and dry years. Just have to move and adapt with mama nature.

We are living in some scary times but good things can still happen to a person that puts in the hard work of getting lucky!  I can’t tell you that hard work guarantees success. But I’m pretty certain no work guarantees failure!  Watch the corn and wheat crop futures to see if they spike. Beef and turkey are higher but if you watch and wait you can get some good buys. Sugar has come down in price in the last month. It’s only $3-$5.00 per fifty pounds but it is the first downtrend I’ve seen in about 3 years.  Once you have filled your pantry with your basics you can be flexible on what you buy. If something jumps or drops in price be ready to shift your focus and always go for the best bang for your buck.  Don’t forget to buy the popcorn or your favorite beverage because it looks like it will be a heck of a show!


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