All of the financial stuff is done!

I signed all the paper work on Friday so the refi is officially done.  The new budget looks really good and I start the new payments on the house in July. I hope since the same people are carrying the loan,  I can pay a little early and get one month  ahead on the payment.  I’m working that idea of paying at least on month ahead on my re-occurring bills, so that even if the banks shut down for a couple of weeks or  a month.  I will have a at least a 30 day buffer to make plans and figure out what to do just in case!   I was a bit complacent until Cyprus happened and I thought about how I would pay my bills if I had no access to my accounts.  How do you pay your bills if you can’t write a check, use a debit card or pay over the internet via an auto- pay?  I can pay a few smaller bills via cash by going into the local office but most bills are auto pay or go over the internet. If you have to pick and choose which bills to get ahead on I would choose the ones that you can’t pay locally first and then the ones on auto pay even if they are local. Late fees can add up very fast and you don’t need to deal with that in the middle of a banking/financial crisis!

I have splurged a bit on a few items I have wanted, but didn’t seem critical. I ordered the little Zodi  propane hot shower with battery pump for just $90.00 at  True Value Hardware store has the big 5 gallon Igloo drink cooler for $19.95 so I got another one for cold/ice water to go along with the one I will use as a Hot water storage tank if the grid goes down for a few days or more.  I took that plain little tap for granted until my water test last year and I will do everything I can to make moving and using water as easy as possible!  Water is one of the most critical items for survival and I think many people in the USA just assume there will always be safe, clean drinking water on demand.  Almost every disaster we have seen in the last few years has proven that idea to be untrue.

I’m trying to discipline myself on spending.  For me that has been a bit difficult as I have held back on spending because of my budget. I  feel as if I hit the lottery with just the small bit of cash I now have and did not plan how to spend.  I don’t think I have spent my money foolishly and I got plenty to show for what I have spent.  It is all to easy to get carried away on getting stuff until you have spent all my cash.  I suppose it shows why having a credit card is terrible for me,  as I would keep spending until I was forced to stop!  So I put a bit of cash back for emergencies and got a few “want to have” items. No more spending for me until I get my check in June and see how the new budget works out.

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  1. Wildflower says:

    been spending like a miser as cash itself is very handy in emergencies

    in a post collapse crisis can still purchase with green paper than with gold or silver coins

    • Jamie says:

      Wildflower that is so true! That is why I had to stop myself and keep some cash and get back on my budget. I’m going to start buying my nickels and half-dollars again as I don’t want to go to the trouble of spending them.
      My Mom pointed out that by using coins that you might look as if you are poor and scrounging up coins to pay. Might be a little safer than flashing some of those green bits of paper.

  2. hey jamie:

    glad to hear you are tightening things up, financial improvement is an ongoing thing measured best by progress…

    and if you are investing in long-term survival stuff – don’t punish yourself – you can’t eat or drink a bank account…

    beer on the other hand… 😉

    btw – hey wildflower – hope you are well!

    • Jamie says:

      James, It took me a long time to accept my weakness using credit cards as well as trying to save paper money. So no credit cards for me and if I can make using cash a little difficult to use, I don’t seem to have a problem saving it. I have had my fun got my wagon, shopping dolly and some tools with my little “windfall”.
      Now its back to the grind of buying the stuff for the wood stove and fuel for this winter, working on the other goals for 2013 and the normal stocking up.

  3. Karen says:

    Memorial Day blessings! I find it both sad and funny to look back at what I’d spend money on in the past. I recently needed to buy a new fridge, and it was a totally different experience this time, I did my research, waited for a good sale, and bought a nice, but very basic refrigerator. Last time, I had to every bell and whistle available, it cost a boat load of money, and those “extras” failed on a regular basis and needed to be repaired! Older and wiser~ :/

    • Jamie says:

      Karen you are so right. I like to think I’m doing better and getting smarter as I age but when I look at myself before I woke up I wonder how I could live so long and still be so stupid.

      I got an odd phone call from my sister today telling me her Washer died and needed repairs that cost about $90.00. I told her that wasn’t to bad and I was setting aside an “Emergency fund” for repairing or replacing my appliances as most were over ten years old. Then a little chit chat about how she had plans for getting prepped and now she has to come up with the money for repairs “Life is ufair” yada yada… Oh by the way congrats on selling your boat!
      I told her I gave half of the Boat money to Dad to pay him back what I owed (true) and then I played I had already spent the money (planned) as I think she thought I would just give her a loan because now I’m “rich”. I will say she is pretty good about paying back her debts to family now. Slow but if she is late with a payment she will let you know what is happening. But she pushed my buttons on how she knows so much about prepping and just new all this bad stuff was coming since 1987 since she is so “wicked smart”. I’m just the little sister and it’s amazing I can manage to tie my shoes in morning without her help.

      Our income levels are about the same, I get a bit more cash she gets more in benefits like EBT and energy assistance.

      • riverrider says:

        don’t ya just hate that? congrats on the finances.

      • Jamie says:

        Thanks river, I figure it will take a month or two before it sinks in and I get used to the new budget. If I figured correctly, my living expenses will be about 60% of my total “take home pay”.

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