Another week of cool weather coming up time to get more stuff done in the Kitchen

I managed to get two batches of brew in the buckets so far this weekend.  The German style wheat beer and my 7 c’s Amber.  I like the Amber done with the Bellma hops and the English ale yeast but it takes a bit of time to carbonate and condition.  With the temps so cool I’d like to fill up all my bottles and basement with beer for when it gets hot! It’s remarkable just how many bottles and different types of cases you can get with taking over a few bottles to neighbors for a taste test, then asking about how they like the different beers. I should start adding in a few lagers as some in my family like that type of beer and may change up the hops a bit to make the beer more mild and less hoppy. Using the Bellma hops gives the beer a fruity almost sweet flavor compared to most of my ales which tend to be very hoppy in flavor. That is one of the great things about brewing your own beer is how you can try new recipes or create your own distinct brews that you like for yourself or for family and friends.  Beer also is great payment to the folks that help me out with my yard and garden.

While I was running around getting all the finacial stuff done along with my shopping spree 😉 I fell down on my bread baking so I got a loaf of Italian Bread at Freddy’s.  Now, I remember why I bake my own bread, it is easy to forget just how soft and easy to tear what passes for bread in our local mega-marts.  Even my white bread loaves don’t tear when I apply a bit of butter like this Italian loaf of bread.  I got the coffee on sale at Fred Meyer’s that should be about a year of coffee (for me) in the pantry. I stopped by Cash & Carry to look at boneless  Rib eye they had for $5.98  a pound  (15 pounds average) but I really liked the Tri- tip I got early this year and it was only $3.85 a pound and I found a small one of 12 pounds and got it instead of the Rib eye.  I know that may sound like a lot of money but I have noticed here in Idaho while the cheaper cuts of beef have gone up in price.  Some of the more expensive cuts of beef are staying about the same as last year.  Even if you prep on the “cheap” you can still get quality items if you hunt for bargains.

We had a nice little storm move through last night and got some rain. Two more of my rain barrels are full and the garden got a good soak. My Diakon radishes are doing well. I was a little afraid they might have been harmed when we had those few days of hot weather but they seem to be doing well!  Idaho’s weather can be crazy so it can be hit or miss on what does well each year.  The 18 gallon “party buckets” are a bit cheaper this year at $6.00-$8.00 each so I’m buying a few at a time to add to my gardening adventures next year.

I may have overdone it the last couple of weeks. Good stuff happening can be just as tiring as bad stuff sometimes.  While I’m excited everything going good, it will be nice for things to get back to “normal” and I can go back to just puttering around on my schedule instead of running around and jumping through hoops.

2 Responses to Another week of cool weather coming up time to get more stuff done in the Kitchen

  1. Karen says:

    We’re not beer drinkers, but thinking about giving hard cider (we have a relatively reasonably priced source for fresh cider in early fall), or mead (Costco’s honey is real and not too pricey) a try. Certainly would be good to have something alcoholic on the shelves. I can follow directions, but…..I seem to be hesitating for some reason. I need to make the leap!

    • Jamie says:

      Karen, I haven’t done cider but Mead is very easy to do. Figure about a pound of honey per gallon of water will get you about 5-7% alcohol and you can start out small with a gallon jug. The recipe I used called for champagne yeast.

      Brewing stores are popping up all over the USA and most I have seen are started by home brewers that have turned a hobby into business and love brewing! Having a local “guru” you can chat with and answers your questions is very helpful.

      If you can boil water and make a good loaf of bread you can brew as it is very simple.Like any skill practice makes perfect.

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