Back to the old grind!

I took over a bottle of the May 2/4 Amber ale made with the Bellma Hops and English Ale yeast and Deb the Beer lady said that beer needed to be entered in to the local fairs. The three people in the shop really liked the beer and I think this is the best beer I have made so far, and it is truly my own creation.  I went a little nuts getting stuff at the beer store and got stocked up on some different yeast and hops. Bought up some bottles for the mead and about the only things I need for brewing is a grain crusher and perhaps a couple of tools for making my own yeast.

While I was at the beer shop I got another 15 gallon water barrel on sale for $15.00. That is an insanely good price for a food grade water barrel. I  hope to add at least another 3 barrels at that price as I believe that clean drinking water will become very valuable in any disaster.  Water is something I took for granted until my water test and after a few storms we had here in Idaho, I found out just how old and rickety our water supply system is for delivering water.  From no back up power source for pumps to about a two week supply of water treatment chemicals. Most Urban water/sewage treatment plants are running on the ragged edge of failure.  You need a water plan and test it out from gathering(storing)water to making it safe via filters, chemicals or boiling. A gallon a day or a case of bottle water will not keep you alive/healthy for long.

I ordered the GRMS base station from Amazon for $57.00.  My parents have quite a few of those little hand held radios and while they are not secure they should be a good backup for communication.  The one thing my family is stong on is radio comunications from VHF, CB, GRMS and my Mom and I have a couple of SW trancievers as well as SW radio receivers for backup.  Hopefully with the base station at my central location I will at least be able to relay messages to all the family and keep everyone up to date.

Mom and I are going to visit the Outpost Days In Murphy this weekend. Lots of history and just plain old small town fun.  I think we are both throwbacks and like small town or no-town at all, kind of life.  Both health and family make that nearly impossible but we can get out to visit from time to time. I’ll toss a couple of empty gas cans to fill up on real gas the way home and it will make for a nice little day trip.

It is all to easy to get so focused on preparing that you forget to get out, have some fun and live. I know it can be hard to break out of that bunker mentality if you are like me and you feel you have just a limited amount of time or money.  Life will go on and shutting yourself into a little bubble is unhealthy over the long term.  Plan a day trip, go biking, a few days out camping, visiting a museum. Do stuff and keep living life!


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