Nice little day trip to Murphy’s Outpost Days

Mom and had a nice time at Murphy.  I finally got to see the museum and they had a lot of different historical activities going on. From roping and riding,  civil war era encampment to panning for gold!  Got see some beautiful old cars and of course quite few people selling homemade goods. I got a nice straw hat and the folks selling them showed me how to give it a southern boy roll 😉

I got the gas cans filled up and it just topped $4.00 a gallon for the real stuff.  Ouch!  While it sucks on the price,  we now have a good bit of real gas on hand for both the cars or generators.  Good thing there is no inflation or we might be in trouble.  I want to add a couple more 40 pound bags of the chunk charcoal and shift to buying the 20 pound propane tanks but I think gas can be declared good at least as far as we can go on the cheap.

Got a lot of clean up done on the house today. I  scrubbed the bathroom floors along with the basic bathroom clean up. Washed some of the windows, vacuumed and got a start on washing a couple of walls. I had a big laundry day getting bedding and blankets clean.  I think I’ll just finish up the dishes and call it a day and hope I didn’t over do to much.  I kind of let the house go the last couple of months just doing the basics.  So it felt god to get some deep cleaning done though I may pay for it physically in the next couple of days.

Next week is going to feel like Xmas in June with all of the little items I have ordered!  June is going to busy testing, tweaking and see how all those gadgets work into my overall self-reliance plan.  June looks to be a shift back to a my normal schedule of my daily puttering rather than jumping through hoops trying to get the financial stuff done.

Now is the time to start thinking about your holiday shopping. From meal planning to the gifts you want to buy for your loved ones.  Get that cash set aside now so you can purchase those gifts and food in July and August.  Getting most of that shopping done in the summer will make the holidays something to enjoy rather than you stressing out and blowing up your budget.   You might not be able to get everything for the holidays but getting even 50%  of it done will help out a lot.  DO NOT go into debt and remember the reason for the season!



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