Beer and bread!

I feel okay today considering all I did on Sunday, a little sore but overall it is a good soreness that comes with getting stuff done.  Today was a cool day I made up a couple of loaves of Artisan bread and a batch of beer. I’m doing a batch of lager using the Amber recipe and the Bellma hops. The beer lady liked the amber ale made with the Bellma hops and English ale yeast and wants me to enter it in both the state and county fair. I think I do a good job making beer but it is nice to have an “expert” say your beer is good enough to enter in competitions!

The temp. is going up and it looks like summer has arrived in SW Idaho.  I’ll be practicing my outdoor cooking techniques over a gas grill, charcoal BBQ and using the solar oven. I have a small Camp Chef propane oven/stove top I can set up on the patio that can help keep the house cool by cooking outside.  I got very lucky when I bought this house that it has plenty of mature fruit and nut trees to help keep the backyard cool.  I’ll check out the farm store on Tuesday and see if I can get a couple of the misters for keeping cool on the patio.  While I was in Murphy for the Outpost days a lot of people had up light canvas awnings for shade and I was impressed by how well it worked for keeping cool.  Big Lot’s carries  light canvas drop clothes for painting, but they would work as an awning or shade for keeping cool and they are only $8.00-10.00 depending on the size.

Mixing old and new technology can help out in your prepping for any situation as well as everyday life.  Rain barrels are old fashioned but if you add a solar powered water pump you can use that water for all kinds of things even a modified swamp cooler. The wheel is old and we still use it daily, so the age of an invention does not mean you can’t incorporate it into your preps.  We as a society have become so conditioned to be consumers and we must always have the latest and greatest gadget or  if we don’t we are a failure.  Remember after 9/11 and G.W Bush told us that to save the USA we needed to go shopping.

I’m cheap and even I find myself falling back into that mentality of a consumer.  Don’t worry about it but remember the things you buy are simply tools to help you survive and become more self reliant. Look at the Gothic cathedrals in Europe all made with muscle power, a few simple tools, math and geometry.  Technology is neutral it’s how you use it that makes it good or bad.


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  1. kymber says:

    jamie – if the beer lady says you should enter your beer in a competition – go for it! we have rainbarrels too…we collect the rainwater and then run it through our berkey and use it for drinking water. we have delicious well water but it is a little on the brownish side so the rainwater does the trick!

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber, I have a couple of months before the state fair so I’m going to try a Lager(bubbling away in the basement) along with the K&J May 2/4 Ale.
      Water is your biggest ingredient in your beer so starting off with good tasting water is a must! I run the city tap water through a Brita filter to get rid of the residual chlorine smell, after that the water tastes good.

  2. dee says:

    been enjoying my rain barrel to water nearby plants. I added a short water hose, and that makes it even easier to use. Plan to add another to the front porch. Like Kymber, could readily use our Berkey, if need be, to purify the water. Here in the south, doing things in early morn, keeps the heat and humidity factor, less harmful. Your post reminds me to make bread today!

    • Jamie says:

      dee, What is nice about SW Idaho is the low humidity and it usually cools down a lot at night. I went to school in the US Army at Fort Gordon in Augusta GA. and that humidity just about killed me in the summer.
      Having the basement is such a blessing as it stays about 60-65 degrees year round so if I lost power I have a nice place to go and stay warm in winter and cool in summer.

      • dee says:

        Yeah, we are frequently in northern Utah visiting family, wish we could have basements! What I would give for our kids food storage rooms, there! Also been in Rexburg, and Utah in the summers with kids in college, and it was tolerable even when in the 90’s, because of fans, and low humidity. Your downside, the snow , which I had to traverse in both those states. We rarely deal with it here in Louisiana.

      • Jamie says:

        dee, Eastern Idaho has some challenging weather both summer and winter. It gets cold here in winter but in Eastern Idaho it is worse for snow and the wind blowing.

  3. dee says:

    My kids call it “the piercing winds of Idaho!!” I’ve pierced a few times as I have walked about the campus in Rexburg! No fun in January!

  4. wonderdawg says:

    dee, noticed you are also from La…I’m in the Slidell area, but about to make a move to the woods of Ms, near Hattesburg

    • dee says:

      I have been in Slidell a few times, in the LDS bishop’s storehouse for food storage, and helping with cleanup after the last hurricane, in the area, last year. I like outhern Miss, visiting, it sounds nice. In fact, I was in Gulfport, the weekend before Katrina, that area was really traumatized!. Hope you enjoy your new digs.

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