I mowed the lawn today!

Not that big a deal for most people but with the electric lawnmower I was able to get both the front and backyard done in one day.  This a big deal for me as I did not see how fighting with the old gas mower wore me out.  I even used the weed whacker to clear the edges of the yard before mowing.  Switching between using the mower and weed whacker seem to go much better than doing just one job at a time for the whole yard.  I used my new little garden cart for hauling the grass clippings and my hand tools around today.  I am really happy I got that little cart it makes moving heavy items or a lot of stuff so easy.

I planted flowers and  ornamental kale in the front garden beds using the battery powered cultivator.  It’s amazing just how good a job that little cultivator does on digging in and turning over soil.  I use it for just the small beds that don’t need the big rototiller.  I added an eggplant a neighbor gave me in the free space of the back yard garden. The neighbor wants to thin out her garden a little, so I have a couple of party buckets standing by when they have the time.  I’m still looking to add some raspberry and blackberry plants in my big party buckets.  We had such crazy weather for spring some plants have been in short supply.

All of my stuff I ordered arrived and it has been been like Christmas in July!  Except it’s not Xmas and it’s not July and Santa was cheap and made me pay for my “gifts”.  So far I’m impressed with the GRMS radio base station from Midland. I got a 12 volt cord, NiMH battery pack and 120 volt AC power cord and the hand mike looks like it is compatible with my little SW transceiver.  Many folks nickle and dime you to death on the cost of accessories. It was nice to have a most of the goodies for this radio as part of the $58.00 price from Amazon. I did not know the radio had a USB port for charging small electronics via the dynamo.  A very nice bonus feature.  I still need to test out it’s range but overall I’m pleased with the radio.

I’m testing out the little motion detector porch light I got from Amazon for $18.00. I charged it up yesterday and about blinded myself when I switched it on. That sucker is bright! I have installed the light on my front porch and it does not get a lot of direct sunlight on the solar panel.  If it will work in that spot it should just about anywhere on my property. If the little light works out, I will start replacing my 120 volt AC motion detector lights.

I need to do a test of the Zodi portable propane shower.  I think my small kiddie pool would be perfect as a catchment of all that water with a little sand,  some good water proof tiles, a drain spigot and I have a great spot for setting up an outdoor shower.  Add a couple of passive solar showers and the propane when you need a bit of heat and it will be a darn good setup.


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  1. Matt says:

    Jamie, are you still planning on getting your ham lisense? I finally got my wife to studying for hers. Now I just need to get mine upgraded and get some better equipment.

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