Some test results and thinking outside the box

Mom got an older model Poloroid tablet on sale at Big Lots. Since I’m the geek I got to play with it and set it up for her.  She took it back to Big Lots and picked up a Kindle instead. I really wanted to like the little tablet but Google won’t let the older version download the Kindle app so that was a deal breaker for Mom.  If you like the B&N Nook this tablet could work for you, the screen was bright and easy to use on the web though going through wifi and based on it’s hardware it felt very slow compared to my kindle keyboard. If I hadn’t been spoiled by how fast the kindle works that might not be a big deal.  A big bonus on the Kindle is it’s battery life. If you want to use the wifi on the tablet you should have it plugged in which kind of defeats the purpose of going wireless. I charged up the little tablet before setting it up via my wifi and I swear I could watch the little battery indicator drain by the minute. The tablet had the normal AC type plug so you would have to buy a special charger for DC. The Kindle use a standard USB connector into AC, a PC connection or DC/USB adapter will work fine for the Kindle.

Overall I’d pick the Kindle as a better e-book reader/modified tablet if you don’t mind the B&W screen because of the battery life.   If you are more into Multimedia and have adapters in place for power I’d pick the Poloroid tablet based on price. It’s not flashy or fast but it does get the job done.

My new solar powered porch light from Amazon called Solarmotion Light and it cost $18.00. I gave it good charge before installing the light on my porch a few days ago. I had one of those nights that I was up awfully late and I checked on the light at midnight and about 4 am in the morning and I could not detect any dimming at 4:00 am and the motion detector was very fast when I came into range.  I will be ordering a few more next week and start replacing my AC yard lights. This little light is small and very unobtrusive so it is a snap to install with the 2 small screws provided. I’m thinking of adding one to my RV for the door entrance as it puts out a very dim light until the motion detector senses movement. I’m adding outdoor solar as lights fail as I do have an older home and exposure to the elements will cause light to fail after 10 years. I also think of these light as a security feature as us humans tend to detect both light and movement very quickly. Last but not least, I’m minimizing both my electric bill in a small way as well as limiting my “light pollution”.  I’m not an environmentalist, I’m a conservationist and I live this life without any guilt that I’m evil because I won’t live like the hypocrites like Al Gore. Carbon credits in my opinion are a lot like the Catholic church’s indulgences of the middle ages.  That kind of people think they can buy their way out of guilt or sin but the serfs must live life by what they say not what they do!

These little lights might work darn well for some indoor home lighting attached to a window sill of a south facing window.  Oh darn just thought how perfect they could work in the basement window for some additional light as I have just one window but a couple of these lights would add some great free light in the basement.  Not perfect but it would be a nice addition and make my basement work area a bit brighter.

If I have any specific God given talent it is “thinking outside of the box”.  Lot’s of people talk about it,  but very few practice thinking what if?… and how do I make this work?.  I’m not smarter than those folks it’s just the way my mind works. It helps that I’m a history buff and love to research how people lived in the past.  The sponge idea for backup toilet paper came from ancient Rome historians think they used a natural sponge on a stick at the public latrines. By using a specific colored sponge you should be able to keep all germs localized to one person.  Heck here in the USA we have people that throw phone books in your yard and they make a great back up TP supply for the average outhouse and can be used as compost or a weed barrier even insulation when shredded and we see it as trash or junk mail.

I’d prefer my sponge system not get a try out. I don’t want a collapse of any sort but as I see it it is mathematically impossible to avoid. So if it has to happens,  I prefer it happens hard and fast and not a lingering collapse we have seen happen to Greece and many other nations.  If  I’m completely off base and no collapse happens, the PTBs are as smart as the think they are and I can simply use my bulk food I have stored sometime in my 70’s. I’m good with that idea. I don’t need a complete collapse of the western way of life to make me feel good about storing the basics I need to survive.  The stuff I do and buy will save me money today as well as  long-term.

I’m not envious of a person’s success. Good for you, but often I find these folks are so stressed on maintaining their lifestyle that the are at the ragged edge of stress and bankruptcy. I like my way of life better off debt and not  hoping for credit simply to maintain your standing in your community.  If style over substance is what you and they value. I think you need to rethink the people you hang around with daily.


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