Totally scored on Hunt’s pasta sauce. 77 cents a can

Albertson’s is having a great sale this week!  This is a great way to up my stored vegetables before the garden starts producing. At twelve 24 oz. cans you are looking about 18 pounds of sauce for under $10.00.  If you can’t grow a garden to augment your food storage just stash 1 case under each family member’s bed and you have over 1 month of veggies covered just in sauce. Add in a case of canned veggies like corn, green beans,  peas or whatever you like to eat per person and  just those couple of cases equal about 28 pounds of veggies for food storage. Heck,  that’s a solid five months worth of total vegetable needs for a person to stay healthy.

I use the Hunt’s sauce as a starter for all kinds of meals besides pasta. I don’t buy the meat versions as I don’t care for the texture or taste of those versions. I like the ability to use leftover meat in meals and the flavors conflict. This sauce can add a lot of flavor to a bean or rice dish as well stewing tougher  meats which can save you money on your grocery shopping.  Another big consideration is by using a prepared sauce you cut down on the time it takes to cook a meal as well as the heat generated in the kitchen when it is hot outside. You don’t have to cook everything from scratch to be a prepper and having the ability to make quick and easy meals will make life a lot easier.

Speaking of easy I bought some Banquet TV dinners at .77 cents each. Yes, these are processed food but with my CIDP I like having the option of nuking a meal in a couple of minutes when I have a bad day. The only limit on what you do to prepare is on you!  Look at the food calculators as a start on your basics and learn how to cook from scratch and use those bulk foods, but this has to work with your life. So use those numbers as a guide not a straightjacket!

I bought up a couple of London Broils at Albertson’s for $2.49 a pound. I have always liked that cut of meat if you get it for a good price you can cook it so many ways. I’m starting to see the cheaper cuts of beef go up but I have been able to stay on budget by buying the loss leaders in the stores. I have just about maxed out what I can store in the freezer, now I need to try out other methods of preserving that don’t require electricity.  I think this is the best year I have had as far as stocking up on meat so I can afford to practice some new methods without putting myself at risk.

SW Idaho is having a few cool days so I’m getting some more baking and brewing done while it is cool. I found a couple of folks in the neighborhood that will take the spent grains from my beer brewing  to feed chickens and ducks or whatever! If you buy feed you know how expensive it is getting this year.  The grain still has good nutritional value that can augment what they feed the critters. Otherwise I would just dump it the compost heap and that seems to be a waste.  Five to ten pounds of grain once and awhile will help them out on feed costs.  The weather is a bit wonky so far this year but I’ve been able to take advantage of the cool days for baking and brewing. Friday will be cool and then the forecast is for 5 hot days and then another couple of days in the low 70’s for a high. It does make for some busy days while it is cool, but it is a massive savings on energy costs so I’m not going to complain much;)

I picked up two more of the 15 gallon water barrels  on sale for $15.00 one for me and one for Mom.  I think our mindset has been wrong in thinking about providing for the non-preppers in our life.  I think we might be better off giving some water bottles and a 5 gallon camp jug or two depending on how many are in the house hold. Once they learn to value water after getting the smaller jugs refilled then we can look at giving them a barrel.  We will probably have to ration water and I rather they waste a 5 gallon jug rather than a 15 gallon barrel.

I tried out my soaker hose with one of my rain barrels. This hose is the round black type hose and I did get water out of the barrel and onto my bed but it was a pathetic performance overall. This barrel needs a bit more height to take advantage of gravity and the hose wants to coil up so I get some fight against gravity from the hose itself.  I will try some of the flat,  ribbon type soaker hoses for my other rain barrels to see if they will work better for watering. I know I won’t get much pressure, but I would like a bit more performance from the barrels and hoses than I have seen so far!

I got a new pallet for my collapsible rain barrels.  I did not consider that the collapsible barrels would collapse if setup on dirt or blow away in a brisk wind if they didn’t have the weight of some water to hold them in place.  Unlike my rigid rain barrels these are for my “Ice house”  idea so I knew there would be some mistakes made in trying out my idea. With the “new” but smaller pallet I will have to line up the barrels and used my scrounged hose to connect them together. That was my original idea, but it looked like I might be able to cheat a bit moving the chain for the downspout.

I would like to buy a bunch of silver while the price is so low, but I think getting the things you need is a better place to focus those FRNs. Silver and gold “might” be valuable in the future, I know that having my basic survival goods will always be valuable to me on a daily basis.


5 Responses to Totally scored on Hunt’s pasta sauce. 77 cents a can

  1. dee says:

    As you were speaking about veggies, corn and peas are not veggies but starches. I am a certified diabetes educator nurse, and that is how they are categorized, in dietary management. (15 gm carbohydrates {sugar}= potatoes, breads, corn, peas and beans, fruits, etc. 5 gm carb= greens, carrots, string beans, peppers, squash, tomatoes, etc. The more carbs run your blood sugar up. Those measurements are per a measured portion. Too much to go into here, just wanted to give a heads up.

    • Jamie says:

      dee: I’m using the classifications you see on most food storage calculators. People with special diets could setup their food storage based on what they need based on servings per day.

      Not to brag but I’m one of the few blogger that breakdown bulk goods in servings per pound and plan via meals per day.

  2. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, does the tomato sauce cans have the white plastic liner in the cans,,,If not the cans won’t hold up long term, will rust thru from inside due to acidity of the tomatoes…had that happen on some I had for a few years…most of the other canned veggies were fine, even way past expiration date.
    When SHTF, folks gonna eat whatever they can get, whether carbs or not and will be burning lots more calories just surviving…I’ve been doing what I call Jeremiah Johnson lifestyle the last several months while building my retreat and with no power, no running water, just keeping a working fire going for cooking and heat is a time consuming workout daily….averaged 2 hours a day just gathering and hauling wood. Before daylight to after dark is the norm, only time I took a break is due to excessive rain, would come out to civilization for a few days a month. Has been a very good educational experience and showed me a lot more things needed for living the primitive lifestyle while still available.
    Keep up the boring writing, lots learned from them and for those awake…the sheep are the ones it is boring to….

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, I plan on using all store bought canned veggies within 1-2 years of purchase in my food rotation plan, but I will double check the can lining on the Hunt’s sauce. I like using the Hunt’s sauce in all types of meals so it is very easy to use up before the acid destroys the can.

      I hope to add more garden space, become a better gardener and preserve more of my own fruits and veggies in the future. But for now I need to have the store bought stuff on hand so I always have a year’s worth of all types of food for a healthy diet no matter what happens in the future.

  3. dee says:

    Agree with your comments, in a SHTF scenario, you need more carbs, so celery and string beans ain’t gonna cut it like potatoes, beans and corn. Merely clearing up a classification issue. We live from our food storage regularly, as we all should be, so for those who have health issue, like diabetes, they need to balance correctly if they are carb-counting, and not living Jeremiah Johnson style.

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