Grinding for prepping or why I do this blog

I’m not talking about your grain mill but the work it takes to prepare.  I think it my nature to enjoy those small as well as the bigger goals that I accomplish.  Yes,  I do get a thrill on getting a few cases of canned veggies at a great price!  Since I’m living on a basic city lot in Idaho what I can grow is limited. That doesn’t mean I won’t do the best I can within the limits of the land. I have some lovely fruit and nut trees along with a fence line just full of grape vines.

A lot of prepping/survival and self reliance is just working everyday at some very tedious tasks.  Baking bread is simple but it takes practice as well as having a good supply of ingredients on hand.  Most people don’t get all that excited when you post or talk about buying 50 pounds of flour you got for under $15.00 for a 50 pound bag or the 50 pounds of salt you got for $7.00. A lot of what I do as a prepper is jut about as exciting as watching paint dry.  Many of the thing we do to preserve food just takes time and most folks get bored if they have to sit through a 30 second commercial.   Bacon is always at the store, but slow smoking takes hours if not days. Beer is always at the store but making it from malted grains takes weeks if not months for a good brew.  Many people can’t slow down and we have become an ADD nation.

I don’ care that your first loaves of bread tend to have the density of bricks while you are learning to bake!  I learned to make bread as a kid and when I didn’t bake bread for awhile I made a couple of flour bricks. It’s no big deal,  you will get it right and the making of a good bread it just takes practice.  Better to learn now when you can replace all those ingredients rather if/when all shipping stops.

How many folks actually sit down and read a book?  Heck I see people on the internet that post TLDR ( To Long Didn’t Read) on posts of less that 1000 words but they felt free to offer opinions on the text without reading beyond the headline or first paragraph. Most people could read that post in under 3-4 minutes  and it is still to long.  I try to stay around 500-1000 words because I know most people will get bored if they have to read words.  I love the written word to express ideas. I have tried very hard to express my point of view in few words. Not because  I’m reaching out to the ADD population, I think a good writer can express good ideas with only a few words.

One reason I started this blog was to become a better writer, to express my ideas via words.  While I still need to improve, I do believe I’m a much better writer than I was when I started this blog.  The best way to get better at any task is to practice it and be open to improvement. If you are afraid failure you will do nothing. Embrace failure and learn to love it  as people all ways tend to learn better from mistakes rather than success.


3 Responses to Grinding for prepping or why I do this blog

  1. dee says:

    Amen, sister! We definitely need to frequently utilize our preparedness gear, etc to develop skills, before we actually need them. I love improving my abilities, and have the ability to share it with others, and learn from others!

    • Jamie says:

      dee: I like cooking slow food, but there are times I need something quick and easy. Last night I made up one of my whole loaf sandwiches for the coming hot weather.
      Using my Artisan bread loaves I cut in half sideways and then stack on the meat, veggies and cheese, wrap it up in plastic wrap and set up the fridge so all of the flavors meld. The next few days you can slice off a sandwich for lunch or dinner.

  2. dee says:

    I love it! Made fried squash patties from the squash our garden has been producing, these last few days, it was great! Had a church member I noticed was worried about financial straits she was in , trying to work and go to school as a single mom. My hubby and I filled her gas tank, and shared some of our food storage (not long term) with her and gave her info on the need to prepare and introduce her to long-term storage. You could see the relief and gratitude on her face and in her demeanor. To us, it is not about keeping it to ourselves, but helping out in a time of need. Much as you are doing with your aid packs for those you will help now , and in the future.

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