A cool day and shopping

Weather has been a little crazy here in SW Idaho, but it is working for me to have cool days for baking and getting stuff done in the kitchen.  I’ll be mixing up some of the Artisan bread mix tonight and bake it off on Wed.  The extra loaves will go in my chest freezer for later. One thing I like about the Artisan bread recipe is that my loaves last quite awhile without getting moldy compared to my regular white bread loaves.  It might be not using oil/fat and a balance of sugar and salt is a less friendly enviroment for mold growth.

I got a batch of wheat beer ready to be made along with getting a couple of batches ready to bottle.  The county fair is coming up and I have about four types of beer I would like to enter.  Thankfully, I bought some extra Bellma hops, as it is completly sold out till next year. This was a limited “experimental hops” and it proved to be very popular.  I will  try a hops called Zythos that has a fruity flavor but is more citrusy rather than sweet like the Bellma.  Most of my brews have tended to be very hoppy in flavor and I think that is why most of my family beer drinkers tend to shy away from my home brew.  It is an easy fix just by changing when you add hops to the wort and doing a 60 minute rater than a 90 minute boil.

I’m not seeing much on sale that really blows my skirt up except Cash & Carry has the 40 pound of mesquite chunk charcoal for sale at $11.49 a bag.  I like the flavor that mesquite adds to meats and after a couple of times cooking with it on my BBQ it is easy to control the temp. and keep it around 325-350 degrees for cooking.  Supposedly using a “Volcano Stove” and 200 pounds of briquets gives you enough fuel for cooking a meal a day for a year.  After using my lump charcoal I would say you need a bit more like 300 pounds as you don’t have all the fillers that you get with briquets.  I will add another four bags at this price and with what I have stored for me and Mom we should be good to go cooking on the BBQ.  If you haven’t got one already I would recommend a Chimney Starter for the BBQ especially if you find one under $15.00. You won’t need to buy or store lighter fluid once you have one and you won’t have to deal wth that lighter fluid taste.

Cash & Carry is also having a sale on both olive and grape seed oil. I think I will pick up a gallon of the olive oil for just over $11.00 because it is a great multi-tasker. Grapeseed oil is new to me trying out but it seem to be a good carrier oil for the skin/ herbal oils as well as a good cooking oil. I’m little leary of jumping on the bandwagon for a new oil after finding out how canola oil was hyped. It’s not that canola oil is bad as original function was a light weight industrial oil, heck it might be a great substitute for oiling butcher blocks and other things but it is not a good oil for human consumption in my opinion.  I’m going retrograde on oils and fats such as lard, real butter, olive oil as they do seem to work better for me compared to all the low fat/no fat crap oil the government says are good for us. I have started using lard this year and it is a amazing how little you need to use when you cook with cast iron or stir fry.  A pint jar of lard lasts for at least 4 months in my basic cooking and baking, though I don’t make much pastry that would require more lard and it’s just me,  I’m cooking for daily.

That’s about for this week’s  grocery shopping though I won’t be able to access the Albertson’s ad till Wed. and see the sales the offer. I’m getting few things from Amazon like the solar battery charger and more of the little solar motion detector lights that are working out so well as my front porch light. I’ll be able to eliminate one old plug in motion detector light and add some normal yard and security lighting that is independent of the grid.  Getting a couple more food grade  water barrels on sale and trying a few ideas like painting them black and see how well they will absorb heat and this winter if they can stand up to a freeze.

I’m still waiting on my new payment book for the house refi. So far it does not look like IHFA got the loan to carry. I want to get at least month ahead on my house payments and start my new “normal” budget. The mini van needs some brake work  done this month I will have to hold back on another battery for the solar setup.  I’m not complaining the van is ten years old so she will need stuff replaced.  I prefer to repair rather than get a newer vehicle and make loan payments.  Brakes are just normal maint. so I have planned for that happening. I drive mostly in the city so lots of stop and go traffic, and I think the brakes were a bit iffy when I got the van so I’m not really surprised. The new tires helped a lot but I want the mini-van setup to be solid mechanically going into winter.

12 Responses to A cool day and shopping

  1. dee says:

    We started buying grapeseed oil a few months ago. Something my husband read about it. They have it in larger volumes at Costco. Much cheaper than the prices in my local health food store. I fried some chicken in it, yesterday, did quite well.

  2. Jamie says:

    C & C carries it for about 3 liters at $14.oo. I’m testing out the grape seed oil as a multi-tasker. Olive oil tends to be a wonderful multi tasker and it’s properties are very well known. But it is no longer trendy. Good for me as the price is dropping.

    dee did you pan fry or deep fry the chicken? I would be very interested in grape seed oil’s smoke point.

    Olive oil has a low smoke point but it is still a great oil to store.

  3. Marilyn says:

    Could you tell me the brand of your solar motion light from Amazon please? Thanks

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn the first light was Hipe brand. I think many of these lights are rebranded for the USA market. But I can’t confirm that idea. So i will try many lights that look very simlar and give you a report. I don’t mind anything under $20.00 is darn cheap, and I can eat that on any test.
      From what I have seen so far these lights need good if indirect light, they need to be somewhat protected from direct rain and storms. Think water resistant rather than waterproof on these lights.

  4. Marilyn says:

    Thanks, appreciate that.

  5. Wildflower says:

    the last thing on a van you want to work while everything goes to hell are good brakes

    • Jamie says:

      Flower ; You buy older stuff you will have to repair it. Even new cars need basic maint. I’d rather spend my money fixing stuff up rather than spending it on a car payment and have to fix it up. You can’t get locked in to stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime. But I don’t need a new car! Heck I could spend $3,000 -$4,000 on this van and it would do anything a new car will do and I don’t spend 10 or 20 grand on a newer vehicle.

  6. riverrider says:

    my idiot sil just bought a new car, lasted a month before the tranny went out. surprisingly,not his fault, that model already has a history of bad trannies, new technology. i see more “new”cars on the side of the road than “old” these days. everyday is another recall on the news…. he’s still an idiot tho.

    • Jamie says:

      river, I can see getting a newer car if you can pay cash! I can’t see taking on a bunch of new debt. I know I have my little Les Schwab credit line to kind of look normal but I can pay it off anytime I want with cash.
      I refi’d my home to get a lower payment and did not get any cash or buy something I would pay the next 30 years on. Just the house and I got lucky to lock in 3.5% before interest rates jumped. My niece was happy to hear how I got a 715 credit score without a credit card, taking on new debt and just by paying bills on time and using cash.

      • riverrider says:

        awesome! i’ll never buy a new car again. lose thousands just signing the paper and my state just doubled the tax for the priviledge of buying a new car with MY money.then they tax it again every year,bs. i bought a 2 year old truck w/ 20k miles for half what it cost new. i still have my old truck for trash/lumber runs and backup.

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