Day started out a little rough but I had a good day shopping

Started off the day with a bad case of the dropsies and forgot to set the coffee maker to brew.  Then spilled the coffee grounds while trying to make coffee and that stuff is to expensive to waste so needless to say it was less than  stellar  start to the day.  After the rocky start it seemed to get better and I was a little surprised that the hands started working better as the day went along.  After the walk my niece cut my hair and it nice to hear that she is doing the Dave Ramsey get out of debt thing and buying with cash instead of credit cards.

Stopped by the coin shop and they had a couple of 1 oz. silver coins I picked up.  Then off to the pawn shop and got three boxes of 9mm and three boxes for sasha.  I’m finally seeing full ammo shelves at the little pawn shop and they have super at keeping the price low when they get ammo in stock. Only $17.00 for the 9mm an $8.00 a box for sasha.

Went out to fill up at the real gas station and it had dropped to just under $4.00 a gallon. Not great but I will take what I can get even if it is a couple of pennies per gallon.  Plus it’s good for me to get out of the city even if it’s a short little trip.

The Amazon order was mostly solar power stuff.  Four of the motion detector porch lights some connectors for the solar panels and a solar battery charger. That should get me started on solar generator. I want to add a couple more batteries to get me up to 150 amp hours total,  a 2000 watt inverter, a 100 watt solar panel and a 30 amp controller. With the 60 watts worth of solar panels, the 1200 watt inverter I already have on hand I should have a pretty solid setup to run my electric items in a limited way.

Went to the Macy’s outlet store and got a start on the Xmas shopping.  I got 3 different fleece caftans that come with a hood, one size fits all so I’m covered for whomever I have to buy a gift.  I’m focusing on ways a person can stay warm around the house with out cranking up the thermostat. I already bought up a lot of colorful t-shirts for summer and staying cool. Now I just got to listen to them talk and see who gets what and if I need to adjust the gift list.  I got a new mattress pad and two new pillows for myself.

No luck on getting the water barrels this week but the beer lady says she will set back two for me next week.  With that,  I will count myself as ready as I can be for water and have a little extra to help out the family.  Most of want help other prep but at a certain point I think you have to stop and focus on yourself once you got a few of the basics set aside for them.

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