Short power outage today temp. 107 F.

I don’t think it was a brown out or rolling blackout, maybe one of our kamikaze squirrels or someone took out a power pole. But power was down for about 30 minutes.  With it this hot I checked on some of the neighbors to make sure they could stay cool then used my little battery powered cultivator to plant the purple sage and spicy oregano as well as the tomitillo plants my neighbor gave me. When the power came back on I charged up the cell phone and Kindle to make sure they were good if we do get rolling black or brown outs.  I’m not very good about keeping my cell phone charged up daily and the Kindle lasts a long time between charges. I  have a couple of small solar chargers as well as the car and some battery backups, but it would be better to get in the habit of keeping the phone charged.

I’m glad the power came back on as I needed to get the lawn mowed and weeds wacked. Until the solar generator is finished this is  kind of a downside going with electric yard tools. If I had been really desperate for power I could have fired up my generator, but it was just the lawn and it could have been mowed in a day or two.  I tried a new mowing pattern that worked well with the electric cord. I was a little concerned about using the same mowing pattern all the time and this pattern worked great for giving me good spot to stop for a rest. The electric mower is much more user friendly and I can do both the front and backyard in a day if I’m willing to pay the price physically. I think doing the front yard and backyard on different days will work better for me.

I would not get so crazy about getting stuff done on a schedule but me and the neighbors are having a 3rd of July, Idaho pool party/Independence day shindig and I’d like things to be somewhat nice. I have some home brewed beer along with BBQing a turkey for my contribution along supplying my neighbors with a few tools for the work they are doing on their place. Mom will be baking a chocolate mayonnaise cake. I’ll use up some of the stored older soda for drinks and have plenty of jugs of ice water with it being so hot. Nothing wrong with having an adult beverage but with it so hot we need to watch for dehydration.  My yard is very well shaded with mature trees but I gave the neighbors a light canvas tarp to put on their Pergola for a little more shade for the patio area.

I’m doing most of my food stuff out of things from my pantry. While I have the propane stove I can see that having the big camp chef double propane burners would be great for big groups or making my beer outside so I don’t heat up the house when it’s so hot outside.  Other than the little solar motion detector light being a huge hit with everyone not much to report at Casa de Chaos. I’ll order the wood for the fireplace on the 15th, paid a little ahead on a couple of small bills, got a little bit silver and one more 55 gallon drum for the 7 year food plan with one to go.

The world is going all crazy and there is not much you can do about it except try and protect yourself and your family. But, remember life is for the living and have a little fun, learn and do something different. Be the change you want to see ! Because how you live your life is a much better example and more convincing than all the nagging you can ever do!


2 Responses to Short power outage today temp. 107 F.

  1. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, send me some of the pep pills you must use…Geez, you are like the ever-ready bunny gal. This extreme heat and humidity here in the deep south has me a big case of don’t wannas,lol.

    Unfortunately Mr. Murphey forced me to get in gear as my AC compressor blew up and sprayed all the Freon out the terminals where it fried….Off to Lowes and get a replacement. Window units are cheaper to replace than to repair and I’m a retired refrigeration guy, Parts cost more than new unit….so lost the morning to handling that problem, but cool again short order.

    Thru the wall or window units are what I’m using in my new place for this very reason. Complete replacement of individual unit is basically what a diagnostic charge for a central unit would be, plus can stage what area to cool or can at least run one on my solar generator. No way could do on a big central condensing and blower unit. Wood heat, so that’s a sweat equity cost. And can cook on it if need to, or at least make coffee every morning during cold part of year.

    Sounds as if ya’ll planning a good time for Independence Day celebration, hopefully soon, a new date for a New ID celebration will be in order, because we are no longer independent(not by choice)Maybe several hanging parties prior to that….one can/must still hope.

    Got a phone call from my life-long ole bud and we were talking prepping(he got me into it)is now a way of life, whether SHTF happens or not. Just makes sense and saves cents. We swap ideas and I referred him awhile back and he catches up here from time to time…He has weaned off to only going online now and then…I’m slowly going that direction. It’s strictly for info any more, Grands and critters furnish all the entertainment I have time for.

    Jeez, got diarrhea of the keyboard….Later gal, thanks for the ideas and updates….BTW, soon I hope my lawn-mowing will be left to goats and geese.

  2. Jamie says:

    dawg, First time I have some new deadlines to make and I’m a little behind the power curve. It looks like the wheat beer will be ready for the party and I got a few bottles of my 7c’s ale that will add some variety. The Bellma english ale won’t be ready for the party but will be done for the fair.

    Idaho may get hot but usually the humidity is low and it cools off at night. That’s what is odd about this heat is it is muggy and staying around 80 at night. In a few days it will cool off into the 60’s at night and I’ll be able to cool down the house.

    I agree with you on the Air conditioning units. I figure I could keep the house cool enough for sleeping with a couple of window units or even a swamp cooler with the solar generator. I really like the misters I got but they need water under pressure to work. This fall I’m going to look for one of the big backpack type sprayers on sale for a human power mister setup. I got a battery powered fan and a nice 12 fan that I can run via my power paks that can help keep you cool.

    As for the wood stove I think between it and the propane oven I can handle just about anything cooking or baking.

    You notice we are having the party the 3rd of July and calling it an “Idaho pool” party.

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