Major rant on not prepping because….

Okay my head did not explode on someone saying they were on SS and could not afford to  prep on another site. But it was a post on Christian prepping and she really hoped that others would help her out because she claims she is a christian.  Okay I’m on SSD and I get no extra benefits and I prep. I started out at $10.00-$ 20.00 a month 5 years ago on bulk foods.  I got cheap on power including using power strips to cut vampire loads and that saves me about $5.00 per month on electricity.  These people are pathetic on wanting to keep the normal lives going and can’t consider cutting back a bit now so they they can plan for just a year or three in the future. ARRRRGHHHH!

Yes things are different for me as I am 100% disabled. There is a good chance that you are physically able to work a job or even 2 and earn quite a bit more money than I will bring in to my house.  I don’t care if you think I’m full of stuff and nonsense, but please do not try and play me that you are poor and you are on SS just like I am and expect me to to give you charity!  I don’t owe you anything.

I know it can be hard to get started! When I started out it was hard to find just some basic info, now there is almost to much info and some of it is what I consider almost more dangerous than not prepping at all. There is a lot to be learned just on simple skills and they  are usually free or very cheap to learn. Like doing simple repairs on clothing.  Some thread, needles and cloth is all you need to start and you can do that for under $5.00.  You probably have things like undies or socks, shorts T-shirts  or other items that you can practice repairing instead of tossing in the trash.  The internet has all kinds of classes or you tubes for that kind of learning.  Cooking and baking from scratch can save you a lot of money and really has become a much more rare skill in this day and age.  Now is the time to learn and allow for screw ups and mistakes that will happen because that is how you learn!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to start but I suggest $20.00 as the min. for your prepping budget. That enough for you to buy in bulk of at least one food item and store it properly or a bag of charcoal, refill a propane tank add some thread and fabric to your sewing kit.  You could buy a small butane stove and at least one can of fuel, a kerosene lamp and a gallon of fuel or a light weight sleeping bag.  The list is huge at what that  simple $20.00 bill will buy from a couple of big jugs of laundry soap to 48 double rolls of Toilet paper.

I have no idea when or how a disaster will strike but all of the things I get are multi-taskers and can be used either everyday or for camping, a cookout or a tailgate setup.  They will all last 5-10 years at least and can be built up over time without a huge investment of money.  For all of you who think the can depend on the kindness of strangers or those people who have prepared. I want you to think why should they feed you and not their own family?  Who do you think should go without so you can eat when you did not prepare? If you don’t prepare be ready to go to a FEMA camp or tent cities like they set up for Sandy or the stadiums like Katrina.  That is what your choices will be if disaster strikes and you don’t prepare!


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  1. Marilyn says:


    • Jamie says:

      Sorry to say I just got so angry with this person’s comment. It’s not like we preppers have not heard this kind of attitude thousands of times and a dozen different ways. But her sense of entitlement because she was a “christian” really put my knickers in a knot.
      If she had asked how to save money/buy cheap or where to start on building skills I would not have minded giving her a hand. But that “GIMME” mentality really pisses me off and I don’t care how they define themselves as a victim!

  2. wonderdawg says:

    LOL…Jamie you crack me up at times girl…got your knuckles in a knot…never heard that before but will use it now….

    People that flaunt their Christianity to gain from others will pay in the long run. Those that pull that crap are nothing but parasites, same as anyone that is gaming the system, Cons all of them, whining and blaming their lot in live on others….piss on them.

    You are walking the good walk and your success at the party over the weekend shows it…

  3. Jamie says:

    Dawg, I keep a bit of bubble wrap and duct tape handy at the computer to keep my head from exploding. (Need more duct tape) But that attitude is no better than the welfare mooches that some how society owes them something because they are a VICTIM of life and won’t do anything to help themselves!

    I’m a firm believer that charity begins first at home. Mom and I are working very hard to store for family members and or neighbors that will need a little help first and making sure we will not need “help” from the government. We are not rich Mom and Dad have pension and a little SS and I am a disabled vet but we do what we can to set a little aside for the other family members on some basics. Hey it might be a $5.oo sleeping bag we got at a yard sale but it will help keep a person warm in the winter.

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