Picking up a little of this and a little of that…

This is an non-shopping week, but I sure seem to be buying a lot a lot of stuff with my “Mad Money”!  I don’t suppose the two sleeping bags count as I got a rain check from Big  5 Sporting goods when they ran out during my normal shopping day. I have been looking for a light weight sleeping bag on sale for quite awhile. Since I have plenty of blankets and my Arctic weight Army sleeping bag I could wait till they went on sale. These bags are regular type and not a like my “mummy” bag from the Army.  The new bags only cost $12.50 each and with liners I got at a yard sale they should give me the ability to add or subtract layers for comfort.  I got a twin size air mattress  and small tent that I can use to sleep on it if for some reason I can’t use the RV for Bug out.

Albertson’s had a great buy on Hamburger for $1.69 per pound, so I bought 6 pounds and froze half of it.  I got a a little handheld FRS radio for a dollar at a new thrift store. I had to replace the spring in the battery compartment to make it work but I had the spring on hand. First step to almost all trouble shooting is power applied?  I should replace the spring properly  and solder it back in place. Of course that means I need to buy a good solder iron. I really should have one already as they tend to be cheap and can help you with a ton of little repairs.

What a great time it is to learn new skills! From sewing to repair, baking and cooking from scratch to making a fire , learn now when your life does not depend on it and you can afford to screw up!  Most people screwup when learning a new skill, or relearning an old one. Cut yourself a little slack and know that the process of learning takes time and practice. Remeber there is a big difference in the words simple and easy. Trust me they don’t mean the same thing and most everything takes a bit of practice.

I have been using a “charcoal chimney” to start my BBQ. It costs about $15.00 to $20.00 to buy, but I have not had to buy starter fluid for my BBQ for about five years and I don’t have that lighter fluid smell or taste to deal with any more.  I can tell you I still haven’t hit a consistent “sweet spot” for firing up the chimney. Some stuff is simple that does not mean it is easy or you don’t have to practice.


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  1. Beth says:

    Not sure if your fire chimney is like the fire starter can, but I have used one of those for a couple of years now. I save almost all of my empty toilet paper rolls and fill with dryer lint and use these with a piece or 2 of newspaper to start. The rolls burn slower and take less time to start. Especially if it is windy.

    • Jamie says:

      Beth that is a great idea about using lint and a tp tube. I use newspaper and add a little olive oil to make it burn a little hotter. I need to start saving those items. I bet the lint and tubes make starting fire a wood stove easy!

  2. Marilyn says:

    Or, if you have a propane burner already set up you can fill the chimney with charcoal and place over the flame to get charcoal burning. No need for paper as a starter.

  3. Karen says:

    For what it’s worth I’ll pass this along-we know that the Chinese (through a dummy corp. in the Cayman’s) bought Smithfield, and a farmer friend of ours related that his family in the midwest reports the they are also buying up all the pork producers in that part of the country. Will this mean higher prices? I have no idea, but I’m watching for sales to add to my stock, just in case. The hubs repairs his farm equipment, and in turn he pays us in produce. I’ll be canning lots of peaches this week!

    • Jamie says:

      Karen I also read that there is a pig disease killing off the young pigs iin the midwest this summer. Pork is looking to go higher!
      That’s awesome deal on the produce and peaches.

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