It looks like a Boy Scout Jamboree exploded in my house!

As you know I don’t have kids, but myself and my Mom are doing additional preps for family and neighbors that don’t prepare.  I had a little flare of my CIDP and lets say I have not been very proactive on putting stuff where it belongs.  I’m also trying to update my BOB/GHB and figure out how to use a couple of  Bug out totes that can be tossed in the minivan or used with my trike.

I have tarps, sleeping bags and liners, small solar chargers and radios that are kind of stacked up waiting to find it’s proper place in all of my plans.  I mean where do you store a sling shot and ammo?  Does it go in the BOB or added to the home defense arsenal?  Should I get a backup slingshot and yes, these kind of thoughts run through my  head.

While the house is a bit of a mess because of all the “debris” from the explosion I am changing the setup of my all of my Bugout Bag and the setup for the trike.

  1. The GHB will be as lightweight as possible and will be stocked for up to three days and will be supplemented by the little emergency car kit box. Hopefully I won’t need to abandon the car in an disaster away from home but HOPE is not a plan! This should be easy to carry using my walker but I will add a walking stick to the car in case I have to get off the roads and go cross country.
  2. The BOB will be heavier and stocked for about a week. I will be keeping this one in the house by the backdoor and I should be able to use either the trike, van or RV as my BOV,  depending how I have to evacuate! With the Bags, Buckets, Totes and BOVs I should have a some redundancy if something breaks or gets lost.
  3. The BOV box will have my small tent an air mattress and be setup to go in the rear basket of my trike or in the van if I can’t use the RV to bug out.

I need to get a couple of the Life Straws for the GHB. I have a nice Katadyn water filter for the BOB and ceramic gravity feed filters for the RV and house. I will have a gallon of water in the bags or car to start out with but with water being so heavy I will need to filter all water to replace what I use.  With my handicap it’s unrealistic to think I will be able to carry much more water than that if I can’t use a vehicle to move that weight.

Bugging out will be about the worst thing for me but by building a lot of redundant systems and vehicles I have tried to stack the odds as much in my favor as I am capable of thinking up and within my physical capabilities.  Another thing to think about is just how much warning time  you may have in the event of a disaster.  A hurricane or blizzard you may get a few days, a tornado or Tsunami a few minutes,  an earthquake or a  local chemical spill or house fire no warning at all!  Sometimes just moving a mile to 10 miles can be enough to to keep you safe in some disasters.


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