Totally scored at the thrift store and pawn shop and paying bills

I was a little disappointed that Big Lot’s had sold out of the decorative solar lights I wanted to get for my patio. Though it worked out for the best, because what I was going to pay for the lights, instead I got a duel fuel Coleman 2 burner stove  at my favorite pawn shop.  These stoves run on white gas or unleaded gasoline so one more fuel option is added to my cooking fuels!

Big Lot’s did have the big box of construction grade garbage bags and I splurged on a big fuzzy bed pillow for myself.  One more of the light canvas tarps  and a couple of thick micro-fiber floor mats for the kitchen to help when I have stand for a long time doing canning or making beer.

Mom and I stopped by the Idaho youth ranch/thrift store because we are looking for crock pots. Mom found one but I’m still looking but I did find a bubble spa mat for the bath tub. While I would love to install a hot tub it is a little outside of my budget as well as being kind of a power hog for keeping the water warm.  This little mat should be a nice little spa and it works!  I will be able to give it a good test as I have been a little extra sore from work I did on the new compost pile.

I’m a couple of weeks ahead of the due date on most bills. Power usage has been a little higher than average with the 100 degree heat. It seems we have reverted back to a more normal summer and winter temps this year so I haven’t paid ahead on the power bill.  I put in my order for the wood so once the wood stove is installed that should reduce the heating bill this winter.

the Amazon order has a few more motion detector solar lights, a small wood camp stove and a new little butane/propane stove I will be testing out. Other than the wood stove for the house,  I’m as ready as I can be for heating and cooking as well as having at least a couple of small stoves I can hand out to family or neighbor to help out in a disaster.

Still need to finish up the grocery shopping but Albertson’s is having a great sale on wild caught salmon at $1.99 per pound, whole lobster 12-14 oz. $6.99 and canned veggies 20 cans for $10.00. Paul’s has breakfast sausage for $1.69 per pound and finish up at Fred Meyer’s  12 double roll toilet paper 2 for $8.00. Add in a few odds and ends and that brings the cost in around $50.00.  Not every week you can get salmon and lobster and spend less than fifty bucks on your grocery shopping.

UPDATE: Albertsons ran out of the Lobster but I got 4.5 pounds of salmon and another 4+ pounds of pork chops.

I tested out the Homedics bubble spa and I love it.  The bubbles were very powerful and it really felt like sitting in a jacuzzi.


6 Responses to Totally scored at the thrift store and pawn shop and paying bills

  1. Stephen says:

    Nice find on the Coleman. I’m a big fan of all things Coleman made, well, at least those stamped ‘made in the USA.’ You have a great blog, Jamie.

  2. Jamie says:

    Stephen: Thanks for the compliment. It’s funny how I got interested in the dual fuel. I saw a Coleman lantern and carry case sitting out by someone’s trash and and it didn’t have the glass globe. So I grabbed it and looked up the cost of a globe online and found out about Coleman’s dual fuel stoves and lanterns. I have been on the lookout for them ever since.

  3. I’ve used a wood stove to heat my house for many years, and I clean it myself, including the stove pipe, every fall. But this year the damn thing caught on fire in the middle of the night. Be sure you have a bag of ice in the freezer to throw in the stove if that happens to you. Better still, if you can get what’s called a “drop pack” it’s nice to have.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I’m spending a little extra money and while I’m getting the parts a little at a time I will have it professional installed. We had a chimney fire when I was a kid and while exciting at the time it is not something I wish to repeat.
      I have a couple of fire extingushers already on hand but I never heard of keeping a bag of ice handy. I was thinking of a bucket of sand as a backup to put out the fire.

      • The problem is that the fire is way up the chimney on a wood stove. So you can put out the fire in the stove but the stove pipe residue keeps burning, the pipe starts glowing red hot and burns your house down. You can buy these smoke grenade things that are supposed to smother the fire, but I had one and it didn’t do doodley squat. I have a friend who is a volunteer fireman and he told me if you keep a bag of ice in the freezer, and throw that in the stove, the resultant steam will smother the fire in the pipe. He said the pipe had to be absolutely air tight for that to work, though. The volunteer fire department uses a thing called a drop pack, it’s chemicals, but it has to be dropped down the stove pipe to work. I used three fire extinguishers on my fire, and all it did was blow some nasty white powder all over the basement. Like you, I hope not to repeat that experience again.

      • Jamie says:

        Harry thanks, I wasn’t sure what ice could do but try and cool the fire quickly. Not that is a bad idea, but I can keep a bag or a bucket of ice handy

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