Just puttering around….

A couple of years back I picked up a Weber gas grill at a yard sale for $15.00. It needed a few things replaced as it was an older Genisis model but heck $15 bucks seemed cheap for a nice Weber grill.  Before I did any work my sister said she wanted a grill and I gave her the Weber and said it needed a few parts replaced. Well she said the grill didn’t work and gave it back to me and it’s been sitting in my shop waiting for me to figure out what to do with it.  Just looking at the Weber Genesis grills at today’s prices I figure this grill probably cost about $300.00 new.

Today I tested it out and it works fine, even the push button sparker that lights the gas works! I love my sister and she is an intelligent person but sometimes she is not as smart as she thinks she is about many things!  The bars that go over the gas burner are badly rusted and will need to be replaced but I consider that more a  Operator Head space/ maintenance issue rather than the grill’s fault. The little side table/shelf had a blob of white paint spilled on it. The wood and metal was scraped,  sanded and painted a flat black.  I took a wire brush to the bars and got most of the rust off and I will coat them with some food safe mineral oil to protect whats left of the bars till I can replace them.  A little Dawn dish soap and a razor blade did a great job cleaning the built up grease/goo by the burner controls.

I priced the replacement bars and it looks like they will cost about $35.00. Overall I will spend $50.00 and get a fairly high-end gas grill with a lots of space for cooking plus it looks pretty good now that it is cleaned up.

My wood is being delivered today and I’m very excited to see how much space the wood will take up in my carport next to the shop. Once I get an idea on how much space I need for the wood I may get another load if it looks like a good value.  I’m putting the wood under the carport because it has a good motion detector/ security light  plus It will make delivery of the wood easy.

Well I got my pile of wood and right now it is a pile. Delivery sucked and the wood will need to be cut some to make it fit any of the stoves I have been looking at, but I got wood!  LOL  I guess my workout routine has been decided for the next month or so… At least the pieces of wood are light weight so it should be lean/long muscle tissue I’m building. Hopefully the city won’t get all butt hurt while I move the wood under my carport.

Not what I had planned but I’ll make it work in time. At least I have wood to burn at a fairly cheap price and I learned a valuable lesson.  A lot of what I do is trial and error and finding out what doesn’t work. This one is going to cost me a lot of physical labor but live and learn!


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  1. Marilyn says:

    That’s the great thing a out wood – it warms you twice:) Just wondering what you have in mind for rodent and spider prevention in and around the wood.

    • Jamie says:

      Marilyn I have my cat and acouple of of neighbor cats that patrol the alley way. As for Bugs the wood pile is out away from the house so I don’t think it should be an issue. But I can use DE to keep them under control if bug become an issue.

  2. Matt says:

    Jamie keep a small hand brush or small broom handy to brush off the wood. That helped at my folks place to keep from bringing the critters in. No poisons needed.

    • Jamie says:

      Matt DE is not a poison and is both pet and people friendly. I wouldn’t take a chance with poisioning either my cat or others!

  3. I use both a wood burning stove and a Tennessee fieldstone fireplace to heat the house. The fireplace takes wood cut twice as long as the stove will. So, I go to the wood cutters, pick up the wood cut for the fireplace. When I get home, I cut half the load into two pieces. Then I have wood for both fireplace and stove. I have to do all my own loading , unloading and stacking but I guess it’s good exercise.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I was hoping I would not have to cut the wood by getting millends. But whats done is done an I will make the best of it!

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