My little camp stove arrived, stacking wood and A/C

I’m pretty impressed by the construction of this little stove. All the door and  pipes fit tight and the doors swing freely with no hanging or hitches when opening or closing. The pipe and the stove itself feel like good quality metal and is a bit thicker than I anticipated.  The little stove was easy to start a fire in. I like the grate that is inside that you can set the wood on and then stuff the paper under the grate to light.  You need to fire it up out side and burn off the cheap paint. It smokes a lot until the paint is burned off and then I could barley detect any smoke coming out of the top of the pipe so it burns wood cleanly.  I’ll sand it down and paint with 1400 degree high heat paint in the next couple of days.  So far I can say the little stove get hot quickly is fairly easy to put together and seems to be of good quality for the $50.00 asking price including shipping and handling. I don’t think a fire would last many hours but it would be good enough to cook on and it would warm up an area, once the fire is going.

Asked Dad if he could give me a hand stacking up the wood and moving it out of the alley way and I could not believe how much he got done. It’s not often I ask for help from him and while I think he is proud of me for being so independent, but sometimes he just doesn’t know what to make of me. I stacked some wood while the little stove burned off it’s paint and I surprised myself on how much I got stacked.  Not as much as Dad but I  made a good size dent in the pile. I don’t think it will take as long to stack it up as I originally thought. Plus I have a good motivator to get it done as I don’t want a nasty gram from the city!

Going from heating back to cooling.  I will be picking up a small room air conditioner from Lowe’s. I have a smart meter installed and right now it is voluntary to let the power company turn off your air conditioning during peak hours. I’m not sure how much longer that will last and in a disaster with no power in summer would be bad!  Since I don’t want the power company to control how much heat I’m allowed in winter it makes sense to take charge of my cooling in the summer. I’m looking at a small 5000 BTU room air conditioner that runs on about 500 watts. Either of my  generators can handle that load easily and I think my solar generator should be able to power it up once the complete  setup done.  I’ll install it in the bedroom and have one room cool enough to sleep comfortably at least, plus it’s a small unit that could help others that are sensitive to heat.  I’d like to use my passive cooling but it’s hard to beat an air conditioner even a small unit for cooling. I wonder how much longer we will be allowed  to buy “Dumb” appliances that the PTBs can’t control?

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  1. We had the option here of giving the power company that capability in exchange for a reduced rate per KW used. I absolutely refused. It would be very unwise to have some bureaucrat at the power company making that decision for a person. Their agenda is vastly different than the home owners would be.

  2. wonderdawg says:

    no choice in this area…Smart meters is all that’s available….But guess what, they don’t control the sun or wind….Off grid for now and plan to stay that way

  3. wonderdawg says:

    BTW Jamie, Dio said his would burn for about 4 hours before having to add more wood, which in a cold climate means getting up middle of night to re-stoke…Check his place, he has made a larger unit from and old butane bottle…

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