I finally got all the 55 gallon drums in the basement!

It took awhile but I wanted to get by with removing and rehanging the basement door only one time. It was a bit of a pain taking down the door multiple times when I added my big water barrels. The drums are all food safe types but I’m only doing the wheat and rice straight into the barrels. The mixed grains and beans will be in plastic bags and then stored in the barrels.  It looks like the bean barrel will hold about 300 pounds in 25 pound bags.  A guesstimate based on the barrel half full so far.  I’m keeping the beans in bags because I want  a bit of variety in my storage but Scifi Chick at the Blog  “Bacon and Eggs” has a cool bean mix if you want to go that route.

In the mixed grains barrel I repackaged the corn, oats and barley in two gallon freezer bags that weigh on average twelve pounds each.  The wheat and rice  barrel will be loose in the barrel and I will add DE to all to take care of any bugs and assist with freshness.  Once I start filling up the barrels I will get you an update on how many pounds each barrel will hold. As far as moving and using the food in the barrels I will keep my food grade buckets for transferring smaller amounts from the the barrels to the pantry.

I am also considering storing my beer grains in 55 gallon drums and setting up a beer making area. The beer area still needs more planning, but it would be nice to make beer without heating up the kitchen or turning it into a disaster area. I’m also playing around with the idea of an outdoor kitchen that sits on my covered patio.  A “brick” bread oven and some over sized propane burners along with a sink and counter top to work on would be handy.  That might be a goal for next year!  I have budgeted for my wood stove and solar generator to be my goals for this year and those are enough big goals for me and more critical for my energy independence.

I’m still working on the the wood pile and getting it stacked. The shop is getting cleaned up and reorganized so I can actually use it as a work shop and not a storage unit/catch all.  It has been nice to start getting things stored and put in the proper place.  I much prefer organized stuff rather than clutter.  So getting rid of the clutter has been good for me mentally though a lot of hardwork physically.  Still more worked to be done but I’m making progress!

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  1. Spud says:

    I hope you are getting rid of the Oxygen in those stored grains. Elsewise the rice will turn brown and the beans will turn to stone.

    • Jamie says:

      Spud, The DE works like thos oxygen absorbers. I have used it for about five years and so far I haven’t had a bug and it’s amazing how fresh smelling it keeps things like my stored dog and cat food.

  2. wonderdawg says:

    Jamie, you are amazing,,,an inspiration, thank you.

    I have been buying and using the DAK canned hams, can be found at Wally World and dollar store $3 bucks for one pound real ham…great for seasoning beans especially if you brown it first, also great for sandwiche right out of cans and beats the hell out of spam of which I have cases of…has really helped the last few months as I had no refrigeration.

    • Jamie says:

      dawg, thanks I’m excited to see my projects finally coming together. While the wood pile is a little intimidating it feels good to have it on hand!
      I have been buying up some 10 oz. cans of chicken, roast beef, ham and turkey. I can get those cans for about $1.90 at Big Lots or $2.20 at Cash and Carry. I’ve not tried the DAK ham but I’ll start looking for it.
      I think it is amazing how much you can do when you go old school and with the proper motivation like the diference between eating or not! 😉

  3. You’ve been doing darn well. I store DAK hams, I’ve kept them as long as 15 years and they were still good. I’ve only had one go bad, when I opened it there was a bad smell. I didn’t eat it but I gave it to the dogs, and they ate it with no ill effect. I keep my basement storeroom at around 54% humidity, max, and about 70 degrees, year round.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I’m lucky that my basement is almost the perfect temp for doing beers as well as dry good storage. I think God was watching out for me when I bought this place because I was looking at some split levels and with my CIDP this single level home made it much easier for me on my bad days. The basement has been a godsend for my prepping.

  4. riverrider says:

    j, how about a link to your little camp stove? i’m looking for one small enough to go in my camper.

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