Someone snuck up and poured a whole bag of tired on me

It has been a busy month and today I just felt wiped out after my walk with Mom, made some lunch and then had a nap attack.  After the nap I felt a bit better if still a little tired so I guess I over did it just a bit working on Mom’s laptop and kindle along with sitting around with Dad BSing and drinking beer.  Somethings that are supposed to be relaxing seem to take a lot of energy.

I’ve been reading TE Lawrence  “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” and it is a book that requires a good hard think while I  am reading it. I usually read very quickly but this book is slowing me down with some interesting ideas and concepts. Plus I have keep forcing myself not to think of Peter O’Toole and the movie “Lawrence of a Arabia”.

I got another row of wood started and added a bit to the taller stacks.  I’m trying to clear a path big enough to use my little garden wagon as well as separate some of the shorter pieces of wood from the long that will need to be cut up.  Only a little over an hour of physically moving the wood but I did make a noticeable dent on one side of the wood pile. Dad says he will stop by and help more with the wood pile once his schedule allows.  Dad has a buddy looking for a gas grill so it looks like I can get rid of my old grill  to make room for the Weber grill I have been working on.  I figure with all the work Dad has done it’s worth my old grill!

I am really liking the small A/C unit while it can’t cool the whole house it does a great job cooling my bedroom and my PC/Work room.  It seems with my CIDP  I’m very sensitive to temp. changes and the on/off cycles of my central air and heat is tough on me.  A steady temp no matter if hot or cold seems to effect my CIDP less rather than having my Central heat/ air try and maintain a certain temperature.  I’ll have to see how the wood stove works out this winter but I’m considering not using the central system most of the the year.

The 100 degree heat and hot nights temps will change this week it will get back to some cooler nights. Last night  I was able to open my windows and cool the house down to 68 degrees. That makes it much more comfy in the house, just using the little a/c unit and some fans the rest of the house stayed about 78 degrees which is fairly comfortable. I even baked a couple of loaves of bread after 9:00 pm and the house still cooled down nicely.

Things are progressing nicely if a bit slower than I would choose, but just “How do you eat an elephant?” One bite at a time!

7 Responses to Someone snuck up and poured a whole bag of tired on me

  1. Lawrence was a strange character. After the war he couldn’t settle down, tried to go back to school. Didn’t work for him so he jointed the Royal Air Force as an enlisted man. Finally wound up getting killed in a motorcycle accident. Seven Pillars of Wisdom is a good read. Not very common today though, surprised me to see someone reading it.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry I love reading and I got into history then military history while in the Army. I probably have read more books on Military history than most Officers or West point Cadets. I have always been a bit of an odd duck that way.

  2. kymber says:

    oh Jamie – no wonder you are tired! i just finished back-reading your last few posts (i haven’t been on the computer much since jam got back and going to events all weekend). but anyway – you made some major scores! and with the heat and fluctuating temps kicking your CIDP – no wonder you are a bit tired! keep working at it girl…but please promise not to overdo it!

    i love seven pillars of wisdom and try to re-read it often. you are right tho…it is not a book you just sit and read. you really have to stop, at almost every paragraph, and think about it – to make sure that you are really getting it!

    your friend,

    • Jamie says:

      kymber, I’m taking it easy today so don’t worry.

      TE’s mind works in an odd way on how he connects the dots. I think that is why he was sucsessful with the Arabs and in thinking terms of revolutions, rather than war or a straight up military battle. I think if he had lived we would have seen him fighting Franco is Spain or possbly in the Far east against Japan

  3. Is THAT how I keep getting so tired ? I must be asleep while they are doing it !

  4. Idaho Mum says:

    Idaho Mum
    I finally figured out how to leave a comment, as usual, I was trying to make it to hard. Never do anything easy when you can work to make really hard. (No, I don’t work for the Gov. but I could, since I have a natural talent.)

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