I got an estimate for installing the pipe for the wood stove

This is more of a guestimate, as the fellow had to work with general measurements I gave him. Might be little more or a little less once he sees where I want to install the stove.  The pipe/chimney will be about $1500. 00 which is about what I figured when I first started planning how to get a wood stove installed. for a total cost around $3,000.00 so at least that part of my planning was about right.

I have been looking at some of the cheaper cast iron stoves but I really want a stove that I can see the fire and not just feel the heat. Well the glass door will up the cost a bit and I’d like a stove with at least a seven hour burn time.  Want or need those two items can often be so far apart.  I  have lived a very frugal life for the past five years and I’d like to splurge a bit and get what I want and not just what I need. I’m just not sure I can get it all done before November that I kind of consider my drop dead date for installation.

I could dip into my “mad money” fund if I need to but I have found I want to keep a little cash on hand all the time just in case the PTBs lose control. I also want to avoid going into debt for the installation, though I’m sure the Credit Union and others would loan me the money at a nice profit for them!  If I can talk the installers into letting me buy most of the parts  in the middle of August, pay the labor  and the rest of the part is September then buy the stove in October and have it installed in October. I can get all of it done without going into debt. Be a little tight on the budget but it looks doable!  Or I can save the money and then have to compete with others on getting the stove installed before winter.

I know I can afford to have it all done by Dec. but I don’t want to have the guys working in those temps if I can avoid it.  I’ll stop by and ask the guys that gave me the estimate what they can live with as far as me buying parts and labor first before installation or if they want a full cash payment. That will give me a better idea on how I need to pay for installation. I want to support these guys as they are a local shop and the money spent stays mostly local.  You never know till you ask.

Since it looks like SW Idaho is reverting back to cold winters and hot summers with the el nino/la nina cycle going away in the Pacific.  Add in the PTBs and what they want to do to make”energy prices necessarily skyrocket” I have to take control of my own energy production as much as possible just to protect myself from those idiots.

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  1. Kerodin says:

    Jamie – can you email me a list of exactly what parts are needed for the chimney? I can get them for you at wholesale (I still have a few old accounts open) which should save you considerably.


  2. Jamie says:

    Sam, I appreciate that offer I can spend about $700.00 on the 21st of August and the estimated parts list so far is…

    Two, 4 foot 6 inch sections of all fuel pipe $171.00 each or $342.00 total
    One flat ceiling support kit $299.00
    Double wall pipe $163.00
    Misc. costs $35.00
    Sub total for materials is $839.00 Retail cost.

    They have $552.00 as the cost for the labor which I don’t think is to bad.

    • Kerodin says:

      The labor isn’t bad, especially if they have to cut a new hole in your roof or sidewall. I’m heading to teach a class this weekend, I’ll check with a few supply houses when I get back next week and see if we can get your material costs down a bit.


      • Jamie says:

        K, yeah they will have to cut a hole so that is included. My Dad has used these guys on jobs and they have a good reputaion here in the valley.

  3. Why don’t you see if the installation cost will go up in the fall. Around here, propane tanks can be filled more cheaply in the summer. Plus, anyone inspecting a furnace before fall gets a reduced rate. After a certain date, the price for anything related to heating goes up.

    • Jamie says:

      PP Yeah my timing could have been a bit better but such is life!
      I’m going to talk to the guys about a stove they have and see if they can’t give me a break on the installation cost or the stove.

      If not I’ll start getting the parts together and have it already for installation in Oct. We usually have good weather in October and bad winter weather doesn’t usually start till about Thanksgiving.

  4. Be sure you can clean the whole pipe out each Fall. I have to either climb up on my roof, which is very steep pitch and clean from the top, or I have to remove the elbow joint pipe at ground level behind the store and try to push the wire brush all the way up which is damned hard to do.

  5. riverrider says:

    j, if you have a northern tool store there, they have good variety of stoves at decent prices.they run a pre-season sale soon. i got my chimney from lowes’ except for one specialty piece i ordered online. priced varied wildly for the same piece so shop a lot.

    • Jamie says:

      river, no northern tool and the shipping is high on something as heavy as a stove. You know me I’m doing a lot of price comparisons to make sure I get the best over all deal. With the state of the economy these guys might work with me to get the cash and start the job.

  6. kymber says:

    Jamie – i have nominated you for a leibster blog award. you can accept it over at my blog. congrats!

    your friend,

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