Albertson’s has a good sale and I got some Lobster this time!

A couple of weeks ago Albertson’s had lobster but they sold out before I got there though I did get a good buy on some salmon. So I was very excited when they had small 12-14 oz. lobsters for $4.99 and today I got there and picked up two. Not the cheapest food you can buy, but it makes for a nice treat. Plus I can cooked up the shells and make a little lobster stock for punching up the flavor of dishes.

I got a pound each of Dry Salami and provolone cheese for making up a big sandwich. I baked off a loaf of my Artisan bread for the sandwich. I cut the loaf in half and spread an Italian type dressing on each side then just start adding the salami, provolone, onions, lettuce, tomatoes and what ever else that I have on hand and like on a sandwich. Put the loaf back together and wrap it up tight in saran wrap and let it sit in the fridge over night.  This is great in the summer when you want something to eat but don’t want to heat up the kitchen. Just slice the loaf normally then add some fresh veggies from the garden or pasta salad and you have a complete meal.

We had a cold front move in tonight so it looks like Friday and Saturday will be good days to make up a few batches of beer.  I’m going to take a look at Mom’s solar panel set up and add a larger inverter to the panels Dad already setup and see exactly what we can work out adding a little more solar energy use for some smaller day to day items.  These days of 100 degree heat have made the energy bills go up a lot. Compared to what we got used to the last few years of relatively cool summers and warm winters.  I checked out my usage and it looks like using my little a/c unit really cut my power usage compared to the whole house central air. A big plus is by using the smaller unit and avoiding the on/off cycle of central air seems to work better in relation to my CIDP.  Talk about a win/win!

Sad to say that things you need to buy will probably keep going up no matter what the Fed or the talking heads say about how things are so great in the economy.  You need to be very proactive in cutting your costs now and getting ready for things to get worse.  I’m not talking about living like a monk as most of us can start doing little things right away that are low cost but can save money.  Using power strips to cut vampire loads when possible. I have gone big on using solar lighting outside and no longer leave my porch light on all night.  My little a/c unit is helping a lot and going around and turning off lights or things like radios and tvs that some people think need to stay on even if you leave the room. Downsizing or even eliminating most of your cable or sat. subscription and using the internet can really cut your monthly costs. These little things can add up fast and the best way to have money in your pocket is don’t spend it in the first place!

I was about a year into my prepping and I read an article by “ferfal” at Surviving in Argentina Blog. He covers what happen during the economic collapse of Argentina in 2001 and one of the big things that hit home with me was the currency devaluation of 30% early in the collapse. Can you imagine over night your paycheck loses 30% of it’s value?  Prices don’t go down and you must try and stretch your paycheck even though it has loss nearly 30% of it’s value. I believe this is what we will see either through devaluation or inflation that we will lose about 1/3 of our buying power.  That is the kind of cut that should happen in 2015 when SSDI runs out of money. So start cutting your costs now and stocking up so you can try and ride out what is coming.


2 Responses to Albertson’s has a good sale and I got some Lobster this time!

  1. I tried turning off my satellite television service. I lasted about two days and missed the news and weather programs, plus the few shows I do like. So that didn’t work out for me, I had it turned back on.

  2. Jamie says:

    Harry: I have Dish sat. and it’s a low end package but I get a few channels I like to watch and I’ll keep it for now. Thankfully I’m off contract for all of my stuff and I won’t sign another contract to “save” money that is a trap!
    I’m frugal and always looking for ways to save $5.00 but if I get value and enjoy something I’m not going to stop paying for it just because I could get by without it.
    The vampire loads is a good example how you can save money without affecting your life much. The solar lights cost some money but I’m also going to save money in the long run and I like the lights.

    I got my kindle used for $60.00 but I have saved enough on buying books that the kindle has paid for itself.

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