There is still time to prepare! You just need a plan and begin.

Now you can sit and make excuses or blame universe or whatever else in your life.  You can cry about life not being fair and that someone should do some thing. But when it come down to it your life is your responsibility. No one owes you anything and if you believe someone owes you something, you believe in Slavery!

Now I’m a disabled vet and I also worked to pay into the Social Security system and it was supposed to be a safety net for me. Guess what the PTBs  lied and if there is no money I won’t get paid. Same for a lot of you, you were lied to and many of us wanted to believe the lies. Many Americans are no better than the government as Americans are incredibly in debt with car loans, student loans, credit cards and huge home mortgages. I was not as bad as some but I wanted to believe I could have it all as long as I could make the payments and I would pat myself on the back for not being in as much debt as those “other people”.

It can be tough to admit you got conned, were ignorant and played for a fool. But I think your first step is to admit that, and do a brutally honest assessment of yourself. In order to have money to prepare you must know where your money is going and I mean down to the last penny!  You can do it via a notebook or save all you receipts, write checks for every thing or whatever works for you but you have to know where you spend your money down to a can of soda out of a vending machine. Most people who do this often are surprised on how much money trickles away, getting a burger at the drive in, a latte at the coffee shop, a dinner out or a night on the town. I’m not saying you can’t do these things but those can add up really fast if you don’t pay attention and have it in your budget!

When you start seeing where your money is going you can take a hard look at your budget and see where you can cut back a bit and save money. No you don’t need to throw away your TV, Ipad or internet but take a look and see what you are actually using and perhaps you can lower the cost by dropping a certain cable package, or go from unlimited data/minutes to what you actually use and a buffer. I’m on my Dad’s Verizon Friends and family plan and I pay him for the line. I don’t use my cell phone much and when I call most of it is free minutes cause it is Verizon cell to cell.  Otherwise I use my magic jack internet phone that costs $30.00 a year. No quality isn’t always perfect but it’s good enough for the price. Yes, you will need to do a little research and find the best bargain for you but even saving $5.00 a month equals $60.00 a year and that is enough to buy 150 pounds of rice or just over 2 years of rice for at 2 meals a day for one person or six months worth of rice for a family of four.

Water is critical, here in Idaho we will get our irrigation water turned off a month early. Over in Oregon they have a boil order in Baker for a germ in the city water supply and last year Twin Falls water supply broke down completely during a power outage as the backup generator did not work and there was rationing and a boil order for a week or two while the city scrambled to repair the damage. You got three days tops before the lack of water kills you and after about a day to 36 hour your brain starts going  to mush and you don’t think clearly. You must store water and you should be looking to store as much as possible and not the bare min. of a gallon a day. Water regulates your body’s thermostat and you need water to stay warm in winter as well as cool in summer.  Start shopping around now for sales on camp jugs, rain barrels as we shift to fall those should start going on sale. You may also find camp water filters on sale so you can purify water from rain barrels.

Fall and winter are coming and you need to stay warm as well as handle any power outages from storms. Got a snow shovel, salt or sand if you live where they get snow or ice? Got a backup heat and light source, how will you cook or heat water if the power goes out?  I’m seeing generators at the local farm stores and stoves are showing up at the home improvement stores. Got fuel and oil for your generator? Have you tested it out and made sure it works or did you leave old gas in it? If you have gas in fuel cans stored how old is it? Do you need to get fresh gas and some Stabil to make it last longer? If you use propane, wood or oil stoves have you ordered fuel for the winter? Get it now before the rush or prices go higher!

You can start building skills and doing things that will save you money. Libraries and the internet have all kinds of classes, books and things you can learn that cost little if no money. You need to work on changing your mindset and think outside of the box. Think of what is possible instead of making excuses for yourself of not learning and doing.  Embrace failure and learn not to fear it, because that is how you learn. Stop using the word can’t and figure out a way to make it happen! I loved playing basketball as a kid and I was never going to slam dunk a basketball simply because my body was incapable of leaping nearly 5 feet in the air. So I learned to shoot 3 pointers from outside.

Last but not least have you got your holiday shopping done or at least started?  Keeping those family traditions going will make you feel more in control and boost your morale when things get bad. I think the PTBs will hold it together in the USA for another year, but after Cyprus and all of the banking changes I plan for a bank holiday every paycheck by paying my bills as soon as I can or a little ahead and taking all the remaining cash out of my Credit Union. Cash will be King at least for the short term, your credit or debit cards not so much.

Will you have a week, a month,  a year, five years I don’t know.  I do know you will probably have a disaster of some sort in the because Mama nature has a bizarre sense of humor and “Life” is trying to kill you and one day will succeed. You will always need the basics of food, water and heat in the future so there is no harm in getting those things now that you will use. Instead of using a credit card/debt to buy what you need/want today and pay for it in the future. Buy what you need in the future and pay for it today.

2 Responses to There is still time to prepare! You just need a plan and begin.

  1. There’s no telling what will happen in the future with social security. My thought is that they will decrease the payments, increase the eligibility age, and that inflation will make it irrelevant anyway. That’s in line with your posting.

    About all a person can really do is be careful of their money, minimize their debt, and try to lay in the supplies and equipment they think they will need in the future.

    You’ve got a good start on it seems to me.

    • Jamie says:

      Harry, I expect the PTBs to inflate rather than actually cut, but one way or another I figure we will lose about 30% of buying power.
      The wood stove is the last real need I have to get done. I’ll finish up the 55 gallon drums easily this year as all that is left is Wheat berries and rice and those are still relatively cheap in 50 pound bags.

      I hope I’m wrong about an economic collapse and the world economy goes back to growing again or we have another five to ten years before things get awful as i will have started paying off the house early and will be completely debt free.

      But as of today I am in great shape and I’m willing to take on a little debt/risk to finish up the stove this year. If it the economy keeps chugging along I’ll do the same thing with a short term loan next year to replace the roof after the wood stove loan is paid off.

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